to Auction Jeep Wrangler

Florida based penny auction will soon be running an exclusive auction for a 2010 Jeep Wrangler, the auction is only open to the first 600 bidders to place 30 bids to reserve a place in the auction. On this special penny auction, the timer will only increase in time by 5 minutes maximum, regardless of the number of bids placed once there are 5 minutes or less left on the auction clock. Also, the 2nd highest bidder will receive 500 bids back and the 3rd highest 200. The winner will not have to pay tax or delivery costs on their new Jeep.

Penny Auction Watch forum members have received items from Snaglo, please feel free to join the forum or comment here to share your experiences using Snaglo with penny auction bidders. If you decide to register on use our link for 10 Free Bids!

We recently interviewed the team of Snaglo to learn more about their penny auction.

What got you interested in the entertainment shopping industry?

We started snaglo in response to online shoppers searching for great deals and ways to save money.  Snaglo allows consumers to bid on top brand items for mere pennies and purchase them at steeply discounted prices, up to 98% off retail.

Snaglo is a US based company operating out of South Florida.  From the success we have seen with Snaglo, it shows that being able to buy products at such huge discounts with very little exposure is a market that was needed in the US.

How long has Snaglo been open?

We are in our 6th month of operation and have experienced continued growth and demand for our service.

What kind of items do you offer?  Do your auctions run on a schedule?

All Snaglo products are brand new, high end and are delivered in factory sealed original packaging. Products include electronics and accessories such as apple laptops and iPods, hd televisions, digital cameras, video games and consoles, blu ray movies, kindles, chargers.  We also offer recreational items and fashion accessories such as vacation packages, designer hangbags and gift cards.

Every hour between 10am-8pm and every half hour from 8pm-12am EST we introduce a new item which can be viewed up to 2 days in advance.
We also welcome products suggested by our registered users.

What are the timer increments between bids, and does this vary by auction?

When a bid is placed, the auction period is extended by 15 seconds. The shopper that placed the last bid when the auction period expires is the winner of the auction.  We are currently working on adding a time limit to the clock if multiple bids are placed at once. While the 15 second timer increment currently does not vary, depending on the auction, the item’s incremental price varies from 2 cents up to 24 cents.

Other featured auctions:   Exclusive auctions which only allow a set number of members to participate in them for a minimal entry fee. This auction method will give you a better chance to win, because you know exactly how many people are in the auction, and no new bidders can join the auction at a later time. Our new beginner auctions are for all members who have never won an auction before. These auctions will give our newer members a better chance of winning their first auction.

How much do your bids cost?

We offer bid packages of 50, 105, 220, 550 and 1200 bids.  The lowest package costs $0.75/bid with discounts up to $0.54/bid on higher packages.

What are your shipping costs? Also, how long does it usually take for users to receive their items?

We offer FREE SHIPPING on all of our products on, except for items which require freight shipping such as large screen tv’s.  The winner has two weeks to pay for the item and we ship items within 2 weeks of payment.

What states/countries are you open to?
We are currently open to residents of the continental United States. We are looking to expand into Canada and other countries in 2010.

What is your policy on bid refunds? issues refunds to customers who have not used any bids. Once a customer begins bidding they are no longer eligible to receive a refund on their bid purchases.

Do you enforce any win limits, limits /household?

We instituted a win limit of 12 items a month per account.

And lastly, is there a story behind the Snaglo name/theme?
Why Buy it, Just Snag It (at Low prices).

Thanks Snaglo!

Remember to tell us about your experiences with, and if you win the Jeep, let us know!

Disclosure: Links to are affiliate links, if you decide to sign up with Snaglo please use our link to help support Penny Auction Watch. Thank you!

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  • karag March 31, 2010, 11:59 pm

    JEEP auction starts today – april 1st!!!!


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