Moloyo to Launch Soon Exclusively to PAW Members

Next month, startup Moloyo will be opening it’s doors to the public.

One of our forum members, Rob, recently gave us the opportunity to browse around and test drive his new site. Developed over the past eight months, Moloyo is completely original (two thumbs up for creative design) and will provide a never-seen-before user experience.

Rob didn’t want me to divulge too many details just yet, but we can say that it does have many features never before seen in our genre. Potentially a game-changer, it opens the playing field, giving users options that, up to this point, did not exist on any penny auction sites.

Since everyone has been so friendly and helpful on the Penny Auction Watch forum, he says, it’s time for him to give something back.

In early September,  only PAW members and readers will be given an exclusive invite to join Moloyo and only people who register with this promo code will be allowed into the site. The site will be fully functional, but it will also be a testing phase for Rob and the rest of Moloyo’s team to iron out any issues.

Then, in late September, Moloyo will be running a contest on Facebook and Twitter to promote the official launch of the site, at which time the site will become open to the public. PAW users who do become members of Moloyo will still be allowed to enter the contest. Visitors to Moloyo during this period will be able to see the site and any of it’s public pages, but without the promo code, they cannot register. The only other way to get the promo code, other than right here on PAW, is to enter the official Moloyo launch contest.

Users can follow updates on @Moloyo on Twitter. Rob assures me that there will be many surprises and features to unveil to everyone in the PAW community, so stay tuned!

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