UDPATED: CloudBidder Penny Auction Script


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UPDATE 2/11 – CLOUDBIDDER NOW CALLS THE AUTOBIDDERS TEST BIDDERS, We are glad they are no longer advertising the use of bots! Thanks

We recently found out about the new penny auction script CloudBidder, CloudBid.com, brought to us by Smart Internet Technologies LLC. CloudBidder gets its name because the software is being hosted on Google Cloud with the Google App Engine.

What is CloudBidder?

“There are numerous popular auction sites like MadBid.com, Swoopo.com or BidRay.com. They all are being run on hundreds of servers, requiring continues administration and development. Here comes the CloudBidder, it is a special software (script) designed for single users to easilly build penny auction sites, also known as pay per bid auctions, without requiring any technical knowledge. Site owners can sell products in a very atractive and popular way. Because its being run on Google Cloud – Google App Engine, site owners do not need to worry about site overload issues, buy additional RAM, processor or other server hardware. It’s easy to maintain and easy to scale.
To find out more about Google App Engine, please refer to it’s website: http://code.google.com/appengine and don’t forget to come back!”

CloudBidder suggests shill bidding

According to CloudBid.com the beta release was free of charge, however they appear to be at their limit for beta testers. The CloudBidder feature list tells us that customers will be provided with the ability to employ automated bot bidders “when there are not enough bidders.”

“Powerful Admin Panel- Add products, manage auctions in easy way, create autobidders.”

Feature list:

  • – User Registration and account verification by email
  • – Ability for users to receive free bids on account creation
  • – View, edit and delete users, change bids
  • – Products catalog
  • – Add products, upload picture, add title and description
  • – Create auctions by linking products from catalog
  • – Update auctions, bid value or other properties
  • – Add/Remove bids for the user
  • – Create bidding packages
  • – Create new pages
  • – Administrate news
  • – Edit various website settings
  • – Automated bidding when there is no enough bidders
  • – Review PayPal transactions

cloudbidder features

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  • Shenanigans January 26, 2010, 10:15 am

    It's not true that the would-be PA site owners on the cloud will not need to worry about overload, or ram.

    When you host on a cloud, you pay for what is used within your quota. Once you hit your quota, you will get the lag, and overload with any server. Cloud will eventually eliminate the hardware failure variable. By coupling hundreds of servers together, then running all of the websites across the sum of the processing power of all the servers means that if 1 or 20 of the servers fail, all the sites will remain operational, IN THEORY.

    A quick Google search will show how unstable this is, as both Amazon and Google are both struggling to get the bugs out of this new platform that has been in development for 3 years.


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