StuffBuff’s Blink

We told you about StuffBuff’s Live Haggle auctions, now that StuffBuff has launched in private beta we can tell you about StufBuffs entertainment shopping product Blink. Like Live Haggle, Blink is a custom application using PayPal’s new payment system

With Blink sellers set a price on an item and the more watchers the item has, the faster the price falls.  The first watcher to bid gets the item. This sounds similar to SevenSnap except bidders do not have to pay for participating in the auction.

None of us like timer lags, you might be glad to hear that StuffBuff is using cutting edge technology that allows for “AJAX Push” called APE that will allow for true real time bidding even faster than long polling used by twitter, at a lower cost.

StuffBuff auctions can be embedded into your favorite social network page, homepage, or blog.

We find it pretty cool that StuffBuff tells us what an items price is on Amazon! garmin stuffbuff

For a limited time there will be no fees to sell on StuffBuff, when fees are put into place here’s what you can expect:

=     $0.25

=     $1.50

Be one of the first to signup for StuffBuff using invite code: penny.

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