Ryan Joins Bidso as Operating Officer


I just interviewed Bidso‘s Chief Operating Officer, Ryan. Ryan just so happens to be a Penny Auction Watch member.

PennyAuctionWatch: You’ve been one of the most active members in this community over the last few months, when did you decide to become an auction owner?

Ryan: Becoming a penny auction owner has always been on my mind since I joined this community at the start of July. It has been interesting to see the number of auction sites pop up and watch their successes and failures. For me, the most fun aspect of becoming an operator of a penny auction website was that I would be able to be creative and innovate on the formats available.

PennyAuctionWatch: When did you join the Bidso team?

Ryan: Shortly after creating what I called the perfect penny auction plan, I received a number of inquiries about just what was in that plan. I was given several offers and decided that Bidso had the most promising future and could benefit the community in the strongest way.

PennyAuctionWatch: What is your role at Bidso?

Ryan: I will be the Chief Operating Officer, which means I will be working very closely with this community and social networks to make sure they are getting what they desire. I will be determining the product lines, working closely with customers for feedback on what should be improved, innovating the website, implementing new concepts and ideas, making sure shipping is the fastest around, and overlooking all the auctions to make sure they are safe and fair. The various roles I have complement each other quite well, and I will be surprised if in a month or two the users at PAW don’t find our service to be second to none.

PennyAuctionWatch: What makes Bidso unique?

Ryan: Have you ever been worried about purchasing bids, or more bids? At Bidso that won’t be a concern, because we do something that no other auction site is doing and that is to allow you to earn bids. This concept is being patented, and will allow you to bid without a single purchase. It works because Bidso has set up relationships with other vendors and researchers, so when Bidso earns money from the tasks that you complete (For example, a free trial at Netflix), we pass on our earning to you in the form of bids. Other ways to earn bids are to fill out surveys, take a quiz, trial a product and more. This concept makes perfect sense, as it makes no difference to our bottom line whether you purchase bids or earn the equivalent value of bids. In the future, this concept is going to be expanded to be even more powerful and fun than it already is.

PennyAuctionWatch: What else makes Bidso special?

Ryan: We’re going to run an auction for space flights to Jupiter. Just kidding. But we will be running auctions that provide you the best chances to score a great deal and I will be taking a great interest in what the community here wants to own and doing my best to make sure you have an opportunity to play for it.

PennyAuctionWatch: What kind of format will Bidso run on?

Ryan: We will be launching with two formats. One is a price reveal style auction. With these, you simply click reveal to see the price of a product.  If you like the price, you can choose to purchase it. As more people reveal the price and choose not to purchase, the price continues to drop until it’s just too good to pass up. The nice part is, auctions will start at the lowest price on the net, so even if you are just looking to straight-up buy a product you can know that Bidso should be your first stop. We have a second format that is in development and will likely be released a few weeks after our launch. It will be much like the traditional penny auctions, but with a twist. More on that later.

PennyAuctionWatch: Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Ryan: I have been looking forward to running a penny auction site for a long time, and I’ve seen the pitfall of this industry from both the players and businesses perspective. With my involvement there will be a great balance between the business and consumer side of things so that no one is being taken advantage of and both parties can have a great and safe time. We will always be pushing for excitement, service and innovation, and I believe a lot of you out there will again remember what it’s like to feel brand loyalty.  Now that I have made this announcement, you are free to ask me any questions about Bidso in the community forum.

Thanks Ryan, we look forward to hearing more about Bidso soon!

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