DubLi: MLM of Penny Auctions

DubLi, The alternative auction that aspires to be the  “largest GLOBAL Ecommerce Auction House in the world”  just auctioned off a Mercedes C300 in  their Car Surprise Auction to the lowest unique bidder for $8000.50.

dubli mercedes*Click on Screenshot to enlarge*

DubLi has corporate offices in Dubai, Cyprus, (two tax havens)  Berlin and the US. They expect to become the largest auction site in the world by Network Marketing, yes Multi Level Marketing (MLM) with the product being their penny auction/reverse auctions.

Startup costs to join the DubLi network: $175 they give you “essential sales and marketing materials, literature (electronic documents for download) to help you build your business, and access to your personal DubLi Network back office for the first year.” Prices to obtain commissions of of credits purchased range from $499 to $2995.

There are many supporters and affiliates of DubLi popping up on the Internet with sites such as DubliDoctor, What Is a Reverse Auction and MLMRealtor to name a few,  all using the depressed economic situation to their advantage and hooking people onto DubLi.

A critic of DubLi’s MLM Scheme: Troy Dooly, at MLMHelpDesk.com, thinks that DubLi is nothing more than international money laundering scam (However, he does seem to praise Global Verge which is a bit questionable…) :

To shop/play on DubLi credits start at $0.80 and are discounted by 4% when you spend $250 and 5% for $500.

DubLi has three types of auctions:


  1. All items have concealed prices and they are not revealed until you place a credit.
  2. With each credit placed the price decreases by 25 cents.
  3. Once you place a credit the price is revealed and you have the option to buy the item for that price.

Recently ended Xpress items:

  • 2008 Mini Cooper S Convertible, valued at $29,050.00 for $25,017.00
  • 16GB iPod Nano valued at $174.95 sold for $13.75
  • $1000 Target gift certificate sold for $927.75
  • $100 TjMaxx gift card for $0.00
  • The savings on these really do vary as a bidder can choose when they want to purchase the item.
  • Xpress Auction Demonstration by DubLi


  1. All items have concealed prices and they are not revealed until you place a credit.
  2. With each credit placed the price decreases by 25 cents.
  3. Once the auction reaches $0.00 you have become the final buyer and in turn win the item.

Recently ended ZerO items: All items end at $0.00 (X amount times the price of bids placed by the winner at $0.80 each)

  • $5,000 Walmart gift card
  • A 32 GB iPod Touch
  • Canon EOS Rebel T1i ES-S
  • Ed Hardy Beach Towel

Lowest Unique Bid:

In this auction the user who places the lowest unique bid,  prices are in increments of $0.25, wins the item.

Recently ended items include:

  • $10,000 Visa card that sold for: $3,103.25
  • An Omega Seamaster watch valued at $1,440.00 and sold for: $306.25
  • A Canon HDV Camcorder valued at $839.50 and sold for: $18.00
  • Harley-Davidson 2009 FLHX Street Glide® which sold for $4,700.25 valued at $25,000.

Discuss Your Thoughts on the DubLi Network Marketing Business Here


Your experiences with DubLi Here

Disclaimer: Links to penny auction Web sites are included for the reader’s reference and do not constitute an endorsement or the legitimacy of the online auction websites, or any associated product or service therein. Thank you and, as always, remember to use your own discretion and do some research when bidding on penny auctions.

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  • Norris Miehe July 1, 2011, 4:17 pm

    Got an iPod or iPhone? Need a wireless music system for it? DubLi is here to help!

  • Jermaine Klamn July 1, 2011, 4:18 pm

    Ever wish someone would pay your car insurance? DubLi is making it possible!


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