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Ok, it’s not exactly that kind of haggling. is a competitive shopping penny auction that InfoSpace Inc. (INSP-Seattle, WA) launched last November.

Bids on Haggle can be purchased in varying amounts ranging from 20 bids for $15 ($0.75/bid) to 600 bids for $330 ($0.55/bid), and users can e-mail support [at] haggle [dot] com to receive their first bid free.

Each bid increases the auction price by $0.10 and the clock by 15 seconds.

An all auctions are nailbiter auctions, meaning there’s no bid buddy/autobidding function.’s current Alexa Ranking is 68,199, with 177k unique monthly visitors according to

One of our forum members has successfully won items from Haggle, here’s what he has to say:

“Overall, I think Haggle is an excellent site. The merchandise is first-rate (I’ve won two iPods, a portable DVD player, a blu-ray player, a digital picture frame, some computer software programs, and numerous gift cards. I have kept a running tally of everything I paid in bids vs. the amounts I won, and I am up $63.65–oh boy–and I have about $1,000 in gift cards to spend. I hope to do better once I get on the site again because a lot of the losses occurred when I first got on the site (and tried for those stupid bid auctions).”

We spoke with one of Haggle’s representatives to find out why InfoSpace ( DogPile, WebCrawler, etc.) ventured into the entertainment shopping industry.

What got InfoSpace interested in penny auctions?

In the past year, we’ve been adding to our portfolio of owned and operated properties, and is another example of our commitment to grow revenue through launching new sites targeted at niche markets. We saw that there was strong consumer interest in competitive shopping  online, so our product development, engineering and design teams quickly responded and rapidly built yet another robust and stable Web product to expand our reach. Plus, looking at the auction sites already out there, we knew we could provide a great customer experience and successfully build a business for the long term.

What makes different from other competing auctions? provides Internet consumers with an opportunity to bid for great deals on top-of-the-line products through a secure site, while participating in an exciting online experience. Haggle’s clean design and clear functionality makes the site easy to navigate, allowing bidders to be more engaged in a hassle-free online shopping experience. Haggle also has a growing Facebook Fan base of more than 3,400 fans who actively engage with each other and are extremely responsive with great ideas for what they’d like to see and experience on the site. It’s fun for us to see the Haggle community build  and we listen and act upon what our Haggle users want. ( Haggle Facebook fan page ). Haggle members are able to bid and buy new, brand-name products – including electronics, appliances, high-end handbags, gift cards and much more – at a fraction of retail prices, with discounts frequently as much as 99 percent.

Take a look at this bid cost analysis published by a bidder of

The chart shows a total number of bids placed per day from launch to the first week of January when they issued their press release. Daily bids and user activity has increased exponentially since launch, 45,000 bids per day vs. under 1,000. Wow!

Please feel free to join our forum and tell us about your experiences with Don’t forget to enter our giveaway, it ends on March 1st and so far we have over 106 prizes!

20, 40, 75, 150, 300 or 600

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  • JaneTalksTech! February 21, 2010, 7:46 am

    Hi there!

    I actually won the laptop from Swoopo! 🙂 Here's the post about me getting the laptop from ( Thanks for your comments on my blog!



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