18,826 Penny Auctions, Really?

According to penny auction site, they show 18,626 ended auctions since December 30th, 2009.

But were the items on Joxed auctioned off to real people or bots? It is in our opinion that it appears they have autobidders (bots) shill bidding on their auctions. has a very low Alexa traffic ranking of 1,874,360 and hundreds-thousands of bidders bidding on their many items, there are currently 5 active items right now on Joxed.

Bidders name’s & bidding patterns are very bot-like, take a look at some of the usernames of bidders on

  • BigXtra,
  • slacker,
  • Dollarsandcents,
  • usherFan,
  • tomdean,
  • PenthouseGrl,
  • FarmBoy,
  • MsLucky,
  • SmileFace,
  • TowFistedBeerMan,
  • HectorTHEmexican,
  • HoldinSteady,
  • CherryHunter,
  • MrsFantastik,
  • MrBidzExpert,
  • PrisonMarried,
  • WelcomeHome,
  • NashvilleSWAT,
  • CajunQueenz.
  • PopcycleGrl,
  • GeorgiaPeach,
  • TonyBoy,
  • CactusJack,
  • GoofBall,
  • publicemy1,
  • ChasingGrls34,
  • RichHead,
  • IraqMom,
  • YoungMrB,
  • HolyCows,
  • BillardBoy,
  • HighwayMan,
  • RenoGirl103
  • and not exactly finally 8888888

The domain registrant for is private, but Joxed LLC is indeed a registered corporation in good standing in Kansas.

We did a Google search for Joxed and found a user asking whether or not it was a scam on the forum.

Here’s what the user said:

“ is another penny auction site. Has anyone every won anything on here? Most usernames on here seem to be computer generated with lots of numbers and letters that repeat or can’t be pronounced.  The stuff they offer versus their monthly page hits of 632 smells very fishy. They have more listings than swoopo and run 24 hours. I’ve seen a $1799 macbook air go for $1.54 not to mention a $3000 Nikon camera for $5.50. Sorry to say but every win looks like a website bot win. With real users getting taken in between start and ending bids.”

The owner of Joxed responded, here’s some of what he said, here’s the rest:

“For clarification purposes I will respond.

First, Joxed is averaging around 850,000 page views a day. I crack up laughing every time I see these ridiculous websites and their ‘traffic’ meters because they are ridiculous. My numbers are from Google Analytics and AWSTATS. We are crushing the numbers that BidCactus and Swoopo are ‘putting up.’ The fact of the matter is I know their numbers are false too. I shrug at a lot of that. I know our traffic crashed our servers (twice) causing several upgrades. You don’t do that with ‘bots.’

Interesting question. I am still trying to figure out what a bot is. I googled it to get a clearer definition, but nothing really made sense. We did purchase software that had the auction scripting, and we have also spent several thousand dollars hiring free lancers to completely customize it. I can say with absoluteness that we do not have ‘bots’. Random numbers and letters for names? Really, that’s what you are going to say is the indication for that? Holy cow my friend if that’s the case all poker sites are all bots, myspace are all spots, aol was all bots, yahoo is bots. In the reality of what you are suggesting every website ever created with users is all bots. It’s a ridiculous argument. We cannot control who creates names and to an extent what their names are. We will change names if they are offensive (which we have done.)

In the event you missed it, yes we have items go for far less than their actual value. Sure. That was really poor work on our end because we ran that auction in a non-prime time. That only assists you in your theory of ‘bots’ driving prices, right?

Here is the thing, we have received ZERO complaints about our site (except for the lag and crashed server.) ZERO. Not a singular complaint. Not one – from anyone. Why is this? Probably because we are not a scam. Want to know something interesting? Spent the morning talking to PayPal. They do this whole limitation thing (you can read all about it if you google it) because we were growing and growing and growing. I spoke with their specialist for about an hour. It took that long for them to remove any limits, if you ask PayPal which is widely considered to be top notch security they will tell you we are absolutely not a scam. How do they know? They have seen how we work, they have seen our insides.

How is that for credibility?

We were invited to the Mayor’s ball in the city we reside for the community work we do. Yes, there are scam sites out there I have no doubt. I feel horrible for those being scammed. It offends me that my company name is on this website, but that’s just a part of doing business.”

So’s owner insists that his penny auction is generating more traffic than BidCactus & Swoopo!? We don’t believe him. Estimated Worth $1255.6 USD

Title    Joxed | Auctions providing the most creative shopping solution of our time. ::
Description     Joxed | Auction
Daily Pageview    572
Daily Ads Revenue    $1.72

Alexa Traffic Ranking for


Sites linking in: 1

Bidcactus’ Alexa: 11,727

Sites linking in: 24’s Alexa: 10,564

Sites linking in: 356

Now let’s take a look at January 2010:

  • Bidcactus 1,039,024 unique visitors,
  • 412,530 unique visitors,
  • 2,825 unique visitors.

Now, we know that these statistics, if not directly measured can be a little bit off, but off by as much as is telling us?

“We are crushing the numbers that BidCactus and Swoopo are ‘putting up.”

We don’t think so.

Tell us about your experiences with and join our penny auction forum!

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14 comments… add one
  • eshopper February 21, 2010, 9:47 am

    Dammit. You've exposed my secret user name. Guess I won't be using PrisonMarried anymore! 😉

  • David February 22, 2010, 6:29 am

    Also says "US Patent Pending" at the bottom of the site. has the same written at the bottom of their site?

    • auctionwatcher February 22, 2010, 7:20 am

      Yes I noticed that.

  • Hermes February 22, 2010, 7:15 am

    850,000 page views ?? LOL this guy is genius

    Seinfeld better watch out cause this Joxed guy is really funny

  • carmelita21 May 4, 2010, 3:24 pm

    I also believe that this site is a scam.. after watching my bf spend over 1,000 bids on 1 single auction to keep getting outbid by totally random "users" that for some reason have 1 bid at a time in the auto bid program.. made totally no sense..hours later the auction is still going and same thing is now happening to someone else who is clearly a real person wasting their bids unexpectedly like my bf did earlier today…its just sad soo many people get ripped off on these sites when other sites are good and there is no way to tell until it happends.

  • Joseph Henderson June 20, 2010, 9:29 pm

    While I can appreciate the concerns of good and honest users due to postings on the sites like these, I can assure you that the claims made are outlandish and irresponsible. I am not entirely sure where a lot of these theories are coming from, but I can speak confidently when I say they are without merit. Allow me to respond directly to a few claims that were made.

    The idea that bots start and stop based on users starting to bid is completely ridiculous. There is a list floating about that detail possible bot names. I am unsure exactly how this was created or what the criteria is for it. These are people who are labeled bots based solely on how they selected their username. It is insulting to anyone’s intelligence to think that other people don’t pick odd names. I would just say if you think the names are bots because they are odd go to twitter and see who is posting. I think it’s easy to make wild claims because there is no a face associated with each name even though there is a person behind it.

    This is a competitive business. Websites are popping up every day trying to emulate what we are doing. We have been around since 2008. Swoopo and Joxed are the longest running sites. It’s easy years later for others to follow in our footsteps. It’s even easier to covertly post nasty things about us to gain an advantage. If research is done, it will be discovered who owns these forum sites. Other penny auction websites. Is it a conspiracy? No. It’s business. We choose not to post horrible things about other websites. It’s not how we do business. We believe in honor, respect, and truth.

    I have been asked if the stuff that is being said is untrue, where are all of your supporters? This is a fair question. The answer is simple. If you are having hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods mailed to your house, would you want to alert every thief on the internet about it? Real people are smart enough to stay safe. I would be alarmed if any user posted very many things because it’s too dangerous. I think we all know the ‘type’ of person who seeks out websites to post nasty things on them. I would just say that perhaps we would be better off considering the source.

    Finally, traffic. There is a lot to be said about it. I know what my traffic is. I get a report every morning. I know that there has yet to be a website who has reported these numbers with the slightest bit of accuracy. Why is this? We have inserted code to keep 3rd party websites out. Some are seeking basic traffic while others are trying to install malware, spyware, or worse. We do what we can to prevent this. Thusly, the reports that are generate have holes in them big enough to drive a vehicle through. If you are curious about our traffic, Google: See what comes up. Notice the sponsored ads. Why is Swoopo using as a keyword if we are not generating traffic that I claim? They know what traffic we have. They know what share of the market we carry. If you ever question our traffic, ask yourselves why all of these sites are riding our coat tails. Don’t get me wrong, we ride some of theirs too. Swoopo is a very successful outfit, and I have little nasty to say about them.

    We give free bid markers for new accounts. You are welcome to get in, try it for free. Once you give it a try you will either decide to continue to use us or to move along. If you choose to move along you have no wasted expense. We would hate to have any user on our site that is not comfortable with how the site operates. Also, we are constantly running promotions offering free bids with purchasing various bid marker packs. We are typically the only website offering this. We offer a greater discount on bids than just about anyone.


  • Your a bad lier August 22, 2010, 11:05 pm

    Did i hear you right? People google "Joxed" a lot? That is really funny.

  • David November 7, 2010, 9:03 pm

    I was just at, and there were 5 “bid buddies” bidding at the same time… then all of the sudden, every one of them stopped bidding at the same time, and one of them won. I do not know what the likelihood of 5 people setting their bid buddies to the exact same amount, but that seems fishy to me.

  • Nadine Zachary December 9, 2010, 10:24 pm

    I’ve been watching Joxed nearly every day lately. My son really wants an X-Box so I’ve been watching several sites, trying to decide where best to try for one. Joxed has been around, I’ve never heard specific complaints like anyone not getting their wins and such. Yes, people are funny and I’ve seen crazy things on penny auctions. But things just don’t look “right” on Joxed. Like 8-10 people using Bid Buddy, then a single bid sweeps in and wins. Did they all run out of bids at once? And I’m not talking about a one time incident. I want to try it so bad, I’d like to be wrong. But I/ll have to wait till someday when I have “extra” money lol.

  • Mayer December 16, 2010, 11:40 am

    I am not sure if they are a scam or not, i won some products on the site, but then again never has a iphone gone to $35 before i tried to bid on it, every 20 bids a new bidder showed up, it was just insanity,

    However i do believe that the way joxed auctions are running should keep everybody away, every bidder who bids it moves the clock 8 seconds, so it gives time for more and more users to join, and my advice NEVER EVER use bidbuddy on joxed, you will get creamed

  • LD January 10, 2011, 1:30 pm

    Does anyone else find it disturbing that in Joxed’s terms of use, under the clever subsection entitled “Disclaimer of Warranty and Liability” that Joxed specifically states that they are in no way responsible for the accuracy of their own information?
    A quote…(from the termas and conditions)

    “Neither Joxed, it’s affiliates nor any of their respective employees, agents, third party content providers or licensor’s warrant that Joxed will be uninterrupted or error free; nor do they make any warranty as to the results that may be obtained from use of Joxed, or as to the accuracy, reliability or content of any information, service, or merchandise provided through Joxed.”

    They are basically saying “trust us to be fair and honest, but its not our fault if we lie to you!!”

    Pure Crazymaking

  • Taylor10 July 22, 2011, 1:20 am

    I have bid on for quite sometime and am a legitimate single bidder. I have always received my products promptly without issue. Customer Service was quick to respond and very courteous. Recently, there was a change of hands and a new owner, who I had a lot of contact with under the “old” owner. She is very nice and honest and should do well. LMF

  • Taylor10 July 22, 2011, 1:21 am

    Please remove my real name from comment and put in Taylor10, Thanks LMF


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