ABCPennyAuction’s New Ownership

abcpennyauctions is now back with a new owner. Armed with 20+ years of customer service experience & having owned and operated retail business, Frank Grimes of Pennsylvania has written to tell us that he has purchased ABCPennyAuctions and is excited to run a legit penny auction. Items are already up for bidding now, gift cards, and ABC officially re-opens on October 4th.

Here’s what Frank told us,

“Well where do I begin, probably best to answer the question I have been asked a lot lately by family & friends. “Why
this, why Penny Auctions”?  I can answer in one sentence, “I got hooked when I won my first auction with Quibids, I won a Lowe’s $50 gift card for $1.31 with bids invested, the total was $28.31”. Then I started doing the research, and I was amazed at how many sites were out there but also equally amazed at how many were fly by the night operations and now out of business. I saw Cheryl’s site for sale and started to correspond with her and was very impressed with her style and commitment to customer service and it’s a shame
that she had a bad programmer, but Cheryl and I had the same idea, provide a great site, with great, actually impeccable customer service and great bargains. But more importantly, in this industry, a site that is honest, has integrity, and would never do anything dishonest, immoral, or even the slightest bit illegal.”
ABCPennyAuctions can still be reached by dialing 1866-Penny Auction.

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