Participate In a University Study on Penny Auctions

Cornell University, with Florida State University & the University of Western Ontario, is currently performing a study on penny auctions and would like to invite Penny Auction Watch readers/members to participate. The main goal of the study is to understand users thoughts & feelings of penny auctions.

“Basically, we will ask that you collect 8 images (via Google Images etc.) that relate to your thoughts and feelings about penny auctions.

Then we would like you to participate in a one-on-one interview where we discuss why you selected those images.

The length of the interviews vary depending on how much you have to say, but we generally advise participants to budget one hour to complete the interview.

Also, we would like to use Skype to conduct the interviews. This will allow us to record the interview audio for analysis and also share our computer screens so we can look at the images together. We will not be using video so a web cam is not needed. If you don’t have Skype, that’s ok. We can still do the interview over a regular phone.

The product of this study will be an journal article describing the penny auction phenomenon from the user’s viewpoint.”

For more information you can visit Cornell University Research Study or contact Michael Giebelhausen at mdg234[at]

Check out our previous article with links to scholarly papers on penny auctions.

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