Our First Bidder’s Interview

We recently interviewed Ashley of DailyRunnerOnline.com, we found her article Online Auctions – Rip Off or Hot Deal?  In her blog she mentions the penny auction sites Swoopo, Bidrodeo and Beezid. Unfortunately Ashley was not able to win an item on penny auctions and felt that users on penny auctions don’t play fair with intimidating usernames.

“Speaking from Personal Experience
After $60 bucks and three months of bidding, I found out the hard way that these auction sites do not bid fair. The so-called “winners” on these sites are ruthless bidding mercenaries – I know firsthand. They go by names like “beware,” “biddinbandit,” “Usadevil,” and “Kamikazebidder.” And, from what I can tell, their livelihood revolves around out-bidding any and all bidders within their auction wars. Seriously, take my advice. Do not bid unless you are prepared to bid to the death. “

Can you tell us how you found penny auctions?

I found out about penny auctions while searching online for a cheap Wii console system. I saw an advertisement for BidRodeo listed at the bottom of a technology forums site. I clicked the ad, and within two days I became a Bidrodeo member.

Have you been lucky enough to win any items?

Unfortunately, I have never won any items. I have tried several times though, bidding on cameras, digital frames, plasmas, scooters, gift cards, wii game consoles, laptops and bidding packages. Despite my many attempts, other experienced bidders, especially those using bid buddy/bid butler, have always bested me.

Out of Swoopo, Bidrodeo and Beezid which site is your favorite?

Well, the first bidding site I came across was Bidrodeo. It was not until about a month later that I found out about other bidding sites like Swoopo. At first, I liked Bidrodeo because it did not seem to have as many bidders, which made me think I had a better chance of winning. The downside was that Bidrodeo did not have nearly as many auctions as Swoopo. All in all, I would have to say that I like Swoopo the best. Although I have not bid on it as much, Swoopo offers more more auctions and more items than Bidrodeo. As for Beezid, I have never used it.

Thank you Ashley! Are there any tips that you would like to give Ashley (and others) so that she can win an item on a penny auction site?

Are you a penny auction bidder that would like to tell us about your bidding experiences? Please contact us for a bidder’s interview!

Thank you!

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