Penny auction opened last week.beezid

Bids start at $1 and can be obtained for as low as $0.60 when a bidpack of 200 is purchased.

Some features of BeeZid that you might be interested in:

Cherry Auctions:

Cherry auctions are for users that have not won an auction yet.

Thriller Auctions:

Thriller auctions, just like nailbiter auctions, do not allow the use of autobids.

Bid for Free:

Bid for free auctions let you bid as many times as you’d like for free but you have to pay the auction’s end price. also has reveal auctions, there’s currently a reveal auction for a 2010 cherry-red Dodge Challenger SRT8. Auction items include DSLR cameras, one went for under 60 bids a few days ago, TomToms, PSPs, MacBooks, HDTV’s and more. And finally, an auction for a Kia Soul opens on November 13th.

Have you tried Beezid? Discuss your experiences in the penny auction forum.

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  • Shaina November 2, 2009, 6:53 am

    Scam…auction timmer has been arround 00:02:23 for close to 10 min now, just counting down a couple of seconds and then going right back up.

  • bidn1 November 2, 2009, 8:17 am

    but was the auction price going up as the timer kept resetting? If so, it doesn't mean it's a scam.

    I have been watching it, and I saw an auction hit zero and then several more bids came in – not sure when the final bid is actually final.

  • Lori November 3, 2009, 6:27 am

    i think this is scam because i actually won an item but everytime i try to use my bonus coupon to claim my winnings it doesnt let me and i hve called the site many times and they say they have to work on it and they will call me back by the end of the day and they never do. i dont know i am gonna try again today and see what they say. so far i say SCAM.

  • Lori November 3, 2009, 8:07 am

    this is continued from my other comment. i finally got my issue taken care of .now lets see if i get my item.

  • Andrew November 4, 2009, 6:21 am

    Beezid sure has a lot of users for being open a week. I just saw a 50 bidpack that costs $40 got for $28 on a penny auction. That is 2800 bids on one item that was classified a thriller aution on their website. Seems pretty fishy to me.

    • erik May 17, 2012, 2:40 pm

      every body on this wibsite is domb

  • John Williams November 4, 2009, 9:27 am

    SCAM……Timer keeps resetting! STAY AWAY FROM BEEZID.COM

  • Timothy November 4, 2009, 10:21 pm

    Ok let me see if I can clarify some things about this site. I have been watching how it works and this is what is happening. As Andrew said above 2800 bids on a 50 bid pack that cost $40, if you account for the fact that each bid on most of their auctions "cost" you one bid that is essentially equivalent to $1, thats $2800 bidders have spent for the priviledge of bidding on their site, and that is how they generate their revenue…think about that, if you are paying for the privaledge of bidding and you got 500 people bidding on a $800 laptop and each of them only bid 4 times that means they have generated $2000 for a $800 computer. This is where the timers keep resetting, when you bid you are now the high bidder til someone else bids or the timer gets down to zero at which point you will win the item. So you have paid for the bid privaledge and now you pay the winning bid , so yes I see how they "could" sale a car for $900 bucks when you got lots of people bidding who have paid for the right to bid it would not take long to pay for the car and make a nice profit….sorry so long winded, hope this helps.

    • Jared October 29, 2010, 6:29 am

      Exactly. But I don't know there are any bidder who work for them? For example if I open a website like this and I created an account with different name. Since I am the owner so I can give my self 1000 bids. So if any expensive items on there. I can bid to win myself, so finally I don't have to pay a dime for the other users. hahaha. Then I got all the moneys from others who buy my website bids.

      What do you guys think?

      • Kevin October 14, 2015, 4:02 pm

        They don’t need to do that they are making so much money off every bidder it’s not necessary to add to it as every bid cost you the total amount of the bid plus the bid price over and over. If I bid 10.00 and someone else bids 19.00 and I then bid 20.00 the sight now collects 30.00 total from only me plus the 19.00 for the other bidder. If he adds another bid for 39.00 and I go 40.00 the other bidder now pays 58.00 to the site even if they don’t win. Not to mention what the bid pack cost on top of that. I now pay 70.00 total with my 40.00 bid because I am charged the bid amount for every bid I make not just my winning bid. You have to pay to bid and you pay for the item at winning bid price, plus any other bids you made are added to that total too. The only way this is a good deal is if the auction only has 2 people bidding on it and one gives up quickly otherwise the site gets very rich and occasionally the users get good deals.

  • Jay November 5, 2009, 8:01 pm

    Just to clarify:

    The 50 bid packs are on a bid for free auction, so there is no cost to bid on that, the user just has to pay the final auction price. Retail is $40, so anything below that works out to less than 60 cents per bid.

    They are moving the bid for free 50 bidpacks every 20-30 minutes. They usually go for $20-$35 which is 40 to 70 cents per bid – one of the cheapest cost per bid packs out there.

    Beezid gives away a huge amount of bids, so the average cpb is around 45 cents.

    Tip: To get bonus bids which drop in at every 5 regular bids spent, simply email them. They are very loose with promotions as they are focused on building the site.

    As far as winning, there has yet to be a complaint, and they are saying that a winner's circle page will be going up in about a month.

    The site has a lot of high ticket items as well as cheaper stuff and movies that haven't been released yet. We'll definitely know what's what when the car gets sold. That will be all over the PAW forum.

    No inkling of being a scam, and I see too many people too quick to point the finger. Let them prove to you they're for real or not, time will tell.

    5 Stars

  • Jay November 5, 2009, 8:05 pm

    Correction – anything below the $40 is less than 80 cents per bid.

  • Jay November 5, 2009, 8:09 pm

    ! more:


    "Beezid sure has a lot of users for being open a week. I just saw a 50 bidpack that costs $40 got for $28 on a penny auction. That is 2800 bids on one item that was classified a thriller aution on their website. Seems pretty fishy to me."

    Beezid has daily TV commercials on DirecTV and DISH network and advertises on SiriusXM all the time. This is driving the traffic. The traffic rankings on Alexa are behind a few days. Keep watching.

    And as mentioned before that auction is a standard Bid For Free!


  • Jake Robb November 6, 2009, 3:16 am

    I think the thing that people are missing is that each bid resets the timer. There's no set end time. The timer varies from one auction to the next — some are 1 minute, 30 seconds, others are 3 minutes. This works like a traditional auction — just like the traditional auctioneer's "going once, going twice, sold" process, bidding continues until nobody else is interested in (or capable of) outbidding the high bidder.

    That doesn't say scam to me, and Timothy is right about how they're able to sell the items at such low prices. Beezid gets between $0.60 and $1.00 every time someone bids, and every penny of the sale price represents one bid. That means that if something sells for $17.82, people used up 1,782 of their bids, netting Beezid a minimum of $1069.20 before you even count the auction price. So that doesn't say scam to me either.

    I'll be watching this site carefully. 🙂

  • Chris November 6, 2009, 2:42 pm

    Okay, all you guys saying that beezid is not a scam explain this. I bid on a ipod touch. Ended up bidding 43 times I think. Anyway, 30 second timer. I watched the timer count down to almost nothing many times and when it finally hit zero. It said I was a winner for just a second. Then the user name changed to one that I never even saw bid once! I even got the congrats message from them telling me I won. So thinking it may have been a glitch that I thought for sure they would fix, I emailed them. They had the nerve to tell me that my computer or internet must have lagged…. for 30 seconds I watched the timer count down with my user name as high bidder. I think they have a secret reserve set for each item and have bots programed to make sure they get the reserve. The Auction ID:1792 is the one I got cheated out of. They dropped 75 free bids in my account though…lol That makes me feel better about giving them all that free money. Is there any real people out there that has actually won anything of value?

  • Chris November 6, 2009, 3:18 pm

    Update, they just sent a email saying they put the ipod in for shipping. Said it was a tech issue that had to be investigated. Guess we will see.

  • Trav November 6, 2009, 6:59 pm

    Not a scam. The site is new so there will be some glitches, I guess. Hey Chris, how can you be sure that your connection wasn't the problem? Maybe there actually was a problem with your connection lagging. Anyways you say they're sending you the item even though you weren't the last bidder and they gave you 75 bids on top? Doesn't sound like a scam to me, either. I saw them advertising on TV. That must cost a lot of money. I'll be sticking with them, the action is good, they have decent stuff and I get a lot of bonuses when I hassle them a bit (starting to feel bad – hehe). Good luck with your ipod.

  • Andrew November 6, 2009, 8:24 pm











    Sorry guys I took this straight from the auction for the sharp aquos 52" tv. Look at the bids placed, it does not track bids correctly. What other glitches are there. I cut and pasted the above.

  • Andrew November 6, 2009, 8:26 pm








    And yet again just a few bids later you can see it did not track the bids properly. I enjoy auction sites, but they need to work correctly.

  • Andrew November 6, 2009, 8:32 pm









    And one more time. Just an fyi there are websites out there that allow you to record your auctions. This way if you use autobids you can go back and track all bids to make sure the program works correctly.

  • Andrew November 6, 2009, 8:42 pm









    $12.02Advair 1Regular


    And this auction was for the Canon EOS digital rebel. As you can see it does not track bids/price here properly either. I looked at all the big auction items and it is the same for all.

  • Lisa November 8, 2009, 8:35 pm

    How they make money …

    If you shake everything down, the principle behind is essentially like a casino–they can't lose. First of all, they allow you to convert real money into something that does not have a monetary value (in the former, you buy chips and in the latter you purchase bids for approximately 80 cents each). This obscures the impression that the bidder is actually gambling his or her money. Every time someone (say Joe) clicks on bid, the auction goes up by a cent (but in reality Joe has just spent ~80 cents). So do the math: if Joe wins a PS3 for 30.00 bucks that means collectively there has been 3000 bids or 3000 * $.8 = $2400. In other words, has just gotten 2400 for something that costs 349. All the other suckers who gambled but didn't win has essentially paid for the PS3 AND gave a whopping profit to the web site. The thing that really gets to me is bidding for more bids (going back to my analogy of a casino). Instead of earning 70 bucks for 100 bids, if the winning bid is 60.00 bucks (assuming the bid goes up by increments of 30 cents), then has just earned 60 plus $160 (200x.8 = 160) from the bids. In other words, bidding for more bids is an even faster way for them to earn money.

  • tyler brown November 9, 2009, 4:08 pm

    The real question is whether or not they are fulfilling wins. Why do I care if they make money or not. If I can bid 60 times and gain an item for 25 dollars then that's 85 dollars for a 900 camera. Why is that a bad thing. The real questions are the wins artificial behind the scenes or real wins by bidders. Can anyone answer those questions please.

  • Nikki November 9, 2009, 10:50 pm

    I am concerned about Beezid, although I admit I’m new to this type of auction. However, I have placed bids at the bottom of the timer, had my name as high bidder for a full second with the timer at zero, and then had the timer reset. This has happened to me several times now.

    Also, I’ve emailed them twice with questions, and have not received any response. I have asked them why the Reveal Auctions that show as active really aren’t active. I also emailed them to ask why I was charged a bid on a free auction. Also, when I had actually only spent 8 bids, my account showed I had spent 11. I would really like to aggressively bid on an I Touch and a Mac for Christmas presents, but now I’m worried I’m being taken for a ride. Any advice from more experienced Beezid users? There do seem to be a lot of repeat winners.

  • Hai November 10, 2009, 11:05 pm

    I've been watching the site as well. Not a scam, but a good profiting technique. Anyway, my real concern is how do we know that some of the bidders aren't affiliate with in some way (owners, reps, etc.) and are raising the bids and causing bid wars? How do we know??? Even if they win an item, I'm sure they'll be reimbursed by if they work for them. BLAH> >There's not a sure way to find out that I know of and if anyone can enlighten me please do so.

  • CJ November 13, 2009, 12:55 pm

    Hello everyone,

    Please spread the word beezid is a total scam I will tell you how it works. There are bots and a lot of them, but they are not keep you from winning. The bots purpose is to meet a minimal profit for every auction. How its work very simple and very profitable too. Each bot keeps the bid alive until the threshold is meet. For example a 999.99 dollar item, must meet the threshold. The price of most bids is about let just round lets say an 1$ per bid or 1bid = 1$. So if the item is 999.99 the auction price needs to meet the price by 20% to 30% (lets use 20% for this example). So lets do the math 20% of 999.99 is 199.99 so the bots keep play until the betting price is around 19.99 dollars or more, then you will notice the timer drops from 60 seconds to for this example 20 secs and so on… Watch the auctions watch the timer, and watch the names… Like I said the math is not 100% correct but it will give you the finally cost like I said for this example is used 20% depending on the item the percentage goes up. so for the max is 40%. But I am not sure. It very simple once you understand how the timer works, how the bots work, and then understand the finally selling price. They all follow the same routine they make about 25-55% profit off you always and someone will always win that is none bot. But honestly its not worth your money its a scam sorry but it is.

  • CJ November 13, 2009, 12:59 pm

    All one more thing…

    Wouldn’t everyone wait until the timer got close to zero before betting. Why are there people betting on the auctions right when they begin? why would people drive the price up? Why would anyone bet 200dollars for a item that cost 30dollars? Your not saving money if it cost you 200 dollars. Anyways just think about the first two questions??? If act like a bot, plays like a bot, it is a bot… simple

  • David November 13, 2009, 8:54 pm

    Actually, i have won a 52′ TV from their website for $131 afew weeks ago and i got it and i love it. I won it with 200 bids, i won 2 100 bid pack auctions and used those bids to win with, so beezid is awesome i think.

  • chrissy November 15, 2009, 9:10 am

    Lol, This is a joke, I just seen this advertised on t.v. So I decided I would look and see whats up. I can not bring myself to buy bids and take the chance of winning and not getting what I won…. I think you should be able to contact other buyers and see if they actrually get their item… But they can take all you other people they aren't taking me for my hard earned money.. PLus if you go to rip off report you can see where people that were taken for there money and time… and this site has only been up 1 week…lol wow!

  • JB November 16, 2009, 3:33 pm

    yea this website is a scam. do not waste ur time or money on these CRONNIES. David up there who wrote he won a 52inch tv from them probally works with them or owns the site. Its a shame KREEPS can do this.

  • idiit November 17, 2009, 6:03 am

    here's one you all can check. i've won 3 items in november on beezid under user name idiit, thats right I D I I T!now i won my fourth item auction id#4622 that closed 11/14/2009 at 12:17:14 pm. you can verify this by going to beezid, going to the categories section on the right and scrolling down to the last category called closed auctions. go back in time to the aforementioned date/time. in order to win you must be the only bidder within the timer parameters. auction id4622 was on a 20 second timer which can also be verified by clicking on this particular auction lot." auction closed red box" came up after 20 seconds elapsed with me (idiit) as the only bidder during that bid sequence. then 5 more bids pop up ultra fast within a split second after the full 20 seconds had elapsed and the "auction closed red box" came up. lot was awarded to gregwin99. the timer did not reset. if others had beaten the countdown clock the timer would have reset and gregwin99 would of had to go 20 more seconds without any one else bidding on this lot. the timer did not reset and he was never in the lead while i was getting my countdown. i've emailed beezid twice over the weekend starting on saturday 11/14/2009. this is tuesday 11/17/2009. no response so far so i've sent my third email to them. either they have glitches or bot programs. it looked like bots to me. you never see 5 bids come up that fast and i've been on this site watching and playing for close to 40 hours. i will wait to see if i get my3 prizes in the mail that they confirmed i've won and how they resolve this last issue. thanks, IDIIT!

  • idiit November 17, 2009, 2:02 pm

    ok, its 11/14/2009 pm and i got my canon t1i rebel digital camera just now from the “brown boys” ups. cost me about $25 plus bids plus shipping (nominal charge). that’s a camera worth about $800+ on ebay according to completed listings . so what’s up with no reply from customer service on the auction #4622?

  • Robnhud November 19, 2009, 5:25 am

    I won and received the Star Trek Blu-Ray already.

  • November 22, 2009, 7:01 pm

    This is a total rip off!!! stay away!!!

  • cicero November 23, 2009, 10:46 am

    This is genius. I got suckered in, thought it was a neat idea until I started "bidding". They are a hell of a lot smarter than I am, who would of thought of disguising a slot machine under the veil of an auction. Even the 6 box layout is standard slots, they are going to make a bucketload of cash. And classic slot strategy, give a little, hide the cash spent by calling it credits, I have seen people bidding 60 times on a 70 dollar product. So when it's all added up they spent retail. After I use up the cash I have given them I am closing my account as I am not a gambler but I am going to go buy some stuff and open my own gambling, err, I mean Auction website and rake in the cash, so c'mon suckers, give me your money. Kudos to the creator, I got sucked in for a bit, so join me suckers and give em your money.

  • cicero November 24, 2009, 8:12 am

    An update, I just watched an auction for an Ipod touch, true value $299.00, SMRP $399.00. It "sold" for around $40.00, or 4000 bids x $.60= $2400.00 to Beezid. The person it sold to was " 1averagejoe " who, if real, bid at a rough guess about 1350 times, ( I'm being conservative) at $.60 a bid that equals $810.00 dollars plus the 40 plus dollars he must pay for the item. So we are looking at roughly $860.00 for a $300.0 dollar product. His actual bidding rate was approximately 38 bids per 4 minute period, the "auction" was going for 4 hours, you do the math. I sent an email to Beezid that something was not right about the bidding process and lo and behold within one minute the auction was won and 1averagejoe was the highest bidder. As I said he could be real, and just a total moron, but I have been watching for a couple of days now and there is just something not right there. I have seen this user bid a ton over the last couple of days and he could just be your average gambling addict, who nows for sure, but something is really, really, not sitting right.

    Does anybody know where this website is run out of?

    Are they working a legal loophole by presenting a gambling site as an auction site?

    Let's get a dialogue going and expose these people for who they really are.

    As I stated earlier, I got suckered in, I jumped in with both feet before really investigating what this website was really about. I can afford to lose the $120.00 I gave this site, and it was my own stupid fault for not really taking the time to learn what this was, I just assumed it was a different version of an Ebay type site.

    At least if we can get the word out that this is nothing but a gambling site then others won't be as foolish as I was and will know what they are getting into.

    Again, kudos to the creators of the site, they are going to get rich off of it.

    This is the same as the Vegas slots that give away a car, eventually someone will win the car but there is going to be a lot of people spending a lot of money before that ever happens. By the way, I also have an Ipod for sale for $2400.00, and you don't even have to bid on it, just send your money to…

  • Tom November 24, 2009, 9:50 am

    To add to cicero's last post, I to emailed support about that iPod auction. I've been watching this site for a week now just to see how it works and I've seen a lot of bots driving up auction prices to take peoples money. Heres a copy of the e-mail I sent to beezid and there response.



    Hey, just a little constructive criticism. Referencing auction #7676. Either you folks give out an insane number of free bids (and if thats the case I would really like to get a couple thousand or so), or this guy has an addiction. Either way your site isn't going to be around very long if you don't do a better job at hiding your bidding bots. I mean come on. The guy bid 851 times for a $399 iPod? Even if he bid 399 times and decided to quit it still would have been cheaper to buy one off Amazon instead of still bidding.

    Just a thought.


    Hi Tom!

    Welcome to!

    Thank you for your inquiry. All comments and feedback are valued here at B=

    Yes we are correct we have seen some heavy activity on our side from a few =

    of our bidders. You can either call it a challenge or 'an addiction'. As to=

    your inquiry about giving out free bids we cannot give you a couple of tho=

    usand, but we can put a smile on your face. By the time you receive this y=

    ou will see 10 extra bids added to your account. This is because you were k=

    ind enough to send us your feedback.

    Should you require anything else, please let us know and we'll take it from=


    Happy Bidding!

    Team Beezid

    Get everything and anything for up to 99% off!

  • Tom November 24, 2009, 10:15 am

    Oh yeah, P.S.

    I also have an iPod Touch for sale, same model as the one for auction. Slightly used, but good as new, even comes with 3400 songs preloaded. I'm only asking $800 though, so let me know.


  • Rhonda November 24, 2009, 5:56 pm

    I purchased bids and started to bid, I won 2 auctions of bid packs. I than paid for them I spent appx 150.00 of my hard earned money. There was 1 item I wanted to get for my kids for xmas. Well, when it came up again I tried to login and it would not let me. I contacted them, several days later they replied with I had to download the new version of firefox. I did that. It has been over 2 weeks ago and I can not login yet. I tried to contact them to reset my password thinking that might have been the problem. They said I do not exist. So I guess this is from a nonexistant entity who they had no problem taking money from.


  • Laura November 25, 2009, 3:19 am

    OMG what a SCAM!!!! Stay away from!!!! Scam!

  • zdizzle November 25, 2009, 5:06 am

    Here is the scam to bid u have to buy bids in a bid package 40 bids for 4o$ bux

    The item is a $80.00 camcorder retail value.U bid in increments of pennys so if the current bid $2.51 that means 251 people have spent one credit or one dollar to raise the bid by a pennyso 251 people have spent one credit=$1 . Here how u get hustled the collect $251.00 subtract the cheap ass camcorder $80.00 you get $171.00 profit that's crazy. I wonder how long before these get regulated or shutdown new scam for 2010. Its a scam of people not understanding how something works. U could win but odds are u wont just check it out for yourself they only allow on 1 0r 2 items in 5-7 diffrent catagories. If only 5-6 people were bidding it would be great but thats not what is happening

  • cicero November 25, 2009, 5:51 am

    I don't think it will get shut down, it isn't a scam unless they are running bots or not giving out the prizes. There is nothing hidden, you have to buy the bids up front and the rules are explained. They even say to watch for a while to figure out the system. The only way it is a scam is in the same way gambling is a scam. The amount of money you can go through in a short period of time is astonishing, but here in Alberta we have VLT's and I see people pouring money into those things all the time. Should we shut down gambling because a small percentage of our population cannot control themselves, should we ban alchohol because a small number of our population abuse it, should we ban driving because it's one of the biggest taker of lives??? Where does it end?

    I believe it's immoral to make the obscene profit margins gambling rakes in but again, who should regulate it, and should someone even regulate profits?? How about self regulating?, if you can't is that my or your problem?

    Again, my only issue with this site, and I'm sure there are others, is they are promoting it as an Auction site when it is quite obviously an online gambling site. The auction is just the sheeps clothing.

  • Vertis Davis November 29, 2009, 7:08 am

    Agree with Cicero & Tom.

    Disagree about it being a scam though.

    Not a "scam" in the rip-off sence, but a suave, legit and remarkably creative way to fool people out of spending money. Wish I could have thought of it. The companies profit margin must be insane.

    Thresholds and Bots are essential to ensure a profit, or the company would not exsist (so that is where the scam part comes in).


    If they repeatedly sold PS3's or cars for $20 bucks, would you trust it?

    Everyone wants to believe… so they will continue making money off the people who are not informed before they loose their money.

    Read ratings and scam reports BEFORE you throw money out the window.

    come on people..

  • Chad Voelkel November 29, 2009, 10:24 pm

    This is a ripoff the whole pack you get to bid for free is a bunch of crap too. I bid on them and it charged me. I will never go back such a waste of time and hard earned money. It should be illegal for them to charge for bids and tell you what you have to bid. I will tell everyone i know bout this site. I sure hope to see it go down. Go to ebay where it is fair auction. By the way i want everyone to pay me for a chance, to win, oops i mean buy a car from my car lot hmmmm I do believe this is a scam 100%.

  • Thomas November 30, 2009, 7:17 am

    I agree this is a rip off. We pay a $1.00 to bid a penney and in the meantime for a gift card that cost $50.00 and the bid reaches 20.00 at $1.00 per bid, they have made $2000 on us bidding for a $50.00 card. This is a big rip off. Do not waste your time.

  • jeph December 3, 2009, 5:35 pm

    Beezid… hhhhhmmm… a guy named madmandave bid aprox 31 times for a 50 Applebees gift card. Some lets see rougly 28 dollars plus 5 shipping ===robot runnig scam!!!!!!!!!!!!! magicaly he still lost.


    • auctionwatcher December 4, 2009, 4:59 am

      Jeph: Not too sure about Beezid, but just because a person bid 31 times for a $50 Applebee's gift card does not mean he is a bot bidder. Many real bidders will go cost of over to get an item (sunk cost). He still received a discount.

  • Glynn December 4, 2009, 5:55 am

    I've been "bidding" a couple of days now on, had my eye on a Cannon camera. While watching the auctions one afternoon, a I pod was about to go off auction, I hit my "bid" button and SURPRISINGLY won. BUT, the night before, about 11 pm est, the site went off, everytime I tried to log on, it came up Network Error. I checked with my provider and they found NOTHING wrong with my end. So, the following night, I'm bidding on this camera, the timer kept resetting for over 4 hours, and all of a sudden, Network Error again. I still haven't been able to get on site this morning. It's like they turn everything off at will……This has got to be a scam, even if it's "legal" the Bette Business Bureau should check into it.

    And I think they should be like eBay and provide a way to contact other bidders or see their profile on their winnings. I picture this room filled with people sitting at computers, keeping the the bidding going. After all, they make money on every bid so why not keep it going? I'm finished with these people, wish everyone would delete them.

  • Glynn December 4, 2009, 6:04 am

    I was bidding on, the first item I was bidding on was about to time out and my screen just froze, and when I tried to log on again, all I got was "Network Error". Couldn't log on again until the next afternoon, which I saw someone had "won" the item. Watching the auction, I saw a I pod timer counting down, just as a chance, I hit the bid button, and WON. Couldn't believe it, now I'll believe it when it get here….I was also bidding on a Cannon camera, and the darn timer kept resetting, for over 4 hours. And again, after sitting here all those hours, my screen froze, then Network Error and it hasn't come back on yet. I picture a room filled with people sitting at computers, bidding, after all, they make money every time some one"bids" and I feel they are running the bids up. I think if everyone complained to the Better Business Bureau of Florida, or where ever your auction is located, maybe they would investigate. Really, how could they afford to sell items so cheap if they weren't making a killing on them.

  • kevin December 11, 2009, 9:20 am

    this is a total scam!

  • Robert Beller December 12, 2009, 9:21 am

    Beezid is a gambling site hiding behind the facade of an auction site and that is a scam in my opinion. You don't have to pay for the right to place bids at an auction they may require a deposit for your bidding paddle but that is returned at the end of the auction or put towards your winning bid. Beezid tv ads give every impression that you are bidding pennies per bid but they neglect to say it costs between $1.00 – .40 to place each bid. This system isn't much different than a lottery; lots of people lose a little money so one person can win a large prize. At least with a real auction a shill just drives up the bid on Beezid the shills cost everyone in the auction money as they drive up the bid.

  • Jason Phillpot December 12, 2009, 10:57 pm

    Hey guys, so I read a lot of these posts and it cracks me up that people are mad about oher people making money. You should inform yourself of details before deciding to spend your cash. The person above who cannot comprehend the purpose of an auction timer —-you are an idiot. It is like any other live auction. You have times preset between bids. Each time someone outbids your dumb ass, that timer is reset (like in real live auctions) until it's either outbid again or the timer hits zero. I have not bought bids from this site and probably won't, but the idea behind it is great. Any one of us wouldn't mind paying 200 dollars for a 15o0 hundred dollars TV. None of us give a damn how many other pepople also spent 200 dollars on the same auction, but did not happen to win it. Sounds like sore losers guys. Don't pay attention to how much they profit, but pay attention if it's a deal worth having. Man, there are some serious whiners in this world. LOL If you lost an auction and are mad about it, then don't use sights like this. Go and pay retail and be happy.

  • jim December 14, 2009, 1:05 am

    It is gambling. In response to Jason, unregulated gambling, raffles, or lotteries cause problems. The problem is runaway capitalism. Normally, money movement looks a bit like the solar system, if large amounts of money are to be viewed as massive particles. The trouble with gambling, is that what you end up with is a black hole. It’s gravity gone mad, and it’s capitalism gone mad. All that money just pours right into the singularity of places like Beezid, and none comes back out. It’s gambling when you chance spending money and getting nothing in return. It’s catastrophic to economies when everyone does it. Gambling is regulated for this reason, and for this reason many try to skate around the regulations. Beezid IS a scam, not because you don’t have a chance of winning; you do have a chance of winning. The trouble is, you have to rely on chance. That means it’s NOT an auction. It is gambling. If they called it gambling, they would have to be regulated, so they lie about it. They will be gone soon, but not before they make a lot of money. It’s a fly by night operation because it’s not honest. It’s not honest because they call it an auction. It is plainly gambling.

  • Rob December 17, 2009, 8:55 pm

    Heck I knew it was a scam just as soon as I seen the buy bids auction dont take a rocket scientist to see what is going on here if you cant see it then I suggest you get some serious help number one you dont go to an auction and pay to bid save your money dont be a moron go to ebay or if you want real auctions,you wont be scammed out of your hard earned dollars cause they are real auction sites proxibid even offers live auctions by licensed auctioneers,dont feed these low class scammers and write to the FBI to get them off the web.

  • jeff tudesky December 18, 2009, 2:11 pm

    A Brand New Site And They Already Got Rid Of A CAr For 26. Dollars,,I Mean, This Johnny Come lately Site Needs To Stop, I Only Bid On The Established Sites The Old Ones At Least you Know What Your Dealing With, This Site Is Some Guy Sitting In His Pajamas Scratching His Behind PAying Google To Be On Pg1 Please Next

  • Joshua December 27, 2009, 5:24 am

    This is a scam. Stop trying to give us excuses with math equations showing how much money they make equals a legitimate business. Let's say the "item" says it sells for $8.01. It could retail for $50 or $1500, it doesn't matter to them. Because I think in reality only a few people are bidding on an auction, and maybe just 2 or 3 bids each, while the other 780 or so bids were by the bot/employees. So, if we all agree there are bots/employees fluffing the bids, then they aren't making any money at all from the "sale", they make all of their money from the poor user and their "dollar for a penny" bids. Of course there are the users who will get addicted and suckered in and bid a bunch, this is their payoff, but still, they'll lose the bid. Just don't give us the argument and math saying "well just multiply the sales price and the $.80 for each bid, see look it's $15k they made, so they must be real" all the bids were fake! This explination in it's self tells me your trying to blow smoke! There is no way this site is as popular as ebay. There are good auctions on there too and there are usually few bidders on there too. Look on the web, everyone is screaming scam. If you spend your money there and lose it, don't say no one said anything. You'd be better off getting some lotto tickets, better odds.

  • Mark December 27, 2009, 9:41 am

    How is this site scamming anyone? They disclose everything. Nothing about the process is hidden. you remind my of people that bid on ebay and then complain you got scammed becuase you had to pay $20 shipping when the shipping cost was right there, disclosed in plain english for the whole world to see.

    I see idiots complaining the timer keeps reseting. Of course it does. It resets every time there is a bid. The site tells you this will happen if you read how bidding works.

    If you can win items at a discount and get them how is it a scam? I hope this site continues to make money so I can continue to win more stuff.

    Since being a member I have bought one 200 bid bid package for $120 so I pay 60 cents a bid. I have won the Apple Macbook I am using now for 15 bids @ .60 a bid=$9.00 with a winning bid of $3.59 and $5.00 shipping. I also have a PS3 that I won with 12 bids @ .60 = $7.20 and a winning bid of $15.51 and $9.99 delivery. Then I have 48 bids @.60 each that I won nothing for = $28

    So lets see. So far I have spent $78.29 (that includes $28 in losing bids) and I have $1349.98 worth of electronics sitting in my living room with me. I have 125 of my purchased bids left plus the remainder of the 100 bonus bids they gave me as a promotion when I signed up.

    So umm..where is the scam. Don't go crying scam if your not smart enough to figure out how to use the site to your advantage. If your complaining it is because your not smart enough to figure out when to bid, how to bid, and how many times to bid.

    If you sit down and create a stradegy for the item you want you can only lose as much as your willing to risk. If you go in and just start bidding with no stradegy your going to lose your butt and probably win nothing.

  • Julie January 1, 2010, 9:40 am

    Not a scam at all. Check their traffic rankings, you sillies! This guy in his pajamas is spending hundreds of thousands on advertising. I mean seriously, directv, dish network, howard stern??? pajamas??? lololol you've got to be stupid. I also am from the same part of canada as them and i know someone who works there. They have a big office in a prestigious location. get with the program you guys!

  • George January 4, 2010, 9:32 am

    Hey "Mark" – I couldn't find any auction on for the PS3 selling at $15.51. I went through all of the previous auction links provided for the PS3. There was one for $15.52, but won with 8 bids. Not 12 bids. And the user name is different than the username matching up to the Macbook $3.59 win. What was the auction # of the PS3 you won? And the website says delivery cost for the Macbook is $14.99, not $5.00.

    I do believe this is a real business, run from a professional office as Julie says. However, I also believe that some (not ALL) of their auctioned items are rigged by either live persons who work there, or bots. There are several auctions where the number of bids placed by the winner vastly outweigh the value of the item – like exhausting 280 bids on a 200-bid pack, or placing 250 bids on a $75 gift card. I've watched a good number of auctions, and I think there are certainly some questionable characters on this site….not just idiots who do not know what they are doing. Yesterday, I watched the Macbook auction for longer than I care to mention. It was long enough to watch user "advair 1" place bids when someone's Autobeezid was running, until they ran that user out of Autobeezid's. This user did it through 10-15 different Autobeezid runs (that I watched) by different users; and probably many more as I stopped watching for the last $25 of a $128 dollar auction. Why would ONE individual do this? It was like clockwork. When an Autobeezid started, "advair 1" bid until that Autobeezid ran out and then stopped bidding. Advair would then bid again for the last 1-2 seconds of the timer (not on Sniper). If anyone else was watching this and didn't think it suspicious, something is seriously wrong with their thought process.

    • Mike December 1, 2010, 12:08 pm

      I have been watching that site for several days. Many of the same bidders over and over again…rainingcats,mibil, puppy…, and about 20 others. Often they have more bids in on items than they are worth….alot more. Just watch who is bidding and write down the price when it starts….and the bidders…I have to believe it’s employees whos only job is to keep the auction going

      • Ted May 29, 2011, 1:16 pm

        It is a total scam. I’ve tried, put in a hundred bids on an item, and get “out bid” by 15 cents. I’ve sat there while the auction is closing hitting the bid button and it doesn’t register, and the sale goes to someone else (an employee or operative no doubt) and no merchandise is delivered. I DID win one auction….when I was bidding on their fucking bids. TOTAL SCAM

  • eric January 16, 2010, 11:43 am

    im curious to hear about any positive feedback…now that the site has been out for a while…i was thinking about trying it. any info. is appreciated.

  • yiddles January 19, 2010, 10:26 am

    I've won a handful of items on Beezid so far and have received them all. This includes a PS3 (cost me about $72 total, incl. cost of bids, final value price and shipping). That's my "big" win, and I had to bid at 2am to win it. 🙂 The other stuff I won is less impressive–various video games and gadgets–but still useful and each at a great discount.

    Customer service has been good when I needed it, even to the point of refunding bids when a verifiable technical glitch caused me to lose an auction that I should have won.

    Just this week I had my bids refunded on an item that I won but was no longer available. I was disappointed, but they handled the situation professionally.

    It seems to me that a lot of the earlier comments are from people who just don't understand how penny auctions work, so posting here that it's a "scam" is a result of their own ignorance. It's a clever business model, that's for sure, but it's not any more of a scam than casino games.

    I don't know if Beezid employs bots or shill bidders and I don't expect we'll ever know for sure. I've seen bidding activity there that *seems* suspect, but you never know what's going on in the minds of other bidders. If you're really into playing this game, you can afford to take occasional losses because your wins can be outrageous. Indeed there are certain bidders that I won't bid against because I know they'll stay in it for the long haul. It's clearly a tactic, but effective nonetheless.

  • Ann January 21, 2010, 8:45 am

    I was skeptical of these types of sites too until I won my first auction yesterday which is really exciting! I also spoke to customer service because I had a couple of questions and they were super nice and very helpful. I'll definitely be coming back to often to see what they have up for auction. Like people said, you have to understand how it works and play the game right!

  • Scott January 24, 2010, 12:13 pm

    Beezid is a great website… you just have to be savvy with your bids. If you buy 50 bids, spend them within 5 minutes, you won't be a happy customer. Wait for certain items and bid carefully! Find a strategy that works at stick to it!

  • Paul February 4, 2010, 8:22 am

    Listen folks!!! You have to really get to know this sites software and how it responds to your commands before you use ANY penny auction site!!! This concept of “pay to bid” is as old as auctions themselves. At most live auctions you will pay for a “bidder’s paddle” or a “seat” and very likely not win the LOT# you are bidding on.

    So in closing… If you don’t have some money to burn/loose at a “pre-pay-to-enter” auction then DON’T buy the “paddle” you moron!

    So look, just take this kind of auction for what it is… a fun way to perhaps get a slammin' deal or a place to loose your entry fee just as auctions have been forever.

    If Beezid proves to have bad customer care when problems arise then that is a matter to contend with as it presents itself. In my opinion they would be major fools driven by greed not to hire the best costomer care people they can find and perhaps even make consesions to unhappy customers even if the problem was not the falt of Beezid. These folks and "pay-for-entry" auctions around the world make some pretty big bank and if they want to keep making those millions they need to treat their clients as do the top "pay-per-entry" auctions that have kept their clientel for years and years (especially if they have not wone an auction yet.

    If there is one thing this old auction aficionado can tell you is if you are going to buy the right to bid at any auction then you must know your competitors and their habits, place your bids according to that info and many other factors and know that the guy with the most resources (that include number of bids available/money on hand) will allways prevail over the person with less recorces.


    If you want to win on Beezid you better be willing to take the time and have the smarts to do everything I am saying and have a good amount of money to invest without gaurantee of winning anything. If you are not able to swallow these realities DO NOT ENTER! If your winning are consistanly less then your entry becuase you visited an auction a few times for a few hours here and there and don't actually spend the time and money to get to be a pro then it would be unscrupulous and very unkind to through stones at the auction house!


    If you are looking for a sure thing then go down to Walmart and pull out your wallet!

    By the way… After spending many hours studying the habits of particular bidders and only place 5 bids to win a 15 bid package for only $.09. It was not a fluke! The strategies I used will not help me win all the time just alot more often then you "nay-sayers". The bidders have trackable stratagies and there are many consistancies within the softwar that can be helpful if known how to use them. I would be an idiot to tell anyone about this helpful knowledge so don't ask. I like my odds better with ignorent, inexperienced bidders or those that just don't have what it takes to win.

  • Max February 14, 2010, 11:23 am

    Now com'on Paul. You can't tell me you don't think there's a few shady things going on with beezid. You do make great points, but George is right about the possibility of there being hired beezid workers or bots running up the bids.

    I'm a reseller; I think most beezid bidders are. And I have won a few of the items I went after. Beezid is fun, and the products are legit. I think they make way too much money off the bids to be anything but legit. But since I've been bidding there, I've watched items being sold to bidders who've had autobeezids in every high priced item for hours on in. I've bidded several 500 bid packs early in the morning to late at night, and mostly the same bidders seem to win the most sought after products. Some would call that good strategy , but since you're only allowed to purchase up to 6 times in a 24hr period on beezid, (products or bid packs) one has to wonder where these master bidders are getting all their bids. I think my biggest peeve about beezid, is not necessarily bidding, but watching that clock tick down to one second and linger there for the longest time before I'm outbidded.

    In the back of my mind I'm thinking, "I know I should have had this one." You feel that way, because no sooner than you prepare to respond, the time ticks down to three seconds, two seconds then- auction over. I think it's that way for a lot of people, and that's why the cry of fowl play is in the beezid air. It's hard to stomach watching that ticker linger around that one second mark as long as it does, but ends the auction at three to two seconds when it's your turn to bid.

    As I said, they're probably like me, buying on beezid to resell somewhere else. So if you're just a guy or girl looking just to get a good deal on something, you may find yourself having to compete with people who make a living off these sites.

    My thoughts on beezid is the same as going to a public auction with a multitude of dealers and brokers. Go for the items you know you have a shot of winning, at least until you get use to penny auctions. I've learned the hard way, trying to buy a car at a public auction loaded down with dealers are slim to no chance in Hell. They come prepared, and loaded with cash. Whether you're bidding against the average Joe, a paid bidder, a bot, or a business minded professional with the cash to outbid you, learn the ropes before you step inside the ring.

    Nevermind that garbage about bidding early in the morning – that's no more better than in the afternoon. Spend a day watching bidders, and take notes. Get familiar with the bidders and their habits. Know who you'll be bidding against and try to get a feel for how far they'll go to outbid a person.

    Don't treat it like a rummage sale – know what it is you're there to get and stick with it. Don't be overly aggressive, don't bid too early, and never get into a bidding brawl with anyone – that'll only use up your bids. Try to keep to one item when you're bidding. Don't be like the pros and attempt to bid on two or three items at the same time – that will also use up your bids.

    And lastly, my really big advice, save your money when you can, and buy the large bid packs. Bid in the free auction for more bid packs. I know thats a lot of bids to just sit on, but if you use only your rainy day money you shouldn't miss it. Believe me, you can win what you want from beezid, but you have come prepared. It can stress the Hell out of you if you don't. And having a truck load of bids when you need them helps out a lot.

    Remember, bids only last as long as your money does. You don't what to spend $300 worth of bids trying to win a nintendo wii. But you also don't want to waste them on the wii, when you can win a 50inch television. Just take it as it comes, and you'll be ok.

  • Dwayne Allen March 2, 2010, 6:09 am

    ***SCAM ALERT***

    Do not mess with this site, they are total ripoffs. Below is a chat that I just had with

    Rachel Says: Hi there! Before you go, don’t forget to finish registering to become a Beezid member, it’s FREE and will only take a minute of your time!

    Plus I have been authorized to give you 50% BONUS BIDS when you register today through this chat only! CLICK HERE and use the bonus code "HELP" to take advantage 🙂

    Rachel Says: Once you register, you’ll need to purchase some bids, available in the bid package of your choice! After that, all you need to do is pick an auction that features an item you'd like to have and start bidding!

    Rachel Says: This offer will not apply to everyone, you have been chosen for this special one time deal. So CLICK HERE and use the bonus code "HELP" if you would like to accept this offer!

    You: Hello

    Rachel Says: Hi, thanks for chatting with me today. Beezid is a whole new fun and exciting way to get the absolute BEST deals out there!

    Rachel Says: Beezid's software allows you to take advantage of getting the best discounts over and over again using great bonuses and incentives. Beezid is also a great tool for you to make money!

    Rachel Says: So what are you waiting for… CLICK HERE and enter the bonus code "HELP" to ACT NOW!

    You: I have a question.

    Rachel Says: Sure, what is your question?

    You: I was online looking up people who have used the site, and all of the information is saying that beezid is a scam. Is this true?

    Rachel Says: No. Our goal is to make sure that you are happy with the item you won. If you decide that you no longer want the item within 10 days of delivery, we will gladly provide you with a refund of the final auction price of the won item as well as the original shipping costs.

    You: Are you with the BBB, and do you use PayPal?

    Rachel Says: Yes. Using our secure checkout, you can conveniently pay for your bids using any of the following methods: Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover and PayPal.

    You: Is beezid a member of the Better Business Bureau?

    Rachel Says: Keep in mind that when you register today I have been authorized to give you 50% BONUS BIDS! CLICK HERE and enter the bonus code "HELP" to get started.

    You: Is beezid a member of the Better Business Bureau?

    Rachel Says: Our goal is to make sure that you are happy with the item you won. If you decide that you no longer want the item within 10 days of delivery, we will gladly provide you with a refund of the final auction price.

    You: Please repsond with yes or no.

    Rachel Says: Keep in mind registering to become a Beezid member will only take a minute of your time and when you register today I have been authorized to give you 50% BONUS BIDS! CLICK HERE and enter the bonus code "HELP" to get started.

    You: Once again, can you please repsond with yes or no if beezid is a memeber of the Better Business Bureau.

    Rachel Says: OK, Thank you for your time. To end the CHAT simply CLICK on the "X" in upper right.

    You: You company must be a scam, I will post this chat online so that people will know not to register with your company. Thank you have a good day.

    Rachel Says: You're very welcome 🙂

  • BeezidCrusher March 3, 2010, 10:36 am

    I love beezid I have won multiple items on this site and I have received them all. To win its a matter of strategy. yes the bids cost money however if you develop a strategy it can help you maxmize the number of items won with the least about of bids spent. They provide you with tips and strategies, tutorials and they offer promotions to win free items, bid packs, etc. I guess everyone has had different experiences with beezid but my experience has been very positive! Since when is a company making profits a bad thing. I wish that the world ran on charity and barter and trade but it doesn't it takes money to acquire goods and I have acquired some cool stuff on this site that I could not afford in a regular store.


    Don't hate on beezid try it!

  • Steph March 4, 2010, 5:16 am

    Have you had a look at yet? it's well worth a look, double bids is all I have to say.

  • mark March 14, 2010, 8:15 pm

    Dwayne just for your knowledge less than 20% of businesses are a member of BBB. Just because you are a member doesn't mean you are proven a honest company. You have to pay to be a member and they don't look into your business, give them $$ and they give you member plaque.

  • JoesMomma March 18, 2010, 1:12 pm

    I'm finding some strange coincidences myself. Tonight I was watching the 50 bids section. I saw 3 auctions in a row for that item end for $30.71 exactly. As soon as I wrote down the info and clicked the refresh button I noticed the exact same screename was already high bidder for three times in a row. I saw auctions end/disappear while there was time still left on the timer. I now wonder what the FBI website might have on them. I just know I'm not spending another dime there until I'm sure it's legit.

  • Jerry March 22, 2010, 8:26 am

    If you want to get ripped off do business with Beezid. I am surprised that they are registered in the united states but pull off a shell game. They advertised that a 47" lcd tv had been sold for 23.xx dollars now each bid is .01 cents that averages from $.60 to $.90 per bid so each .01 cent bid is really roughly a dollar. They advertised that this item sold with only 22 bids total that had to be bull since it would have taken 2300+ to get to the price they quoted.

    I saw a bot on their site bid over 300 times $300 dollars for a lcd tv please give me a break these crooks should be jailed.

  • Jerry March 22, 2010, 8:29 am


    An auction on ebay is dealing win real money not bots. and .01 increment bids you must work for the company Beezid for you do protest to much.

  • Tabatha March 22, 2010, 3:48 pm

    I didn't like beezid at all. In a matter of minutes my bids were all gone. I do think they have bots fluffing the bids there. However, I used quibids and love it. I have spent like 100 bucks and have well over 600 worth of gift cards and ipods in my possesion. i thought it might be a scam but am a risk taker so i said what the heck and my first auction i won a 25 dollar amc gift card for 40 cents plus 2 bids at 60 cents each and 2 dollar shipping so I can take my hubby to a movie anc actually get popcorn adn soda for less than 4 bucks!

    • Annalie April 2, 2011, 10:49 am

      There’s a new penny auction website where there are currently no competition. You outa check it out.
      I’m sure anyone who register and start bidding now will win every time because there is no one to bet against you at the moment.
      There are about 4 register user and They all have already won some things for only less a dollar.

  • toby May 8, 2010, 8:24 am

    I remember when people used to say ebay was a scam….lmao just no pleasing some people. It's simple if you think its a scam don't go to the site.

  • Jeff May 19, 2010, 5:06 am

    Well, I just bid on a set of headphones, was high bidder, then magically, the auction ended and I was not the winner, someone else was awarded the item. It just updated and showed me as the high bidder and the timer was counting down from 20 seconds. Poof. I lose. This is such a crock of !@#$!. I'm done. I guess shame on me. They fooled me and got my $40. And this wasn't a lag issue. I had been going back and forth with this bidder and another. What a joke. I'm going to report it to someone, but who?

  • Jeff May 19, 2010, 5:10 am

    Anyone want to report this to the FBI… Here you go…

  • Dan May 27, 2010, 2:07 am

    During an auction for a $50 Lowes gift certificate, I noticed that some of the bidders had very similar screen names. There are at least 3 different jaymanchus (jaymanchu3, jaymanchu4, and another numbered jaymanchu – of which I can't remember the number and was unable to screen grab in time). This wouldn't be all that startling if it were jsmith, but seriously, how many people would actually want jaymanchu as a screen name?

    I can only assume that they have bots naming their bots.

    And yes, I do have a screen grab image showing jaymanchu3/4 in the bid history, and would gladly share it to add to the growing amounts of evidence against this scam site.

  • Skippy June 8, 2010, 6:54 am

    You wouldn't report them to the FBI, You would report them to the FTC, THe Federal Trade Commision.

    I personally just purchased a 20 bid pack for $120. I bid my free bids for signing up already. I am not going to bid until I understand how it all works. Cause I lost the 10 free bids quick . How does anyone ever win if the timer resets itself everytime?

  • NUS3R June 13, 2010, 12:48 am

    Just started this auction site. So far I have had only a little luck with it, won a couple of bid packs which isn't really much of anything. So far I have spent 40 bucks not including the price I have to pay for the bid packs which was about 25 for each. In any case I don't care if there are bots/employees "fluffing" the prices. I had to step away from my computer for a bit and was watching a Mac book. It sold for a little over 8 bucks. Even if it was only me and one bot, at 8 bucks the very most I could have spent on that computer was 400 bones plus the 8 for the bid. For an 1100 dollar laptop, that is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

    You obviously have to be careful. I am learning the strategy of bidding. I think the key is find what you are willing to pay for a product and try to stick with it, waiting for the high point of the bids. It says what the last one sold at. No point dropping a bunch of bids and giving up to early. Just a waist of money. You may even want to see several of them sell off to see what the average price is.

    What you do have to watch for and something I think is lame is the AutoBEEZID and sniper. it just allows people to bid without having to be there which is dumb. When a person bids, it says what type of bid it was (regular/autobeezid/sniper). If it is regular, that person is bidding live. If it is sniper, the bidder is bidding remotely, but driving up the price to where he/she is willing to pay for the product. If it is Autobeezid, then it is in that bidders price range. I think the key is to watch the auction, try to count the bids (since the remote bidders are limited to 25) and wait for them to run out. Again, I don't like this system, but you just have to try to out smart them by limiting your bidding as much as possible.

  • ron June 14, 2010, 1:50 pm

    Here is the truth. I have been on the site for a long time. I have won thousands of dollars worth of premium items and have been invited to join their winners circle. I looked at the winners circle and I blow them away. That's the good side here's the problem. From calling them. It is very easy to get them by phone I have deduced that they are most likely about five nerds in someones house. They have no shipping department even though they say they do. Items are usually shipped straight from amazon. They don't even have the items they are selling. Which gives about four days of shipping limbo while they buy it. About five times I have bid on items and suddenly I tried to bid and it said bidding closed. There is no time limit I should have been able to bid. I called them and they always told me several auctions ended at once and caused this. That is not acceptable. Look at the closed auctions and you will find a lot of cars, I have never seen a car at auction except a mustang. I bid on the mustang, tried to over power it. Their billing company in canada limited my ability to buy 500 bid packs but they still charged me for bids I never got. I am fighting with them daily. They billed me for $300 over 27 times and will not tell me what their transaction limit is, I have asked at least six times and they will not answer. Beezid has lot's of glitches maybe this is one of them, but I have found them to lie about a lot of things. I don't trust them at all.

  • ron June 14, 2010, 7:13 pm

    Her is the way to win. Bottom line the auction cannot end while a sniper is left. Place two auto bids as soon as you decide to bid. Now apply 20 snipers. This guarantees no one can win while you sit and watch usually good for hours. When you start seeing any snipers bid the auction is weak. It would have ended without snipers. Keep up with how many people have snipers and every new sniper you see. Never bid when there are snipers it is impossible to win. The snipers rotate so you will use a sniper then someone else then someone else then you. You will see every person. Since sniper limit is 20, if you don’t see a new sniper after you, you have the most but be careful this might not be true depending how long it took you to see first one. When you are satisfied that snipers are gone then use the auto beezid and win. Be careful when filling out the auto beezid that you bid regular I have lost by not doing this. The auction is at it’s absolute weekest and you have no snipers to stop you. Also if someone applies a sniper near the end of your snipers usually the auction keeps going long enough to attract a whole new set of bidders, you might want to writes that one off. Also a good strategy to find two premium items of the same catagory at the same time. Watch both usually one sells cheap while people are busy with the other one. Why am I telling you this after the other post. It was a blast and I hate that they did me wrong.

    • Mike December 1, 2010, 1:01 pm

      Thank you for the info……I will give it a try

  • pat June 17, 2010, 10:25 am

    if its 60 cent per bid, its not a no cost to bid auction, right ?

  • monkey August 1, 2010, 4:18 pm

    all you monkeys!!!!!!!!!! BEEZID is a SCAMMMMMMMMMMM!!! they can send one item to someone, so he/she tells that it is legit, but 99.99% is won by "insiders". see the names and numbers and it does not take a genius to see thru it. STUPID and MORONS play this game.

  • Beezider August 5, 2010, 8:10 am

    just to clarify though…it also labels any last second bids as a sniper bid. so you can be bidding live and have a sniper bid. This can confuse things and mess up previous strategies listed above.

  • Greg October 1, 2010, 1:48 pm

    As a fifty two time winner this site is for real. I’m typing on the Apple MacBook I won in March. If the sites not for you just stay away, don’t be a hater.


    • Mike December 1, 2010, 1:48 pm

      watching an auction right now for 1000 bids. The same person has been bidding for over 2 hours….each bid is with exactly 2 seconds to go….cant be a sniper smells like a bot

  • anthonyt March 30, 2011, 10:57 pm

    I work for BeeZid. It is a scam. I feel bad about it and am leaving the company before they are raided by the feds.

    • Amanda March 31, 2011, 2:07 am

      Really? Care to tell more?

  • IWONTEVERSTOP2 April 20, 2011, 3:32 am

    I had been a member of Beezid for over a year and had won many auctions under the name IWONTEVERSTOP2. I won 7 auctions between 12/13/10 and 12/31/10 worth approximately $2200. Beezid closed my account down in early January 2011. Beezid stated that I colluded to win these auctions and it would not send me the items that I had spent many hours winning. This word collusion is not mentioned once in Beezids terms and conditions. This is a great solution for Beezid who makes money on selling bids. They keep the products and get paid for the bids used on products that were not sent to the winner.

    Not only have they kept my products, but they did not refund all the peoples bids that bid on these auctions and lost. This is a win-win for Beezid. Beezid has ripped off thousands of people on the 7 auctions I won. One example of this is the Apple IPOD Touch 64gb that I won on 12/13/10. This sold for $41.34. This means there were 4134 bids made on an item that retails for $399. At 0.60 per bid this comes out to $2480. This is all fine and well if they send the item to the winner, but they kept the item and did not refund the bids to any of the people who bid on this auction. I am not a lawyer, but I would think that would be multiple counts of fraud on their part.

    The 7 auctions I won were a IPOD Touch 64gb for $41.34(retail $399), a kindle 3G with WIFI for $8.00(retail $189), a sony PSP 3000 pack for $27.99(retail $169), another kindle 3G with WIFI for $47.25(retail $189), a $200 Best Buy gift card for $47.00, a Toshiba satellite 15.6″ LED Laptop for $131.42(retail $679) and a Playstation 3 320gb with Move bundle for $105.00(retail $399).

    I have been refunded the money I paid for these products, which was $476.93. I am still out approximately $1700 in merchandise that I am owed. Beezid is a company in Canada, but airs commercials across the US on television. They are not a member of the Better Business Bureau in the US or Canada. I have made complaints to the BBB in the US and to The Federal Trade Commission to stop this corrupt company from airing there commercials over US airways.

    Because Beezid is located in Canada, I have been unable to get an attorney to touch this. I hope this helps clear up any questions about Beezid and their business practices. Beezid is technically not a scam, as I received many items from them over the previous year that I had won, but remember that they can kick you off and keep your items for just about any reason they want. BIDDERS BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ted May 30, 2011, 11:34 am

      And you WON the auctions? What about the people who didn’t? Did they get their money back? Highly doubt it. Beezid is crap.

  • Geoff November 18, 2011, 8:40 am

    Beezid is a scam! I was on it the other day and I watched to Autobidders bid on a $200 Wal-Mart gift card. The final price ended up being $275. I contacted Beezid about it and they tried to tell me it was an auction that you get your bids back, so it wasn’t $275. That’s BS, though. Sure, they get their bids back (it was an early bird auction), but they still have to pay the final price.

    Why in the world would someone pay $275 for a $200 gift card? It seems pretty fishy. Beezid’s response was that “they’re well known bidders”. I’m not sure how that makes any difference. Not to mention, well known to whom? Almost like Beezid just sets the autobidders themselves (shills) and plans on someone bidding before it reaches full price. Since no one bid, their autobidders just kept jacking up the price.

    Here’s a link to the screen grab that I took from the auction.

  • Fred December 16, 2011, 2:24 pm

    I have been watching the beezid penny auction site for about a week and also feel there is something fishy going on sure they are letting some legit bidders win some great deals , but like others have noted bidders spending 2 to 4 times the value of an item in bid cost + final sale price .Today a bidder bid on a 1000 bid pack on autobid from the 10 to 50 + dollars. I estamate near 2000 bids. The bidder must not know how to do the math or ??

  • Annie March 9, 2012, 1:11 pm

    I love Beezid. I used it for my first time and got 25 free bids. Next thing I know I only used 5 bids and I won a BRAND NEW iPOD Nano for only $1+6.99 (shipping). It was incredible!! I got to choose the color I wanted and everything. Best of all I didn’t have to buy bids to win it! I recommend everyone to at least TRY IT OUT! It’s free and no there’s no monthly cost, so what do you have to lose?? I also recommend that if it’s your first time and you don’t wanna just waste your free bids, they bidding at at time when not many people are on. I won my items on a week days around 1pm and there were only two people bidding on the item with me! EVERYBODY NEEDS TO TRY BEEZID! 🙂

  • Josh January 29, 2015, 2:49 pm

    it should be illegal to call it an auction site. real auctions only one person pays for the item and you aren’t charged to bid. this is gambling plain and simple and should be illegal in most states somebody will take them to court eventually

  • Delta DJ March 21, 2015, 4:23 pm

    i just bought bids on beezid lost all my money, worse than a casino you loose your money just for bidding, one big FKN rip off


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