Penny Auction Famdabidosy Expands

famdabidosy auctions

Penny auction Famdabidosy Auctions has just added more auctions, expanded their hours, lowered their shipping fees, and are giving more to charity.

From Famdabidosy:

“To begin, the hours and auctions have been expanded by 25%. Famdabidosy
Auctions will now operate 10 hours per day, 7 days a week.

There will now be 20 auctions per day beginning about 3 pm EST and ending around 1 am
EST. On the West Coast, our hours are 12 noon to 10 pm PST.

Next, we’ve lowered our shipping and handling fees by $.95. Gift cards
will now ship for only $4. Jewelry, wallets, dvds and similar small sized
items will ship for only $5. The larger, heavier, bulkier items will ship
for only $6.

However, we will take back $.50 of the shipping and handling savings in
order to expand our charitable giving fivefold. Beginning today, every
Famdabidosy Auction will begin at $.50. This first $.50 of every auction
will be given to charity. With our expanded number of auctions, we will
now contribute $10 per day rather than $2 per day. Even though it is
still a small amount, it is 5 times more meaningful. As the number of
auctions we offer grows, so too will the impact of our memberships’s

The net savings from the shipping price cuts and the added charitable
contribution is $.45. You, our active members, will save $.45 on each
auction while contributing 5 times more to those less fortunate. This is
a definite win win for all.

In addition to the expanded hours and auctions, we have increased the
dollar value on nearly half of the gift cards that we offer. We will also
be offering a Famdabidosy Auctions Member Choice gift card. Our thanks to
veejayb for this great idea. Our Members Choice gift card will let you
choose from a list of great retailers to receive the gift card of your

And lastly, our expanded hours and auctions enable us to offer a 200 Free
Bid Pack, a $120 value, as part of the new expanded and enhanced line up
of auctions.”

Take a  look  at their upcoming auctions:

Welcome To Famdabidosy Auctions seems legit. PAW members have experienced good customer service & reasonably quick shipping.

Please feel free to join the PAW community entertainment shopping forums to discuss your experiences with Famdabidosy and other bid-fee auctions.

(Disclosure: Links to FamdabidosyAuctions are our referral links, in an effort to support PAW please register via our links if you do decide to try them out. Thanks!)

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