Penny Auction Watch Meeting with the Team!

Bigdeal‘s CEO Nicolas Darveau-Garneau was gracious enough to invite us to their office in San Francisco this past Friday where we met with some of the BigDeal team (7 of 15) and spoke with Nick about BigDeal and the penny auction industry.

We discussed BigDeal’s progress, and Nick told us that BigDeal has been rapidly growing in popularity and has a pretty satisfied customer base. In case you didn’t know, BigDeal not only provides a “buy it now” option where users can apply already placed bids to purchasing the item at a competitive retail price, they also have a rewards store where users can apply Loyalty Bucks, bids purchased to receive a discount on dozens of popular items from games to jewelry, small appliances, computers and more.

BigDeal has plans to grow much larger in the near future. We asked Nick a frequently asked question by penny auction bidders – why they removed the “buy it now” option from items such as gift cards and iPad’s. He told us that they just aren’t able to get the large volume of items like the iPad that their customers demanded and gift card & bid pack auctions may never end with this option available, but users are still able to apply the full value of bids placed on items towards purchasing them.

As some of you may know, BigDeal launched about 8 months ago and has received two rounds of VC funding, they are growing significantly, but have yet to make a profit (prospective site owners: it’s not as easy as you think!).  Just recently they added a Facebook connect feature so that users can connect their accounts to their Facebook profiles and show their full names next to their usernames, this was done to further demonstrate their transparency and make it the site more user friendly.

Overall, Nick is excited for the future of BigDeal and continues to provide a unique, exciting, and positive user experience.

Now for a tour of BigDeal’s office:'s Office

The Team Busy at Work!

BigDeal's Boardroom

Bigdeal Brandon Ramsey

BigDeal’s Co-founder & CTO Brandon Ramsey at work on exciting new updates (TBA!) Offices

We’d like to thank BigDeal for giving us the opportunity to meet them!

The Golden Gate Bridge

(Yes, we did walk across The Golden Gate Bridge :))

Discuss and review your experiences with BigDeal in our penny auction forum!

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