Yottabid Bidders on Clone?

There’s a new penny auction site GetitForaCent.com that has not yet opened, it has the same look & feel as the late YottaBid.com, there’s even some of the same usernames on the test auctions that were on YottaBid in the beginning bidding against real people. Take a look at the screenshots:



Now here’s an item that ended during the first few days of Yottabid’s auctions:

Shilled yottabid

Now, here’s a screenshot of bid history on the KitchenAid Mixer auction on Yottabid:

penny auction bots

yottabid bidders

See Benflynn? Same bidder as on the test auction for Getitforacent.com.

Same goes for Zacreth:

yottabid zacrethJjjani and open_season were seen on Yottabid test auctions.

Here’s a test auction that ended just a few days ago on Yottabid:

yottabid test

I have not yet heard that anyone has received a bid refund from YottaBid and they’ve been gone for a few months.

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  • Yottabid Owner January 19, 2010, 6:50 pm

    Just for the users of PAW know since I do not know what how much people know but the developer "reputeinfosystems" has taken a lot of of our old data is in reusing some of the names, features, and designs of the old Yottabid.com website.

    We do not plan on re-opening an auction website anytime soon so please beware of ANY site that uses are previous users. I cannot recommend that developer or any website that they develop since they develop a lot of questionable modules into their customers site.

    Much of our data was stolen from the developer and he is reusing much of our same code, names, ideas, etc.

    I hope this will be read by all the users of PAW. I hope everyone find their new "Yottabid" that they are looking for.


    Previous Yottabid.com owner.


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