CircusPop Launches Reveal Auction

CircusPop Dubli

California based just went live yesterday, they’re currently in beta stage and plan to have a full launch next week.

What is CircusPop?

CircusPop is an entertainment shopping auction based on the Dutch Auction (price dropping) concept.

CircusPop is a Silicon Valley-based company founded by three Stanford Graduate School of Business alumni. The company is backed by an experienced board including a prominent Hollywood executive, the founder of an iconic retailer and a tech entrepreneur who took her company public on the NASDAQ.

If you’re familiar with DubLi’s Xpress auctions it looks like CircusPop is very similar.

DubLi’s Xpress Auctions:

  1. All items have concealed prices that are not revealed until you place a credit.
  2. With each credit placed the price decreases by $0.25.
  3. Once you place a credit the price is revealed and you have the option to buy the item for that price.
  4. Credits cost $0.80.

CircusPop’s Auctions:

  1. All items have concealed prices that are not revealed until you place a bid.
  2. With each bid placed the price decreases by $0.25.
  3. Once you place a bid the price is revealed and you have the option to buy the item for the shown price within 60 seconds.
  4. Bids cost $0.99 for 1 and $0.75  when you purchase bid packages called “Bid Buckets.”
  5. After items are sold another similar item is relisted and the price is reset to the starting price.
  6. CircusPop says that they stand behind their prices and will return any bids that don’t reveal the lowest prices. We’re not quite sure what CircusPop deems the lowest prices, but this is sounds like a nice gesture.
  7. Promotions: Each week random auctions will experience a “price plunge” and auction prices will fall between 50-100%  off.

  8. pinball machine circuspop

CircusPop offers a wide range of popular consumer products, including but not limited to:

  • TaylorMade drivers
  • Test Prep software
  • Pinball Machines, PingPong & Foosball tables
  • Nikon & Canon DSLR Cameras
  • Giftcards from retailers including Costco, Tiffany’s and Ikea
  • Baby Strollers
  • BlackBerry & other HTC smart phones
  • Dyson vacuums
  • Playstation 3
  • Espresso machines
  • Bang & Olufsen’s BeoTime alarm clock
  • YikeBikes? Ok they did say that they do not have plans to offer them, but they sure are cool!

CircusPop is having a contest over on Facebook, once they’ve reached 1,000 fans (244 more) they will select a winner to receive a giftbox complete with a CircusPop T-shirt, pop themed snacks and discounts.

What do you think of CircusPop and Online Dutch Auctions? Discuss CircusPop in our forum!

Disclaimer: Links to penny auction/entertainment shopping web sites are included for the reader’s reference and do not constitute an endorsement or the legitimacy of the online auction websites, or any associated product or service therein. Thank you and, as always, remember to use your own discretion and do some research when bidding on penny auctions.

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  • David Lunsford May 15, 2010, 6:21 pm

    People don't expect to have to pay to "buy bids," none of those products are exclusive offerings, and there is a marketplace for gift cards with more traction.

    I wish them the best, but I see this appealing to a very small niche: auction-savvy, bargain junkie, lets-give-this-a-try-once types.

  • Shon Salvatierra July 1, 2011, 4:18 pm

    Get $1000 in your PayPal account in our new auction. Check it out!


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