RockyBid: Go-Kart Auction Glitch

Last night as we we were watching the Go-Kart auction end on RockyBid something odd happened, the winning bidders changed after it had ended.

None of this software is foolproof and we know technology can go haywire sometime.

There was also a worldwide PayPal problem last night and RockyBid had to manually enter all bids to bidders accounts last night! Yikes!!

Without us even yet asking RockyBid what was up with the Go Kart auction they just sent us an explanation and asked that we would post it.

“Dear Users,

At approximately 12:20AM EST this morning RockyBid experienced a server glitch causing the Go Cart auction to close, open, and close again. In reality no one had legitimately won. As such the RockyBid Management has made an easy decision to return all the bids to the 45 users who bid on this auction. In addition the RockyBid management has added 5 free bids to the effected users.  If a user would prefer we will return the money equaling the value of the bids they used on this auction to their PayPal accounts. However, this request must be received within 72 hours.

RockyBid has sent a copy of this letter to all the bidders in the auction. We have posted it on our site and we have asked to post it on their blog.

RockyBid has been growing extremely fast; as a result we have engaged a new server company to build us a new server system much faster than the current one. We have scheduled migration to the new server for Thursday, August 20, 2009, today!

We, the staff, at RockyBid are truly sorry for any inconvenience and frustration this may have caused our users. We will be rerunning the auction sometime next week. If you would like your money back for the bids you used please contact us at We will return the money in 48-72 business hours from your request.

Happy Bidding!!!


The RockyBid Staff”

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  • Aliera August 20, 2009, 12:20 pm

    Wow, that's very honest of them. It's good they are being so quick and upfront about it.

  • auctionwatcher August 20, 2009, 8:15 pm

    I think so too, thanks for the comment!


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