TdBids Requests User’s Tax Numbers on Registration is now requesting tax numbers (social security numbers?) from all registered users. The FBI warns about Internet auction fraud, they tell us that “There should be no reason to give out your social security number or drivers license number to the seller.”

If it is not necessary why then is requesting this sensitive information!?

Also, TdBids now has a chatbox and their users have been talking about Penny Auction Watch, after the seemingly irrefutable evidencethe owner admitting to fraud,  and  Tdbids’ refusal to ship items, TdBids’ users defend the penny auction claiming the complaints found here are coming from frustrated “newbies.”

15:31:18:stowers wow I see you got cool new players, I am curious on which sites those players normally play at in which they most be Big Winners. Id like to play
15:30:16:SVAKER I wonder if admin will be happy with that name?
15:09:42:sandmfish See you in a couple days, DSMINK!
15:09:20:DSMINK well peeps my limit is met so im gonna go good luck
15:07:02:sandmfish I\’ve won some great things here for a great price, and I\’ve also lost my butt on a couple of things. All in all, I\’m still very much ahead. You win some, you lose some. That\’s what this is all about.
15:06:08:sandmfish there\’s always talk about shill bidders here on Penny Auction Watch. I\’m pretty sure it\’s just newbies who get frustrated when they are bid against and lose.
15:02:05:DSMINK according to another site
15:01:46:DSMINK I think she was saying that some of us r shill bidders
14:39:24:boss10207 I didnt understand any of that
14:34:48:admin ok. I\’m off now. I\’ll be back when I get back home. Good Luck every1
14:32:01:admin suzyq was asked me when you were first registered and I was emailed you if you can change your user name before. I guess it start again, They will keep bring up our users in there site. Like vibbu, crazyrabbit, boss and all other users.
14:28:21:admin I guess they keep trying to saying shilly bid here. Now crazyrabbit your user name is up. Maybe they think you are one of shilly
14:25:58:admin Always.
14:25:31:admin Thank you. But I guess some users they don\’t want to other users talk about nothing only for tech. issure. I really don\’t mine if any one talk about other site here. It\’s bad and good.
14:23:07:Zyekad Personally one of the things I love here is that people can chat. I dont personally see any problem with chat as long as it isnt saying bad things about other sites – and I never have seen people say anything bad – only that we like this site the best =)
14:12:35:admin OK. Users. One of user posted penny forum again regarding bad to talking about other penny auction site from our chat room. I don\’t mine. But I guess some user do. I really don\’t user keep posting our site in penny forum. What do you think? Should I make rule to stop saying for other site from here?
14:02:10:DSMINK like what one zye?
13:58:34:Zyekad Still like this one the best – but I hit my limits too fast =)
13:57:46:Zyekad Zoozle – another auction site we both play on
13:51:22:boss10207 what is Zooz?
13:25:49:Zyekad Happy New Year Mink – good luck on that netbook on Zooz – I went for the PSP instead to not compete with ya so hopefully you can get it =)
10:01:15:DSMINK I havnt been in for a few days so i wish ya all a Happy New Year!!!
08:45:49:admin Good Morning. Have Good Day

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  • caveninit January 3, 2010, 10:19 am

    Tax number?? if!!

  • eshopper January 3, 2010, 4:16 pm

    Tax numbers and social security numbers are not the same thing. Any business offering products or services that are taxed in any way must get a federal tax ID number. If your state taxes personal services, or if you are required to collect sales taxes on your sales, you need a federal tax ID number.

    It's safe to say that any business that has employees and/or pays any kind of taxes will need a federal tax ID. Not sure that tdbids would want anything to do with the IRS or any other federal agency…LOL but maybe she plans to turn all her "sales" in to the IRS. That could get interesting…

    • auctionwatcher January 3, 2010, 10:13 pm

      I know, but how many users have tax id (EIN)numbers? & should supply this info when they register?

  • E-Shopper January 4, 2010, 4:32 am

    Well…none that have half a brain. LOL

    I skipped right over that box when I signed up there. Surely nobody is stupid enough to fill that in!


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