Intimidation Tactics by Way of Facebook Connect

A few days ago we asked the question of whether or not social media with penny auctions is a good idea, the majority of our members say that it’s not a good idea and can facilitate collusion, another says it’s impossible to collude due to the large volume of bidders. Now, today while on a penny auction site that has Facebook connect we made an interesting observation.  With Facebook connect the site will display the user’s Facebook profile picture next to their username, this particular user made their profile picture a TinyUrl link to their Twitter page, why would they want to do that? Well, take a look at their Twitter profile:

Their Bio: I’m a BigDeal Pro! You’d better quit my auctions to save your time and your dollars coz I’m bidding till the end. Have a doubt? check the past MacBook auctions!! Their Twitter name? Their username.

It’s apparent that this user has applied intimidation tactics as well as the “bid to win” strategy to their bidding, does it always work? No, but there are bidders who do this so often that it becomes profitable for them, but try going against someone else who is “in it to win it” you’ll either lose, pay retail or maybe win if their connection dies? 🙂

What do you think of this social media stunt, a great idea, or sneaky & unethical?

Happy Bidding!

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  • Bid-Zilla December 6, 2010, 9:26 pm

    I’ve mentioned this to an auction site and they just brushed it off. I told them it would lead to people cheating and collaborating with friends and relatives. It’s definitely going to be unethical and in the end penny auctions sites will lose their credibility and people will probably just stop using them. In the end, the auction site will be forced to use shell bidding to stay in business. They went along with their social media plans anyway.


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