Zoozle to Display Going, Going, GONE!

From Zoozle:

Auctions will resume today, and we will announce our planned down time for a scheduled server upgrades shortly. The software will now use a modified countdown that will display a “3..2..1..going…GOING…Ended” sequence to give ample time for your bids to be received by or server. We hope this will help fight network lag and give Zoozle’s server time to record your bids. Happy Bidding!

Over the last month Zoozle has been upgrading our software to better serve all of you and to meet the rapidly growing demand of the many new users joining Zoozle every day. With each upgrade we have experienced a few bugs which required attention from our programming staff. Zoozle has fought tirelessly to repair these bugs but as the repairs were being made we also experienced several additional issues which were beyond our control. A major server error over the Labor Day weekend and a Denial of Service attack which occurred not long afterwards have further complicated the corrections and maintenance we have been performing on our system.

At this point, it seems that our server is still be experiencing occasional issues which may be affecting our auctions. Auctions 1908 and 1910 from last night (Sept 26th 2009) have been voided due to these issues. Refunds of the bid credits used in those auctions should be completed within 48 hours. We have already made arrangements to change over to a newer, bigger and better server system. In the meantime, to avoid further stresses for our customers and for ourselves Zoozle has paused all auctions until we can be certain that we have remedied these problems and/or we have changed over to our new server system.

Zoozle regrets this decision and wants our customers to know that we have tried everything we could to continue our auctions as we made our upgrades. At this stage though we feel it would be unfair of us to continue to cancel auctions which incur problems, after the fact. We know you are as frustrated as we are over these issues and this is our attempt to limit those frustrations for you as we repair our system.

Please “stay tuned” (check our site often) to keep informed on the latest updates of our site status as we will return to normal operations as quickly as possible!

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to improve Zoozle!

-The Zoozle Team

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