Bidso to be Launched Soon


Bidso is coming soon.  You can sign up now for free bids and prizes and notification of their launch.

From Bidso:

“Starting out, Bidso will function similar to with the Xpress auctions. Basically items will start at the lowest retail pricing we can find on the Internet and go down from there with every bid placed. After Phase 1 is completed we will be adding a full Penny Auction feature to the site and perhaps some Seat Auctions as well. There are extensive plans to have a long-term business with a roadmap with added auctions and features.

What will make us completely different are two very important things: 1. The Bids will be FREE (cannot release details on this yet, but this will be game-changing with these types of Auctions and is Patent Pending). 2. We have hands-down the best Affiliate Program in the Industry – Users will be able to refer friends for Lifetime Income on any Bids that their Referrals place (and remember, Bids are Free so there will be A LOT of bids placed) – we are projecting incomes in the $50k – $100k range for our Super Affiliates in the first year.

Our philosophy is not to be another Penny Auctions “clone” or “Me-Too” site using some cut-rate script. Rather, we are building a Business Model loosely based on the idea of non-traditional auctions with a much better implementation from the ground up.

The main issues with Penny Auctions is that there are so many losers per 1 winner and also that there are many sites you cannot trust and/or are going out of business. We have solved these issues by creatively using different auction models and not charging for Bids, while still providing new retail items for up to 90% off. Also we have a long-term business plan and are backed with resources, unlike most in this industry.

Signup for our Pre-Registration at Bidso to stay in the loop and learn more!”

Thank you,
Scott Gossett
Bidso, LLC

You can guarantee that we’ll be watching! Check back soon for more information on Bidso.

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  • Krystian August 22, 2009, 11:28 am

    So let me understand this. Based on the details provided in this excitement packed letter, the business makes no sense. It says that the item will start with the lowest retail price. Each bid (which will be free) will only lower the price further. How does bidso make money? With free bids, affiliates will get a percentage of 0. Something is missing here, and I suspect that this something is quite important. Until this gap is filled, I would not get excited about bidso.


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