Penny Auction for Breast Cancer Research

A user on our forum (We just made it to 900 registered members!) just found the new charity penny auction site, According to PenniesfortheCure‘s about page, they donate 10% of all purchases to breast cancer research.

Bids on PenniesfortheCure are $0.60.

Each bid pack purchase comes with a free bracelet, and $5 donated to breast cancer research.

According to their FAQs, items should arrive within 7-10 days from purchase and most items are shipped free of charge.  They also tell us that their items are brand new and drop shipped from major retailers.

Q:  Why donate to breast cancer?

A:  The website’s owners have all been touched by this disease.  Do you know someone?  It seems everyone we meet, knows at least 1 person (usually more) that has been affected by breast cancer….. themselves, a best friend, sister, a co-worker, or even, mom.  My mom is a 3-year survivor.  It changed her forever.  I am so glad and blessed to have my mom.  Everything I do… business and personal… is geared towards raising awareness or money for breast cancer research.  That’s why I ask for your support and that’s why the cause is what it is. “

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