BIDMOS Gave Us 1000 Free Bids

UPDATE: We just heard today (6/10/2010) that an ex- PAW forum member “DTK” sold pirated software to Bidmos, we banned DTK a few months ago because script developers told us he was distributing stolen software.

We just received this interesting direct message on Twitter: bidmos: Get 1000 Free Bids only in (, so we went over and checked BIDMOS out with Firebug, what’d we find? Well what do we think we’ve found? Bidders without e-mail addresses, what could this mean? It is of our opinion that this could mean that BIDMOS has bot bidders (computer generated bidders set up to hold a reserve or to just bid against you). What’s Firebug & what are bots?


Check out BIDMOS’ About Page:

“BIDMOS is an exciting new online auction service founded in 2005.
The domain was purchased May 15th, sorry BIDMOS you’re not Swoopo.
BIDMOS has an efficient, entrepreneurial organisation geared towards giving our members optimal customer service.
We work with our customers worldwide and use only well-known, secure payment solutions such as PayPal and Credit Card.
We have a customer support team that works in every language, this means that you can write us in your native language, althought we will always reply in English.
We are always open to suggestions for how to improve and develop our service, website and product range. Our customer support team is always happy to hear your comments.
We are here for you!
The BIDMOS team”’s registrant is listed as located in the US, but the site isn’t, it’s hosted on a server in Germany:


Guess we needed those 1,000 free bids… ?

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