Valuable Penny Auction Bidding Tips

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We recently came across the blog of a penny auction bidder,  Jane was able to win a laptop on for $50,  but she didn’t start bidding on the HP Pavilion until 5 am.

Jane gives readers some valuable penny auction bidding tips that she learned from her experience bidding on Swoopo, she was kind enough to let us share her tips with you:

  • “Wee hours of the morning are the best time to place bids. Odds are only dedicated bargain hunters like yourself are up which is both heartwarming and troubling at the same time.
  • Seriously, focus on what item you absolutely want to win and bid only on that item.
  • I repeat, to avoid wasting time/money/bids, bid only on items you are deadset on wanting to have. Ideally, you want to win just 1 item so don’t be greedy and try to win 3 items at once. Chances are: someone else is deadset on winning that 1 item and you won’t get it if your heart is not in it.
  • Make sure you are absolutely committed to the task (after ensuring that you are only doing the bidding in the wee hours of the morning to weed out drive-by bidders) and that means putting your money where your bids are. You need to spend money to make money. In my case, was spending ~ $200 between Swoopo and Haggle worth winning a ~ $1399 laptop computer?
  • Bid smartly and plan to bid smartly. Wait until 3s to go before placing your bids. (Editor’s note: but don’t bid late!) Have your timer beside you to give you reminders to double-check on the auction. Sometimes, bidbutlers get into bidding wars that yank up the time. Initially, I was pissed, but I realized that because I was in the auction to win, I would do what it took i.e. wait the bidbutlers out! Because Swoopo has a great way to let bidders know if they’re getting ‘close’ to the auction’s end, I was able to have my finger on the trigger button and I quite simply won because I hit the “bid” button at the right time!”

Thanks Jane!

Please note that not everyone that buys bids is guaranteed to win on any penny auction site.

Please feel free to join our forum and share your penny auction bidding tips and experiences with us. Don’t forget to enter our giveaway, it ends on March 1st and so far we have 107 prizes!

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  • E-Shopper February 22, 2010, 7:47 am

    I lost one last night waiting too long, I was timing the “last chance” button and bidding at 2 seconds every time, it was only me and 2 other bidders so I figured the auction would end quick since this was a ‘no bid buddy’ allowed auction. My timing worked several times but just as I was getting into it I apparently waited a hair too long and the auction ended. I was more upset about looking like a wimp that is easy to beat than I was about losing the auction. LOL

  • sandra T November 2, 2011, 8:20 pm

    Article abouve about Swoopo I just looked it up & everything says its closed so I dont get the article

    • Amanda Lee November 3, 2011, 12:36 am

      Yesthe article was written before they shut down, it still applies to other penny auctions.


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