Have You Bid on PennyPrize.com?


Maybe you remember reading our article where we request an explanation from the sites where we have found what seems to be evidence to suggest that a large number of penny auctions, all of which are running on the PHPPennyAuction.com script, were/are shill bidding. If you haven’t read it please do as it will help you understand why we believe that some penny auctions have fake bidders.

Each time we see a penny auction running on a script platform that we know has the ability to set up fake bidders (bot bidders) to hold reserves, we raise our eyebrows.

Here’s a new one that we just found an ad for today: PennyPrize.com, now since we do not know for certain whether or not this site does have the bot bidding reserve script switched on we can tell you that from our experience watching and bidding, that in our opinion something does not seem right.

A look at the 8,489 closed auctions will show you that many of the auctions have closed at a fairly low end price, but we wanted to ask PennyPrize.com whether or not all of their hundreds-thousands of bidders are real?

Their Alexa Traffic ranking: a very low 4,331,612.


Websiteoutlook.com Estimate: Pennyprize.Com Estimated Worth $554.8 USD

Title PennyPrize.com Entertainment Shopping | pennyprize.com »
Daily Pageview 253
Take a look at the similarities in a few of their bidder’s names:

  • SushyMini
  • PatTwilight
  • JessieRay
  • JeremBoy
  • TanzaniteDlr
  • SwipeTerrific
  • VampOBal
  • RockRoyal
  • CougarWarrior
  • LemonLover
  • jeremyblack
  • heathrobinson
  • fredjackson
  • JenniferLowe
  • jenniferlee
  • PurpleRain8
  • KingFish1
  • merlotlover
  • guitarhero
  • crazyneed

Not only do fake bidders (that is if those bidders are indeed fake) drive us crazy, some penny auction site’s marketing tactics really annoy us.

From PennyPrize.com’s about page:

“Penny Prize was launched in January, 2010. Penny Prize is the BEST of all web-based auction experiences that combine the excitement of entertainment with the convenience and value of online shopping.”

Now,  of course this is subjective, a countless number of penny auctions lay claims to being the best penny auction, the best online auction, and overall just #1, I suppose puffing is not exactly wrong but who actually believes that?

Penny Prize, Inc. is a registered corporation in the state of North Carolina.

Take a look for yourself and let us know what your thoughts & experiences have been with PennyPrize.com. We value your feedback and need your help to weed out the bad penny auctions from the legit ones.  Join our penny auction forum!

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