1Kuaipai the First Chinese Penny Auction


1Kuaipai.com,  the first penny auction for Hong Kong users has opened today. The auctions are available in English and Traditional Chinese.

Kuai Pai: What does the name mean? Here’s a little lesson in Mandarin: “Kuai” is Pinyin for the Mandarin slang word meaning ‘buck,’ it is also Pinyin for ‘quick.’ And ‘Pai Mai’ is Pinyin for ‘auction.’

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1KuaiPai’s auctions run from 2pm to midnight Hong Kong (HK) time. They’re running about 15 auctions per day and they tell us they guarantee no funny business.

The site is operated by eShopper Asia Limited – based in Hong Kong.  The company currently has backing from a number of private investors from HK/US/UK.   Once the concept gains legitimacy 1Kuaipai.com tells us that they see a lot of room for expansion across the region. 1kuaipai-site
Bids on 1Kuaipai start at 1Yuan = HK1.1. Upcoming items on 1Kuaipai include an Estee Lauder makeup set, CK fragrances, Pizza Hut & Starbucks gift cards, iPods, digital cameras, HDTVs and a T-shirt.
《一塊拍》— 中華地區首個一元拍賣網

香港首個一元拍賣網站 — 《一塊拍》已於今天正式啟航;這網站會以英文及繁體中文形式展示。

什麼叫《一塊拍》? 「一塊」有三重意思 —「一塊」指是「一元」,亦可解作「一起」,即是一起參與拍賣的樂趣;而「塊」的普通話及廣東話的讀音亦是「快」,「快」是指出價要快、準,否則好貨就拱手讓給他人。


《一塊拍》由以香港為基地的eShopper Asia Limited 擁有及營運,並由來自香港、美國及英國的私人投資者注資。《一塊拍》的概念在歐美地區早已流行,並相信這概念在大中華地區勢必成為另一股新的網拍熱潮。

《一塊拍》的每口出價為人民幣0.1元 (即HK$0.11 / USD$0.014)。《一塊拍》將於日內提供以下貨品供拍賣 —HDTVs、PS3、iPods、數碼相機、Estee Lauder、CK Fragrances, Pizza Hut及Starbucks 禮券、及T-Shirt等。

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