New Lowest Unique Bid Auction Snagoo

Washington based lowest-unique bid & reveal auction site has just opened and they are looking for beta testers! Snagoo sends bidders signals to tell them whether or not they have placed the lowest unique bid, this allows users the chance to create a strategy to win.

Here’s a message from Snagoo’s owner:

Snagoo is a Lowest Unique Bid (Reverse) Auction and Reveal Auction site, dedicated to providing a fun shopping/playing experience, being ethical and transparent in our business practices, and providing the best possible customer service. It’s very important to me, the owner, that no one who visits Snagoo and participates in the auctions goes away feeling remorse over dumping money into something and getting nothing out.

  • For this reason we have our “No Losers” policy for all our Lowest Unique Bid auctions.
  • Any paid bids you place in these auctions will be returned to the user in the form of a “Superdrop” if you don’t win, and the Superdrop can be used in the Reveal auction format (Snag It Now auctions).
  • Every paid bid gets recycled so the user can potentially get an excellent deal on the item (or another item) anyway. Bids at Snagoo are $0.75 each, in 4 packages.
  • When you buy larger packages, you get extra Free Bids to use in the Lowest Unique Bid auctions (for example, if you buy 200 credits for $150, you would get 50 extra Free Bids).

Currently our return policy allows anyone to get a refund for bids purchased as long as NONE of the credits or Free Bids have been used (to prevent people from buying large packages for the Free Bids and then getting refunds for the Credits).

We are also currently developing a totally new spin on an existing auction format, something that I’m personally very excited about. It will provide an excellent way to win big items at very low prices, while still risking very little in the way of bids. It is completely unique to Snagoo and will be revealed probably sometime in February.

We really appreciated the help from PAW members during our beta test, and would like to invite any PAW users to help us kick off the live auctions. So, from the time of this post until 11:59pm PST on Wednesday, February 3rd, PAW Members can enter the promo code “PAWLAUNCH” on our credit purchase page to get 15 extra Free Bids when they buy a $45 Credit Package! That means a total of 60 Credits and 20 Free Bids for $45. Just enter the code on the Credit Purchase page where it says “Redeem Coupon Code.” This offer is available only until Wednesday, but may be used more than once until then! Thanks a lot, and we hope to see many PAW members come visit. I also really appreciate feedback, so please let me know if you experience any issues or have any questions. Thanks!”

John from Snagoo Snagoo – Snag The Price You Want!

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Disclosure: Links to Snagoo are affiliate links to help support this site please register with our links if you do decide to try the site out. Thank you!

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  • Penny Auction January 31, 2010, 10:19 pm


    Great information about bidding tips and it will provide an excellent way to win big items at very low prices, while still risking very little in the way of bids.


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