Some Penny Auction Bidders Are Bullies!

Lewd and malicious remarks and implied threats are being sent out by some less-than-ethical penny auction bidders.

If you’re a regular reader or forum member [join!], you probably know just how much we dislike dishonest penny auction site operators and just how many that are out there. Yes, there are so many more that we don’t even know about yet and it’s very disheartening. But did you know that there are some questionable penny auction bidders that not only form collusive “tag teaming” or “truce” type groups, there are also bidders that obtain other bidder’s e-mail addresses or other forms of contact information, and send them threats while they’re bidding against them?

Just this past weekend a PAW forum member received the following message via e-mail from another bidder on BidRodeo, which said, “Back off hogging all the auctions. I am going after the 200/200 cool?”

Another member had also received an e-mail from a fellow bidder who along with name calling, demanded they get off of “their auction.”

Coincidentally, both of these bidders have been banned from the Penny Auction Watch forum for having broken our rules for some time now.

We’ve also heard from another penny auction site that bidders were utilizing their Facebook page to send threats to other bidders.

What do you think penny auction sites should do about these users?

Discuss this and other penny auction related topics in our forum!

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  • letsplay August 31, 2010, 9:13 am

    I think that these sites that have added "Facebook sign-in" have opened a can of worms. You can now clearly see thier photo and do a facebook search of thier name when you see them bidding on an auction. These sites are only hurting themselves, and bringing upon them conspiracys and threatening words between users…this is a very disastrous thing. Users FULL NAMES are being posted before thier username.

    I had thought of a site where you could actually send on an instant messanger ONLY "pre-stated" messages like "keep on trying" and " I won't Give UP!" or " I have more bids" and calling it something like BIDSMACK!.com but it's probably already taken. Users would only be allowed to post one message per 10-20 bids they spend to keep from the over abundance of-

    I won't give up!

    I won't give up!

    I won't give up!


    thus the frustration of the bidder will place more bids to get another message across, (Good thing being the owner of the site)

    You should never be allowed to post you full names or even phone numbers as a username.

    I wouldn't even place blame on the users, It's the sites that are asking for it by trying to get more users by using and free-loading off the social networking sites. Greed can get the best of us. There are other ways to get your name out there and get referrals, not by creating a possible conjuntion of many bidders working together.

    I wish I knew a Programmer with my ideas…

    *I have never attempted to message a user regarding "truces" or "threats"


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