The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting for…

It’s 2010! Happy New Year!

Our FIRST (and definitely not the last!) giveaway was a success, we received 319 entries from 102 users, and will soon award prizes to 44 winners!

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who sponsored a prize(s) for our giveaway in honor of Penny Auction Watch’s  six-month anniversary.

In order to be eligible to win our contest, forum users had to tell why they love penny auctions.

In addition to some great (and humorous) entries, a few of our awesome (you’re all awesome!) readers made YouTube videos

and blogged about us!:

“I figure that I can now use this to discuss other ‘important’ things.

Like Penny Auctions.  Have you ever heard of them? They are a great way to get hot items at sick prices! I mean – REALLY low prices sometimes. And other times, sometimes closer to retail. But usually low.
The problem is knowing who is legit and where to spend your money. A great tool in figuring that out is the PennyAuctionWatch forums, where penny auction sites are reviewed, discussed, critiqued, admired and ripped apart (those that deserve it).”


“Shortly after I found my first penny auction site – – I started googling around for other sites and found A visit to this site is a MUST for anyone thinking about taking the plunge into the penny auction world. Luckily, I found PAW before I tried any other site and, knock on wood, I’ve never been ripped off or invested money into a site that was a scam. The PAW blog is a great resource for exposing scam sites, but don’t stop there, dive into the forums and read reviews on dozens of pennyauction sites by PAW users. You will quickly learn which sites are legit and which sites are a scam…and if you don’t see a site you are wondering about you can always start a thread for it and you will likely get feedback on the site from several PAW users.”

Since you’ve all been patiently waiting,  here are the…*drumroll, please!*

Winners of the FIRST Ever Penny Auction Watch Giveaway!

4gb iPod Shuffle, 3rd Generation from Penny Auction Watch coolguy451
BidBlink: 250 bids bidpack cidjunk
BidCactus: 25 bids bidpack bloo123456
BidCactus: 25 bids bidpack Evilmonkey
Biddango: 25 bids bidpack eshopper
Bidazzled: 29 bids bidpack rebecca1973
Bidazzled: 29 bids bidpack Builtas1
Bidazzled: 29 bids bidpack Jonkny
Bidazzled: 29 bids bidpack jbaby2626
Bidazzled: 29 bids bidpack iFunnyiLaugh
Biddor: 200 bids bidpack rx777
BidMyDreams: 50 bids bidpack misaacmom
BidMyDreams: 50 bids bidpack femalebidder
BidFire: 100 bids bidpack Boyfriendlikesbeer
Bidray: 55 bids bidpack greendoor
BidRodeo: 50 bids bidpack Scapril
BidRodeo: 50 bids bidpack cherilen
BidTrotter: 50 tokens tokenpot Clummie
BidTrotter: 50 tokens tokenpot rsm508619
BidTrotter: 100 tokens tokenpot melissaaggie98
BidYell: Nintendo Wii Gaming Console Spugie
BidYell: 20 bids bidpack Rob200890
BidYell: 20 bids bidpack hs123
BidYell: 20 bids bidpack Samlert
BidYell: 20 bids bidpack LittlePackage
BidYell: 20 bids bidpack putty
Godfather 2 PS3 game from bloo123456 Janyce16
DealWonders: 10 Credits zookeeper7
Dime-Divas: 30 DivaDimes Bbrimhall
GoBid: 50 bids bidpack sweetnesss
GoBid: 50 bids bidpack BidVee
GoBid: 50 bids bidpack MacGyver103
GoBid: 50 bids bidpack stewartfan
PennyJersey: 20 bids hobbitjean
PennyJersey: 20 bids jandbbrua
Wavee: 100 bids Shenanagins
Wavee: 100 bids pennyscoop
Wavee: 100 bids sandrajones81
Winnit: $100 Winnit Bucks angelducky
Winnit: $100 Winnit Bucks rocklin
Winnit: $100 Winnit Bucks jenesparza
Winnit: $250 Winnit Bucks CherryPop
Zoozle: 100 bids bidpack hushmouth
Zoozle: 100 bids bidpack wicked

We will be contacting all of the winners shortly and arranging prizes with giveaway sponsors.  Winners: Please do not contact the sites directly, we will arrange delivery of prizes.

For those of you that didn’t win stay tuned, we plan to offer many more contests in the future!

Would you like to sponsor prizes for the next Penny Auction Watch Giveaway? E-mail us!

Thank you,
Penny Auction Watch

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  • caveninit January 1, 2010, 2:24 pm

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  • eshopper January 1, 2010, 5:26 pm

    Woot! Congrats to all the winners and thank you to all the sponsors – those are some VERY generous prizes! But most most of all thanks to PAW for bringing us all together and keeping ’em honest. Looking forward to bidding and winning with all of you in 2010!

  • Bloo123456 January 2, 2010, 7:49 am

    thnx.. and hope u all liked the video 😛

  • boyfriendlikesbeer January 3, 2010, 3:01 pm

    Yay! Thanks PAW and congrats to all!

  • LittlePackage January 5, 2010, 6:38 am

    Yippie! Thanks so much for the prize and congratulations to the rest of the winners.


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