Update from YottaBid

We just received a comment from YottaBid:

Hello Everyone,
I’m pretty sure everyone is waiting our return with us being down for so long. Well for a few notes, we actually have 3 styles implemented now with a new forum. We have our original style, along with a variation of the seat style and our Impulse auctions which we ended up finding out is similar to DubLi’s express unfortunately…

Additionally due to problems with our partnership, thing are about to be wrapped up. It may be possible in the future we may re-open again in a few months or be under a new name but let me know what you think… Do you want us back?


We miss you YottaBid. Thank You for running a great, honest, transparent penny auction site. However, will you refund our remaining bids that were left in our account before you went down?

There  are a few things that set them apart from all the rest:

  • User forums- which included an item request thread
  • Community rating forum where a user could review items they sold
  • Free Points-in addition to bids-that could be used to redeem items or on promo auctions
  • No end price, all you had to pay for were your bids and the cost of shipping
  • Afforable shipping, sometimes they paid more than we did for shipping! And in a timely manner!
  • Timers w/ intervals of 20 seconds or less
  • Second chance items
  • They didn’t always allow autobidders aka Bid Buddy

Although YottaBid had a forum for bidders to communicate with one another, as we said in previous posts, we think it was much to their detriment. They should have spent more money in advertising/web development to get more bidders.  Many of the bidders from the beginning who were there for their promotional period didn’t return back after March.    We think that it all boiled down to them not having enough members bidding.

Do you want YottaBid back? Discuss Here

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