BidSauce Penny Auction

Penny auction just opened on Thanksgiving (November 25th, 2009).

Welcome to - Let's get Saucy!

Bids on BidSauce are sold as BidBoxes in increments of 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500.

  • 25 Bids for $25 – $1.00 per
  • 50 Bids for $45 – $0.95 per
  • 100 Bids for $85 – $0.85 per
  • 250 Bids for $200 – $0.80 per
  • 500 Bids for $375 – $0.75 per

BidSauce is the first penny auction that we’ve seen to offer Turbo Auctions:

“Turbo Auctions are auctions that appear in a bidsauce red auction block. When a Turbo Auction appears get ready to rumble. The turbo auction starts the minute it enters the live auction area. The person that clicks the most times on the Turbo Bid Button in the 10 second count down wins. Being fast on the trigger finger is the key to winning turbo auctions. ”

According to receives 188 daily pageviews and does not yet have an Alexa ranking.

Have you tried BidSauce? Tell us your experiences about BidSauce and other penny auctions in our forum. Thanks!

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57 comments… add one
  • Jenny Simpson-Hurtch December 3, 2009, 9:55 am

    This site is really a scam.

  • Sherry December 13, 2009, 2:48 pm


    OK…so I'm a totally idiot! I purchased $45 of "bids" and THEN read this site…LOL…it didn't turn out all bad…yet…I the exact thing where all the wins were low, but as soon as I started bidding a couple of other people started pushing it up…just keep waiting till the last 10 seconds to avoid using up your bids. I actually won a $50 gift card to Kohl's with 6bids (the bids cost .95 each so the card went for .12 cents plus $5.05 for a total cost of $5.17. The next question Ididn't think of was…how much is shipping for the card 🙁 I'll let you know what happens with that…if I get another one for about the same price, I'll feel like I wasn't ripped off…so I'm still on the fence right now. Wish I read this site before I bought so many bids!

  • Kristin December 15, 2009, 5:50 pm

    I've tried this site, and I think it is a waste of money. Someone is making some money, but it's not me!! I bought a bunch of bids, and found it hard to win, even though other bidders appeared to be winning at low bids. The per bid cost is high. I did end up winning a $50 gift card for $.13, but I paid way more money in buying the bids than the amount of the gift card, so I still came up short. Additionally, the "shipping" charge was around $7 — for a gift card!!

    Buyer beware!!!

  • Scott December 18, 2009, 7:47 am

    Anyone who guessed that this is a scam wins the prize of knowledge. They're called bots; programs designed to bid $.01 higher than your latest bit almost instantly. That's why they you have to buy bid packs just to participate. Do your self a favor and STAY AWAY from these sites and stick with trusted sites like EBAY.

  • Cindy December 19, 2009, 8:03 am

    This Bidsauce site had an auction last night for a $500 American Express Gift Card. I watched this auction for a good 2 hours and it started out with 2 bidders going at it very hard and heavy as described in previous posts and then it went for a few bids without these 2 bidders, and then another 2 took over… it went on like this for a good 2 hours until I got bored with watching this, so I left. I went back this morning to see how much it ended up going for. That $500 gift card went for $39.46 , so if my math is right, the only TRUE WINNER of this auction is the AUCTION OWNER because even at the lowest bid cost of $.75, the $500 gift card made the owner $2.959.50!!! Geez, where can I start my own auction site??

  • Joanne December 22, 2009, 9:14 am

    I saw the same auction as Cindy and was amazed. Many people must have spent more than $500 in bids to win a $500 gift card.

    I have won many gift cards on this site, but I have yet to receive anything, so I am getting a little worried.

    You do see the same names on this site day after day, but now that the win limits have kicked in, some new names are showing up. I'll know if they are real or fake if I ever receive any of my gift cards.

  • Mark December 25, 2009, 4:36 pm

    I can ease some of your concerns here… I actually have two usernames on the site (because i won 30 items in 2 weeks and had to start another) and have personally cleaned up. I’m into the site $2,000 and had to create an excel spreadsheet to keep track of my winnings vs. bids purchased plus shipping. I’m pretty good at sneaking in at the 15 second mark and decifering between newbies and the crazy bidders. Sadly, I’m the one who pushes around the newbies by bidding the very second they bid to scare em off, but I’m also wary of those that do that to me. I have recieved (and resold) $1200 worth of winnings thus far and am awaiting another $2500 worth of goodies. Granted, it took 2 weeks to recieve my stuff!!! That’s my only gripe . $7 shipping and handling for a gift card? 2 weeks to get items won? But my friends and I have all received items and have all won and lost with regularity. To some, winning an item at all costs is the game, or their rush, for others, like me, it’s sneaking in and trying to get a hot deal. Look me up.. ysterday I won a camera for 4 bids. It’s legitimate. I have no concerns going in tmrw and winning another wii. I saw this site on Facebook and have been involved since day 1. I don’t tell too many people because they quickly become my competition. =)

  • Jason December 27, 2009, 2:16 am

    Thank you Mark for the "ease of concerns". I have won numerous cards/prizes dating back to the beginning of the month and have not received ANYTHING yet. So I am glad to hear someone got what they "won". If nothing is in the mail tomorrow I will try to call their customer service AGAIN (usually just get a voicemail, anyone actually get through??) Boy I am starting to hear the "to good to be true" in my head here…

  • Rogelio Jackson Guti December 28, 2009, 4:44 am

    I have been surveying the site for a long time and have seen nothing but fraud.

  • Rogelio Jackson Guti December 28, 2009, 4:46 am

    Just the fact that people are admitting to bypassing the site's precautions and limitations to make it more "safe" to those without thousands of dollars to throw away with no ill-effect. The site is a scam and those that use their thousands of dollars and multiple user names to profit from it are as guilty as the scammers.

  • December 31, 2009, 9:31 am

    This is to respond to most of the above comments. Bidsauce is a 100% legit site. We are shipping products all day everyday that sell on the site. We absolutely have never and will never have something apparently called a bid bot. I find it hard to believe that people are frustrated with a site that sells products for far less then they can buy them for. No one complains when the site sell countless Fifty dollars gift cards for less then $0.10 or a Netbook for less then a dollar, but immediately take issue when we have a gift card or item that sells for a price that actually makes a Company profit. Even if a product sells for less then 3% of its value the company can make money and the customer gets an incredible deal. That is what a win/win is all about and that is what make this site so exciting. If this company was not in business to make money it would not exist and you would not be able to get unheard deals on products. It is buying entertainment and our clients are winning everyday. Winning so much that we had to put into place the maximum wins per day and per month. We have been slower on shipping then we would like and that is because we have only been live and operating for a month and needed to work out some kinks. Those have been resolved and customers will start to receive products much much quicker. We are dedicated to our clients and want to make this the best auction experience on the web. If you have any comments, questions or concerns please call us or email us through or site we will get back to you quickly with a response.

  • Lies January 2, 2010, 1:06 am

    Yeah, right. BidSauce lies. I've been on bidsauce for almost a month. I have won some items, but shipping is snail slow and you have to contact them and complain before they send anything out. If you don't ask, I doubt they send it. They rarely answer phones and when they do, their lone customer service rep (Channing) has no answers–just excuses. Phone messages have NEVER been returned. Not once. Try contacting them by email and you are lucky to get a response. The "kinks" are not resolved. They just like to say whatever you want to hear to get you to bid. They have the worst customer service I have ever seen. Stay away. Stay far away.

  • trevor January 3, 2010, 10:09 am

    Shipping at bidsauce is redonkulous. $7 for a gift card to ship and they won't combine shipping! So my five gift cards all shipped together cost me an extra $35. Pretty much kills any deal that I got in winning the cards.

  • NotoriousBID January 4, 2010, 6:10 pm

    Personally, I think that people who are pissed because they haven't "won" anything should grow up. The site is legitimate, and I have received all of my prizes which include Xbox 360, $100 Visa, Nikon Camera, among other things. Be patient. This is still pretty much a startup, if you want to spend some real bids, check out the other sites. Simple everyday items sell for $20+ which means 2,000 bids. Enjoy bidsauce, I know I have.

  • babygirl January 5, 2010, 3:11 am

    Can someone help me out with this then. I jjust found out about this site over the weekend. Last night I realized I have spent $300.00 in 4 days and have not won a single thing. At this point I don't know what to do. I will see a $50.00 gift card go for 4 cents and then I am bidding on one it will go up to $4.oo. Everytime it has done that I CAN NOT believe I have lost $300.00. Any help appreciated.

  • Roger Dickey January 7, 2010, 4:01 pm

    Hi Nighthawk987, are you talking about the bidstick or bidsauce? If it's Bidstick, I haven't receive my Dyson Animal Cycle Vacuum Cleaner since end of 9-2009. I e-mailed and called them numerous times and they finally responded after I e-mailed them about I will check with the BBB or Consumer Affairs. I asked them for the UPS or Fedex tracking number. The customer service e-mail is: and the phone number is: (323) 393-3760 but for the Bidsauce I just joined like a week ago and I figure it takes about a month for my win gift cards to arrive.

  • nighthawk987 January 7, 2010, 3:24 pm

    I have not recieved my items ,,its been a just under a month.Does anyone have their number because their site wont even load up now.Been tring to log on for two days now.Thanks for any help

  • JJ January 25, 2010, 5:58 am

    First let me quote Bidsauce above, "Winning so much that we had to put into place the maximum wins per day and per month."

    and then to quote the self proclaimed Bidsauce pro, Mark with "I actually have two usernames on the site (because i won 30 items in 2 weeks and had to start another)"

    This shows the fact that the Bidsauce owners truly don't care if Mark is exploiting their site, openly breaking their rules that are meant to keep it fair for other bidders, because if they enforced their own rules Mark would have BOTH his accounts deactivated. Obviously they want to keep him around because the dynamics of the site heavily favor those with lavish amounts of cash. Your everyday average consumer gets taken advantage of both by the Bidsauce company and by bullies like Mark who bypass the rules and use greed to fuel profit.

    Also, Channing explained to me that I should view the site as a "gambling venture." Not only is this illegal in my state (the business itself is based here in Utah as well), but the site doesn't have the word "gamble" on it anywhere, they don't want you to know there is a risk involved until -after- they have your money. After the money is spent, according to Channing, the simple explanation is to consider it a gamble and expect to lose.

    Lastly, let's just look at the situation here. You can see by Mark and Bidsauce's comments that the people who are profiting are the company, and those that have thousands of dollars at their disposal. You WILL become victim if you don't have the money to throw around as well. You can liken it to going to war with someone armed with 100 cannons, while only armed with apples to throw from afar.

  • Skippy January 25, 2010, 11:56 am

    I watched BidSauce off and on for the day. There is some strange behavior. Some $50 gift cards go for <$0.40 (e.g. company loses money). I watched today as a 100-bid package went for $0.21, while 2 hours later 25-bid package was bid up to $3.27 (!)

  • Skippy January 25, 2010, 2:32 pm

    Follow-up to my earlier post … a $100 AMEX Gift Card went for $8.44. At $.75 /bid presuming highest volume discount, that's $673 in revenue, plus their shipping. I guess that offsets the $0.06 winner for a $50 Cheesecake factory charge.

    I just watched as a 25-bid package went for $1.55 while at the same time a 50-bid package went for $0.06. I guess the bid-ups depend on who gets in which pissing match.

  • Nelly February 11, 2010, 2:17 pm

    I have won a bunch of items on Bidsauce but haven't received a single one!! The first wins were on 1/20, so it has been almost a month. Bidsauce says on here that their shipping will get quicker but it sounds to me like it's getting worse!! Meanwhile Quibids ships their items immediately. I won one a few days ago and got it already. I don't know how a site like Bidsauce will survive when people start getting fed up with their poor customer service and super slow shipping and go to their better run competitors. Bidsauce I hope for your sake you start shaping up!!

    • auctionwatcher February 11, 2010, 2:25 pm

      Thanks for your comment Nelly, please feel free to check out our forum Please let us know when you receive your items! Thanks

  • Jerry February 14, 2010, 5:26 pm

    I to have been waiting for my winning auctions for almost a month with bidsauce. The first month I was with them I got emails from them about 7 days after the winning auction stating that the items were shipped along with a tracking number. But now they are getting terrible on shipping and will not reply to my emails or phone calls. My next step is to start disputes with my credit card company against them! Beware of this site!!

  • Ghostie2poo February 15, 2010, 7:57 am

    I have won items on bidsauce. I am receiving the cards, but it takes approximately 3 weeks or just under that. They come by Fed-Ex and require a signature at the time of delivery. This is probably why their S&H costs a little more than some of the other sites. I agree with everyone else about their customer service. A couple months ago, I would get responses to my e-mails within 24 hours…now I never hear back. They have a "bid ticket system" which they say is supposed to be high tech, etc. Well, when you go to check the status of your e-mail, all I ever get is a response saying the server is busy and to try again later. Have not tried calling them yet, but sounds like I would just get a voice mail, anyway. My experience with BidCactus is that it also takes about 3 weeks to receive the cards.

  • Nelly February 23, 2010, 6:34 pm

    As a follow up, I did receive about half of my items in a couple Fed Ex shipments last week. I received my wins from about 1/20 to 1/22 on 2/15 and 2/16. Oddly enough, I just got the shipping confirmation email with the Fed Ex tracking numbers today (a week after I already received them!). Now it is 2/23 and I am still waiting on the other half of items I won from about 1/22 through 1/29, so now it’s going on over a month. They definitely do not hurry with their email responses (I still haven’t gotten any responses to email questions I sent weeks ago) and shipping, but it seems they are at least shipping out their promised products. The shipping charges are definitely marked up considering I got about 10 gift cards in one Fed Ex envelope, having paid almost $7 shipping for each. Obviously that’s an outrageous amount for shipping even sent Fed Ex with a signature confirmation, but I was so happy to get my winnings that I didn’t even care. In fact it makes it easier to receive them all together, I just wish they didn’t charge so much for shipping on each item. All in all, it seems this site is legit, but don’t expect your winnings for at least 3 weeks to about a month, and don’t expect any sort of customer service as well.

  • Nelly March 7, 2010, 3:26 pm

    I was just bidding on Bidsauce and there is a user I am suspecting could be a bid bot. This site only allows 4 auction wins per user per day, not including turbo auctions. BigBarb1 was bidding on several auctions and I noticed she had already won her daily limit of 4, none of them was a turbo auction, but she was still able to bid. In my experience, when I have met my daily limit of 4, it allows you bid for a few more minutes until your 4th win has cleared the auction board, and then a message comes up when you try to bid that informs you that you have met your daily limit and it doesn't allow you to bid anymore. After her 4 wins had cleared out, BigBard was allowed to continue to bid for quite awhile, but I noticed she did not actually win anymore auctions so if you weren't paying attention, you wouldn't see her name for winning a 5th auction so as to raise a real red flag. It seems she was allowed to continue bidding to just "bid up" some more auction prices. I have the 4 auctions and times she won, but I don't even feel like I can report this issue to Bidsauce since they NEVER return customer service emails or phone calls about site issues. In fact their site was down this afternoon for about 2 hours and they never sent out an email explaining the problem or apologizing, and now the site is back up and running as if nothing ever happened. I am not sure what to do about issues with this site because of this non-existent customer service, but the BigBarb1 issue seems to point to some kind of illegal practice.

  • Jay March 8, 2010, 4:18 am

    I have to agree with Nelly, the Bidsauce website certainly seems to have some strange processes happening. I also noticed that there are a few "winners" of these auctions who not only seem to bid more than usual, but that these same people seem to be found bidding limitlessly throughout the entire day. I did try the site by buying 50 bids and was amazed at how easy it is to lose tham all very quickly without winning anything. I just can't seem to imagine that someone could actually use this site to make money as suggested by an earlier post. I focused on a few of the auctions and watched one of the suspect bidders spend over 200 bids ($150) to try to win a $75 gift card, which was won by someone else. This seems to be a common theme if you watch these auctions for a few days. His bids were not only seemed to be limitless, but this person was bidding on multiple items at once. I understand that to some people this could be viewed as strictly a form of entertainment and worth the time and money, but realistically it would be an enormous problem for me to invest that much time and money into such losing enterprises. All-in-all I can only come to one of two conclusions, there are real people pouring massive amounts of money into this site for losses, or some of these bidders are in fact bidding-bots meant to drive up the selling price. I would really hate to think that the latter is true, so I might keep watching for a few more days, but I don't think I'll be spending any more money on trying to win items from a rather small list of stores.

  • Lower27 March 10, 2010, 3:20 pm

    Have won 27 times now on bidsause and received nothing! This dates back to Feb 13th so almost a month. They will no longer answer my emails. The email answer I did get was a programmed response have asked in email if this is a scam and have no response. There is no customer service period! Will start to think about disputing my credit card be careful!

  • notawinner March 10, 2010, 5:40 pm

    I won a $100 gift card on January 4th and I never got it, I got a wrong track number and when I opened a ticket they never reply, I sent them a mail nothing happened, I called them and let my number in their answering machine and they never call me back.

    It's been more than 2 months and I got nothing.

  • Stephanie March 11, 2010, 7:10 am

    i know i better get my gift cards or I will be all up in the BBB!

  • biofunny March 27, 2010, 2:35 am

    The company is a scam and will probably be investigated at some point. It is way too good to be true. I went to their youtube link and it couldn't be more obvious that this is a scam. Check it out

  • IceCat April 10, 2010, 8:58 am

    As Ive been getting daily spam from these guys I already can tell it's a scam, I don't have to be told otherwise, plenty of suckers out there just waiting to be taken by them and others of their type.

  • tophtml April 12, 2010, 7:08 am

    The pay to bid business model sucks. Pay to list is what made ebay a success.

    Obviously the pay to bid model is, loosely, based on membership stores such as the pay to shop business models, such as Costco and Sam's Club which, for a fee, offer access to their merchandise and will not tell you that there are certain items within their store which you cannot purchase, unlike pay to bid in which you are not guaranteed that you will win the auction but pay a fee anyway.

    The business model sucks and Bidsauce will, probably, be toast by December of 2010.

  • Grace April 12, 2010, 4:44 pm

    I have had a lot of similar experiences as posted by others. I have won and received the 20 items that I won on BidSauce…and yet I'm still not convinced that it's not a scam (or possibly BidSauce is struggling and so not shipping to everyone).

    The items that I won all took at least 1 month to arrive. I did not receive any tracking information until after I had called their Customer Service line 3 times (leaving 2 messages). Unlike some people I never got through to…Channing. In my last message, I actually threatened to involve my credit card company. I also sent 4 emails and left numerous posts on their Facebook page. They never returned the phone calls, nor did they respond on Facebook.

    As I said I did finally receive all of my items, but to give you an idea of why I'm still concerned about BidSauce either being a scam or in financial trouble, I won a Nikon Coolpix digital camera on February 16. When I finally received it on March 24 (!!!) there was a packing slip included from the company BidSauce bought it through on BidSauce apparently paid full price for the item $169.00, and they didn't even purchase the camera until March 15….a full month after they auctioned it on their site and I won it!!!!

    While I do think there are some good deals to be had on BidSauce, I don't bid their anymore because I'm concerned about actually receiving the items. When a company doesn't answer their phones or emails, doesn't have the items they auction off, and takes a month to send those items….I would say stay away, there are plenty of legitimate sites that do answer their phones and actually seems to care about the customer!

  • Grace April 12, 2010, 4:47 pm

    Oh and one other thing to add…I definitely don't like people who are going around the limitations put in place. I think it is completely wrong that Mark and others are setting up multiple accounts so that they can win more items…

    30 items in a month is plenty…share the wealth.

    Although, again if BidSauce is not willing to do anything about it, just one more reason not to trust them. Yes, obviously they need to make a profit to stay in business (and I wonder if they are even doing that), but they also have an obligation to their customers to make sure the site is fair for everyone.

  • Bidwinner April 13, 2010, 4:45 pm

    You guys are all fuckn idiots!!! It is absolutely no wonder that your on a blog bitching about how fuckn stupid you are… If any of you actually had the common sense to know that anything for a fraction of the price is a deal you'd probably be a lot further ahead in life than where you are!!! If you don't know how to play the game… Don't play it… But if you want to learn and make mistakes like everyone else, fine, it's called a learning curve!!! We all go through it. I am quite sure you didn't know how to wipe your ass when you first did it… but I bet now your the best shit ticket ass wiper you know!! So in the mean time, while your going through this learning curve… Do us all a favor. Fuck Off and stop bitching!!!

  • Mayer April 14, 2010, 4:08 pm

    Actually i won in the last month the limit of 30, and got all of them in less then 3 weeks, I understand the concerns some people have hear about Bidsauce, But why can't you understand that they are still a new site and don't make as much money as other sites like quibids, and swoopo, and they need the money that comes in daily to pay for past auctions, But hey. the last few weeks they really started picking up, things are starting to sell way more then in there first 3 months, so Please give them a chance

  • Mikerrr April 20, 2010, 7:10 am

    I'd be curious to know how others ever heard about Bidsauce. The only way I even know about it was by receiving some spam e-mail with in the subject line. . . I'm thinking a legitimate auction site would not make itself known through spamming internet users. After reading the comments here (a site I found when I did a Google search on Bidsauce), I wouldn't touch this site with a 10' pole. A few commenters have definitely figured out the business plan here: charge $1.00 for each bid and pocket hundreds or thousands of dollars in bid fees to offset any possible "loss" incurred by selling a $50 item for $0.15. . . Great idea by the site owner, but whoever said this is basically a gambling site got it right. Later. You won't see me anywhere near anything that says "Bidsauce" on it again! Thanks to all commenters for the warning.

  • TrashPad April 20, 2010, 1:13 pm

    Site is a total scam. and a lawsuit is brewing. bidding is rigged to drive things up. I emailed and they responded they were interested. class action lawyers suddenly seem more appealing to me than yesterday!

  • Aaron April 23, 2010, 7:49 pm

    I googled Bidsauce after getting a RE: from a craigslist ad for a car I'm trying to sell. here is the exact text in the email:

    "I noticed your post on CL

    I'm gonna make this message short and sweet.

    If you're wanting to make a some extra dollars on the web,

    then look at this web page named:

    I am not gonna tell you a bunch of facts…

    However, I can tell you that it will help you out.

    You're Welcome!"

    First of all, I am done with Craigs List, I get more spam then actual legit responses to my ad's. Second, while Bidsauce looked really good. Any company that would use clickbank spammers to spread the word through spam isnt destined for NASDAQ……..

  • juston May 5, 2010, 4:18 am

    I wish I read these postings before I wasted my money on bidsauce.

    I bought 25$ of bids and got out bid ever time no matter what time I was on.

    there is definetly bots on here to make the company lots of money.

    I wish I would have rather gave that 25$ to my baby's moma.

    dont get ripped off like I did, jobs are hard to come by so is money to waste.

    thank you everyone for the post's ya live ya learn. stick with ebay definetly!!!

    what a scam son gun, got me never again telling all my friends too , to stay away from

  • Zakar May 27, 2010, 5:57 pm

    Hello everyone. I found this site about 3 weeks ago, I was smarter then most and i knew it was a scam from the start! Now i visited the site today, and they were giving 10 bids per account you make WOWSA. I made idk 5 accounts.

    I thought wisely, i waited until 9:00 my time, which is 12:00 your time. Barely anyone was on the site, so i started bidding. There was a auction for a target $50 card i bidded at the last 5 seconds and won. ONE PROBLEM. At that moment i thought maybe this is not a scam, maybe they will send me the card for 1 cent. Well the 1 problem was that i put in frod info on that account, so i still don't know if its a scam! Anyway if it is for real, i guess for all i know some japanese guy could get the card. But it could be anyone. But as i said its like a 60% chance of frod. AND there is ONE more question i have who is They some how say that bid sauce is legit. Along with allot of other sites. It racks my mind!

  • Meghan July 18, 2010, 6:25 pm

    I've just signed on and found as long as you are smart with your bidding and watch your bids, this site can definitely save you $. It is definitely worth it to buy bids in bundles ($375 may be a lot of money, but you get another $125 in bids for this price and if you use those wisely it is great!)

  • paul July 18, 2010, 9:38 pm

    you all can't even see through the BS. First of all, this 'e-trust' verified junk has nothing to do with your bidding. that is saying that when you PURCHASE bid boxes FROM BIDSAUCE, that transaction is 100% secure. The way it looks is, "hey, this is a trusted website" when in fact it has nothing to do with that.

    second, the way these work is it's a server side script that will always out bid you, simply because server side is instant, and client side(you) is anywhere from 50-200 ms depending on where you live. So don't think you can out do a bot.

    I don't think they use "bots" on ALL of the auctions, just enough to pay the bills and make their set amount of profit. That's how these places are still around. They need to have winners. As seen above, product delivery is not guaranteed, and shipping "and handling" is outrageous.

    If you decide to give it your shot of luck (and yes, it is luck — bid bots on most auctions) know your rights. From what I've heard, after you drop the legal bombs on these companies, they fold. I'm not saying sue them, I'm simply saying know your rights and know what to say to get what you purchased. Don't waste your time with the BBB, and don't threaten to contact them. Go to your credit card company within 30 days of the auction end. -Do not- use paypal to save yourself calling multiple companies to fight over who's responsibility it is to give you a CHARGEBACK.

    This 'penny auction' is the scam of our new time. With all scams, it will go away with time IF we don't feed it, and hopefully an investigation will be in place soon.

    Question: If there's so many penny auction websites, how come there is no sanctioned website that all these penny auction websites have in common to "Back up the Customer"? If there was one (don't hold your breath), then this thing might be one heck of an idea, both profitable to customers, and to the company.

    I hope this helps somebody before they make a huge, expensive mistake.

  • Andrea July 23, 2010, 11:30 am

    I won a $50 gift card to Kohls from Bidsauce went to use it at Kohls come to find out they won't accept it because it hadn't been purchased. Stolen maybe? Thanks for nothing Bidsauce.

  • Susan August 21, 2010, 6:23 pm

    I just tried Bidsauce a week ago, and have had a good experience so far. I found it through I won 4 gift cards on Sunday, they were shipped the following Tuesday, and I received them on Thursday – I couldn't be happier! I won a couple more cards today – hoping they keep up the good work!

  • Shin September 9, 2010, 5:46 pm

    I've been looking at for the last half an hour, and while I cannot speak to whether they use bots or how fast they ship, I can say that I doubt they really need to "cheat" to make money. The lowest cost of bids (that I noticed from merely skimming the site) is 60 cents, and the site is "pay to play." I am watching players competing for 250 bidsauce bids, and the auction is currently going for $34.24. 3424 bids are worth at least $2054.40 (3424 x .6). Even if the winner pays only $34.24 (not counting however much s/he paid for bids), the company makes 2088.64 (or more), and of course, there are shipping charges that the company does not pay (and may be overcharging on). Let us make one thing clear, the auction referred to here is bidsauce bids: They are selling something that costs them nothing, so this is all pure profit.

    In short, I doubt that this bidsauce is a scam so much as a profitable experiment in human greed and competition.

  • Katie September 16, 2010, 5:05 am

    I wish I would have read these before spending the 25 dollars, but I was sucked in by a 75 dollar Walmart gift card. I used all of my bids trying to win it and I still didn't. I wish that I had my 25 dollars back!

  • Kyle September 17, 2010, 2:02 am


    i have recordings of someone spending over “$250” in bids just to beat me out of a $50 best buy card as well as more that you wouldn’t believe. So they either want me to believe someone is just the dumbest human on earth or they have someone with unlimited bids…… EITHER WAY DONT DO IT

  • Kate Crowley October 10, 2010, 2:27 pm


    I am a blackjack dealer in a REAL casino and I better than anyone know that if your not winning your not happy with anything or anyone! That will include the one who is just hired to deal the cards for less than minimum wage while you sit and lose your money at your own will…. Has anyone ever thought about this? If you don't like the site then don't play there! Huh what a bright idea huh?

    I do think that Bidsauce should have some sorta come back for the Mark guy with 2 accounts though! The guy is a confessed cheater (or maybe not if Bidsauce allows that) but all the rest of you should just close your accounts and bail from that site…

    OH by the way… Did anyone sign up for the monthly thing on Bidsauce if so what is all the hype about tell me what you got for 14.95 a month…

  • bluscarab October 11, 2010, 8:39 am comment above is a veiled lie. I won two gift cards back in February just after they posted the comment. Well its October and still no gift cards in the mail. Working out some "kinks" in the system huh?? Nothing worse than a bunch of losers making money on a scam.

  • james October 27, 2010, 2:58 am

    did anyone say anything about hacking the site yet. Because we all should pitch in to get a really smart hacker to hack the sh*t out of that site. Like free stuff (that they never send) or change the code to have it should be. $1 bid = $1 not $1 bid = .01 or someone could sue. Site is full of lies. I'm pretty sure its false advertising. Or there really good at stretching the truth. They also dont ask you before they charge $150 to your credit card.

    And one more thing if you ever go to a site your not sure about please use a prepaid visa card ($25-$50)
    its really not a good idea using your credit card online.

  • sparky November 7, 2010, 6:58 pm

    What a strange phenomenon. I agree, bots are not necessary for the business model to work; just do the math. It’s the equivalent of a lottery with a tiny E.V. (the statistical expected value of your play.) But on the other hand they may be cheating with bots too to enhance their ill-gotten profits. What kind of oversight is there to prevent them? One thing that makes me suspicious is the names of the bidders. There are sure a lot with numbers following their names. Eg: Instead of Heliotropeidea it is likely Heliotropeidea3428. Now that makes sense on a site like Yahoo or Ebay with millions of users, most of whom try to register as Heliotropeidea and see its taken so they become Heliotropeidea3428. But are there really that many penny auction site users? Wouldn’t Heliotropeidea be obscure enough?
    Either way, bots or no bots, to play this is just plain stupid.

  • un known January 31, 2011, 7:40 pm

    Stay away from this website. If you type in your credit card information looking for information you will be charged $149.95 for nothing. Stay away from this site unless you like giving your money to scammers.

  • whocares May 17, 2011, 10:36 am

    This site is just taking everyones money. I won a giftcard back in Nov. 2010. Still have not recieved it. They give me the same story everytime I call them ” we had shipping problems, you will be recieving your order real soon” Bulls***. They’re a fraud. So all I’m saying is ” stay away from this site”.

  • Michelle January 5, 2012, 4:07 pm

    Bidsauce is the worst site out there. I won $1500 worth of items late 2010 and have never received those items. I wrote customer service and called numbers on the website. I had a few email replies in Oct. 2010 that promised my items would be shipped and then nothing. All emails and attempts to contact them since go unanswered. I filed complaints with both BBB and FTC, but so far nothing has helped. I would love to contact an attorney to file claim but not sure where to begin with that since I’m in GA. If anyone has info about getting claims filed, I’d live the help. To others, the new credit card company involved with bidsauce is the only way to get any help but if you had issues before they took over in Dec 2010, they can’t help you.


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