HSN Meets Penny Auctions

Think Home Shopping Network meets penny auctions, that’s what came to our mind when we saw the new entertainment shopping auction today.

Nevada based, on their about us page, tells us that their combined auction format, along with live streaming video, is a fresh approach to “Live Auction Entertainment and Live Shopping Online.” will feature 15 minute highlights interviews with manufacturers on their latest products up to five times a day in their state-of-the-art 5,000 sqft, production studio while their 7 hosting personalities describe the newest products streaming live on Internet video for customers to either bid on the auction site or go to their buy now site.

Bids on CrazyBidNow cost $0.60 each, with 3 free bids on registration.

They also have a Bid-to-Buy Option:

One of’s 7 hosts, Michael Bidwell tells us about their bid-to-buy option, users that don’t win an auction item can purchase the item for retail price minus bids spent within 24 hours of an auction’s end time.

They had a live broadcast earlier today for their grand opening, unfortunately we missed it, but they do have a recorded video right on top of their auctions.

Complete with a toll-free number, (1-888-The video starts out with the CBN Network’s Pure Elegance hour (jewelry and women’s accessories) host, Myree Kennedy, with enthusiasm the former image consultant sells a Black Tahitian Pearl Necklace retailing at $478.95, Myree first tells us that the necklace (1 of 5) is for sale at a discounted $65 then seconds later goes “crazy” and offers the pearl necklace for $27.00. She also offers a pair of $12,000(?) diamond earrings for $43.90 and a diamond bracelet for $17.

They do show 4,000+ ended auctions, but maybe those were for testing purposes?

Also of note:

Certain auctions have a reserve price. A reserve price is the lowest price at which an item can be won. If at the end of an auction the reserve price has not been met, no bidder wins the item and all bids are refunded in their entirety. Provider reserves the right to lower the reserve price at Provider’s sole discretion.

Have you tried Tell us about your experience in our penny auction forum!

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  • mickeywins February 19, 2010, 5:00 am

    i just won 3 items from crazybidnow yesterday and i sent them an email wondering when would they ship out the items, and unfortunantly i havent received any replies from them yet.

  • the lady March 30, 2010, 6:20 pm

    i would like to know what the shipping costs are for this website, can they sell this stuff so cheap because its going to be made up in the shipping costs?

  • Love to bid! April 1, 2010, 5:24 am

    I was on their site near the beginning and won some items at great deals. Most shipped but I received one incorrect item (DVD instead of Blu-ray) and haven't received another. Now they moved their site and my account does not show any of my old wins. No replies since initially saying they would ship out the correct item over 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have to say they maybe having growing pains but this has rapidly become a huge negative and a big reason why they won't get my business back unless there is some kind of fix. Lastly those like mickeywins who were on their site early on know that they have now changed to a SnagLo type of format with .01-.45 cent auctions and varying timers, not to mention forgetting to list any shipping prices on the new site. All in all not as good.


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