VacationforPennies Giving out Free Prizes to Beta Testers

On September 1st, soon to open ran a beta test and was the first penny auction site we’ve seen to give out the most real prizes during beta testing totally free bids to their users using totally free bids

We were pretty amazed to see what was won:

  1. Apple iPod Touch – Winner – betatester01
  2. Samsung Unlocked wi-fi cell phone – Winner – BetaTesterLuig
  3. Apple iPad 16GIG – Winner – Beta Tester 200
  4. Swim with Dolphin Tickets. Official winner was – betatesterleefj
  5. iPod nano 8GIG – Winner – BetaTester119
  6. $25 Visa Gift Card – Winner – betatestervalea
  7. Coach Poppy handbag – Winner – Malinda
  8. I-Mobile Car MP3 Player – Winner – betatestermadame
  9. I-Web Tablet computer – Winner – BETA TESTER PRO
  10. $25 Visa card.- Winner – BETATESTERcoffee
  11. Able Planet’s Headphones – BetatesterGAGA –
  12. Canon PowerShot Camera – Winner – Betatester666

Want to try out penny auctions for free? Join our forum and watch for new sites to post beta testing requests! VacationforPennies plans to open on or around September 23rd and plans to change software based on the problems experienced in the test on September 1st, there will be another beta test on September 16th and free prizes will also be awarded to winners, if you are interested in participating check out the thread in our forum.

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