The “#1 Surplus Auction Website,” Really?

Is penny auction site really the “#1 Surplus Auction Website?” Take a look at this SwipeBids landing page that shows photos of warehouses of “overstock + warehouse surplus,” then right between these images watch the video, from the video: “Police auctions are now going way beyond cars, big bargains backed by cops are now just a mouse click away.. Welcome to the warehouse behind the website that let’s users bid against everything from jewelry to electronics…From law enforcements depts across the US, they save time and money by using the site to run the auctions online & they get a cut.”- We’re not even sure which video Jeff Lennox is talking about because that part has been left out, why SwipeBids? What makes SwipeBids the “#1 Surplus Auction Website?”

If you look below the video you’ll see small print that reads “These are auctions in the news, we are not affiliated with this video,” they’re not affiliated with the video but why are they even using this video? When the video plays and users have already scrolled down, are they really going to read the disclaimer?

Does SwipeBids really offer items from “overstock surpluses and warehouse closeouts?”

For months now we’ve received comments & e-mails from hundreds of SwipeBids users reporting that they did not realize they would be charged a $150 fee and any recurring fees (PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, read over everything before you give ANYONE your credit card number!). Many users report never receiving items won, we’ve even reported on who we think is behind SwipeBids, someone who has thousands of complaints behind his name for his online businesses. What do you think is going on here? We think their marketing techniques are unethical and the sheer number of complaints is just increasing.

Let us know what your experiences have been with SwipeBids.

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