Jackinabid to Give Away 1 Million Bids

Soon to open UK based penny auction site Jackinabid.com The Penny Auction with a Secret, is giving away a total of 1 Million Bids, all users have to do is sign up before July 31st and then they will receive 5 free bids when Jackinabid opens.

Don’t you just love their design? Very unique!

jackinabid giveaway

Read our interview with Jackinabid to learn more, but you’ll have to wait until July 24th to find out what their secret is, even we can’t tell you.

Penny Auction Watch: What got you interested in the entertainment shopping industry?

Jackinabid: The founder of our business has worked in the leisure industry for much of his career and came across the concept about 18 months ago. He saw the increase in popularity of Penny Auctions and felt that there was an opportunity for a new business aimed at the UK market.

Penny Auction Watch: What makes your penny auction site unique? When will you open?

Jackinabid: All along we have felt that it is very important to bring something new to the market.  However it has to be something that has value to customers and that people will love.  The website will have a number of exciting features that will make it feel very different to other websites already in existence. We want the users of the Jackinabid website to have a lot of fun and to keep coming back.   At this stage, though, we do not want to reveal our secrets! The full website goes live on 31 July.  In the meantime, we are giving away one million free bids to people who register with Jackinabid before 31 July. We have a mini-website set up at www.jackinabid.com where you can sign up for the free bids now.  But as for the big reveal? I’m afraid you’ll have to wait!

Penny Auction Watch: What kind of items do you have lined up?  Will your auctions run on a schedule?

Jackinabid: We will offer a wide selection of consumer products, at a broad range of prices, aimed at both male and female users. These will include leisure, sport and hi-tech items. We shall keep our product range fresh and will have a good variety of auctions for users to choose from.

Penny Auction Watch: What will the timer increments between bids be and will this vary by auction?

Jackinabid: The timer increments will vary from auction to auction. Typically, they will be 2 minutes or less.

Penny Auction Watch: How much will your bids cost?

Jackinabid: We will offer a range of bid packages with the bid price reducing with the greater volume of bids purchased. Our package prices will be displayed on the website. The average price at launch will be about 65p. We will change the prices from time to time and will have promotional deals on a regular basis.

Penny Auction Watch: What will your shipping costs be?

Jackinabid: Shipping costs will be clearly displayed on the website in respect of each auction. They will vary depending on the weight and size of the product to be shipped. The website will be open to customers in the United Kingdom.

Penny Auction Watch: Do you plan on having  any win limits, limits /household?

Jackinabid: No, we do not intend to have any limits on the numbers of times, or the quality of auctions, that anyone can win.  However we do have plans in place which will help to reward loyal customers, not just those who win auctions.  Jackinabid will be a really inclusive experience.

Penny Auction Watch: Is there a story behind the JackinaBid name & theme?

Jackinabid: We took a long time before choosing this name. We want the website to be a fun and innovative experience for our users and we feel that the name Jackinabid captures this.  This isn’t just another template type bidding website so the name had to underpin the concept.  When the website is launched we hope that it’s clear why the name works so well.

Penny Auction Watch:  Thanks Jackinabid! Is there anything else that you would like to tell our readers?

Jackinabid: We have a strong sense of business integrity and want our users to soon become very comfortable with the customer service we offer. We also want our customers to enjoy the experience within Jackinabid and grow to feel a real affinity with the website.  We really want Jackinabid to be an adventure for people which has longevity and substance.  We’re fully committed to creating a great auction website.

jackinabid auctions

Discuss Jackinabid in their sponsored forum, thanks Jackinabid!

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