UK Penny Auction Flutteroo Adds Free Play Auctions

If you’re a penny auction bidder in the United Kingdom are you one of the 100,000+ registered bidders of the UK based penny auction site

Just this week Flutteroo announced “Free Play” auctions. Flutteroo’s free play auctions allow users a chance to bid with a limited number of free bids to get better acquainted with their site/penny auctions for free.

“Our Free Play auctions are also proving incredibly popular with our new bidders too. There’s no better way to learn how our auctions work than to try them. While some other companies may give away a free bid or two, we actually let customers experience a complete auction and give them the chance to really learn what Flutteroo is about. All without using a single bid they have bought. It really is a complete game-change for our new bidders and so much better than anything else we have seen on the market. We don’t need to explain anything, we just ask people to try these auctions and they get it. Instantly.”-Dave Hobday, CEO of Flutteroo

Flutteroo says they’ve raised over one million pounds in first round funding. Read our interview with Flutteroo.

Don’t forget to join our forum to learn more about penny auctions!

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  • Anthony October 25, 2010, 5:12 am


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