Alleged Shill Reviews & Possibly Bidding

In the UK penny auction section of the Penny Auction Watch Forum we found this comment by user megule,

megule  Junior Member  Join Date: Jun 2010 Posts: 2

“Hay ya guys.We all know that at the moment there are so many different penny auction websites on the Internet, that’s why sometimes we are confused, because we simply don’t know which is the best one and not the scam one. Well, I can say that I spend pretty much money on websites like, and others, but I have never won anything. After long hours spent at the PC screen and lost money, I just felt frustrated with these websites. When I was about to forget all these penny sites and never make a look on any kind off site like these, my friend offered me to check, as it has been the new penny auction site. So I checked it. The quality of site looked really nice as well as the huge range of different prizes like cars, cameras, ipod’s, iphone’s, money and many more. Despite that I was disappointed with previous penny sites, I decided to try my luck the last time. And I won!!! I won an Iphone, it was so hard to believe in that, but I won. I am really happy with my winning. That made me thinks more about Penny Auction, Iphone,3G, Ipod, Macbook, PS3, Samsung, LCD, win cash,BMW : ebidshopper.I can say that exactly Ebidshopper looks great site. I have no idea what you will think about it, I just wanted to share my opinion. Take care”

It’s of our opinion, based on the IP addresses in our administration panel of our forum that Megule is someone with, see IP addresses. Both IP addresses for user Ebid4Cash and user Megule are the same:

ebid4cash ip

Then, in the thread that shills have been called into question, there’s a user “Habib86” who has left a gleaming review,

Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 1
Ebidcash.. Its good. I am winning.
Hi – I am winning , it took me while to get the grips with it.
But I cannot complain, out of £40.00 Bids I won around £350.00 so far.
It s not scam for sure or would not use it… I know a few that are.
The Bot or ‘cashbutler is easy to use, I set my bids and watched TV and won cash!!
But you cannot please anyone.
The Paypal is a secure too if Ebid4cash does not pay.
If you look at bidoncash, they do not even have any palpal in place.
It prooves ebid4cash is legite for sure. The stats show thye have false users and know way have they paid out $450.000 in 45 months.
A new site ebid4cash will payout say $1000 per week. As it makes more sense and you acn see there group of hardcore players on it.
But I play it and some my pals now, so its the strongest person that wins.
Looks like we just have couple of sore loser above ……LOL”
IP address for Habib86:, though not the same IP address when using GEO IP locator software we found that both IP’s for Ebid4Cash and Habib86 are located in the UK.
What do you think is going on here?

Post your experiences and penny auction reviews in the forum!

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  • Greg August 28, 2010, 4:13 pm

    As said bidoncash is scam site


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