& dtr777777 Possible SCAM ALERT!

We have reason to believe that Rebecca Choe of New Jersey aka (DTR777777 on the Penny Auction Watch forum) is shill bidding on her own penny auction site When we first found (from a Chitika ad) we saw that DTR777777 had been “winning” many items at low prices and we e-mailed her to ask her if she had received her items.

Here’s a copy of her e-mail to us:

rebecca td

We received a few items from TdBids, but became suspicious of how high prices would go when we would bid. It seemed like the only time the items ended for high amounts was when we had placed bids on them. We often wondered how they could afford to “give away” so many items at the prices they did and still stay in business.

To prove our suspicions we spent an exorbitant amount of money last night on a Nintendo Wii where DTR777777 was the only opponent, each time we used the autobid function DTR777777 would also put herself on autobidder at conveniently the same time.  We found it odd that whenever we would place bids on TdBids we would pay far beyond what other auctions have ended for.

TdBids recently changed their website and a full history of auctions is not available.  DTR777777 has been the only user on the forum to bring up TdBids and recently she asked when it would be back up. Also, when had test auctions the user “vibbu” was bidding, we highly doubt that this powerbidder  would be bidding on their test auctions.

Lastnight we did some investigating and found that our suspicions were correct.

How do we know that DTR777777 (Rebecca Choe) owns

  • When DTR777777 first found PAW she used her first name, Rebecca, when she left comments.
  • An e-mail from TdBids shows the name Rebecca Choe:rebecca email
  • The backend of our forum shows DTR777777’s e-mail address:


  • A Google search of shows that it belongs to Rebecca Choe of Rochelle Park, NJ, as found on;read=12103: homestay rebecca choe
  • is located in New Jersey and is a  limited liability company.

tdbid llc

  • DTR777777 has been quick to call out penny auction sites and tells us that she reports them to the authorities.

Here are some of her forum posts:

From the Bidstick thread: “Don’t even try this site. Bad… Scam… I spent $600.00 with paypal account and won laptop. They never ship the winning items and you can not claim to paypal when it pass 2 months. Even you explain to paypal, don’t get money back and not getting any winning items. Bad site… No customer support…”
BlitzPenny: “Tell us detail. How they scam you???”
GiftCardBidz : “Couldn’t see winner or end auction. Can not see winner. So, could be scam. They deleted ended auction page.”
WormDealz: ” The site is gone. I did not even know if this site was opened. You report to FBI, IRS, nothing will be help. I did it reported to FBI for one of the penny auction site and they don’t do anything. Even Now they are in penny auction now… Try. But I guess nothing will help…”
BidMyDreams: “What’s the your seller name so we can see your feed back and make sure if that is you… Are you amazon electronics bestseller in canada??? Please let us know your seller name and one of listing link… If this is true… Is it you registered from taipei??? This is not canada according to your registered. BidMyDreams  Taipei  Taiwan, Taipei 23558″
HappySpree: “Looks like scam to me. &  Read carefully. Term and condition. “Product won will be shipped within 4-6 weeks of the auction closing date. Members are limited to 1 unpaid winning item in their back office at any one time.”
If you won 10/5/2009, You will have to wait until 4 weeks…..”BidLew: I will not use penny auction site that only have paypal payments. Hard to getting moneyback from penny auction scam site.

A user on the forum once posted this, we think that quite possibly Ms. Choe has done the very same thing with her auction
Originally Posted by rockybiduser
I am least bother about normal small user using the big player name .I think the bigger issue will be using real more prominent user (e.g. btw,protoprotos,rwb63,monikab) etc as shill bidder in those fake penny auction site.I remember seeing at PAW forum that there is an admin screen where you can define your shill bidder.
Because real user won’t go to that site and they may start using these user as the fake user.That will be disaster.
  • User GiftCard bids on nearly all of the gift card auctions on TdBids: giftcard td
  • GiftCard is also a registered member of our forum, Notice how both members are on the same ISP:

IP Address GiftCard:
vBulletin Message
The IP Address is:
The host name is:


vBulletin Message
The IP Address is:
The host name is: ool-4350eb12.dyn.optonline.net66.15.180.216

Results 11 - 20 of about 1,330 for rebk0925. (0.29 seconds)


  • eBay My World – rebk0925 eBay My World for rebk0925. Read rebk0925’s Reviews & Guides, blog, and eBay

Need some change Swoopo Clone by rebk0925

Not only is Rebecca Choe/Dtr777777  defrauding people (and hopefully she has not stolen from anyone else), she has even gone so far as to copy’s newsletter and catchphrase “Hold on the longest and win!”

“We have some cool items coming up todays and this weeks. Don’t miss out Big Deals and Small Prices.

(…)Check out our Gift Card Sections for every day.

Follow us with Twitter

Hold on the longest and win!” –

Here’s BidRodeo’s newsletter:


We have plenty of hot items today on auctions. Let me just list them:

Nintendo Wii


All this must go today!

Follow us on Twitter, became your fan on facebook

Hold on the longest and win!“

Here’s a screenshot of the past 20 ended auctions on TdBids:

Closed Auctions--TDBids(Additional screenshots available upon request.)

If you have been defrauded by (or see that your username has been used on the site) please contact us. We will prosecute, after all that is exactly what Ms. Choe insists on doing to other “scam” penny auctions.

Happy Thanksgiving!-Penny Auction Watch

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Don’t even try this site. Bad… Scam… I spent $600.00 with paypal account and won laptop. They never ship the winning items and you can not claim to paypal when it pass 2 months. Even you explain to paypal, don’t get money back and not getting any winning items. Bad site… No customer support…

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  • caveninit November 26, 2009, 4:04 am

    This is why I love this forum so much…I'm sure it takes a lot of effort and valuable time uncovering these scam sites and I really appreciate all the hard work you do PAW! Thank you!!!

  • ndn0521 November 26, 2009, 10:12 am

    WOW!! FANTABULOUS job PAW!!! One more penny auction website revealed with their fraudness!!!

    really good job..we can see a lot of hard work and research has taken place to find this scam!!! Keep it up!!!

  • eshopper November 26, 2009, 10:45 am

    Another one bites the dust! Thanks for sniffing them out, PAW!

  • scapril November 27, 2009, 6:18 pm

    You're like a penny auction Sherlock Holmes!

  • dollfunatic November 29, 2009, 4:33 am

    Thanks so much PAW–fantastic job–you guys are the best! Keep up the great work–we sure do appreciate it!!

  • Joe Franklin January 2, 2010, 3:21 am

    sounds like the same ad I saw for

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