BidFire Introduces Chiller Auctions

  • SumoMe is a unique penny auction site based around the fire theme. Recent bidders are displayed by their username & avatar (which can be user customized for 1 free bid) in the campfire section. BidFire awards bidders by giving them fireballs, the rewards store currency on BidFire.

The more bids a bidder spends when they don’t win an item go towards fireballs that can be redeemed for items in the Fireball Store which includes the same items as are in BidFire auctions.
bidfire store
Recently BidFire introduced Chiller auctions to allow bidders who have yet to win an item of $450 or more. The most recent chiller item ended for $0.09 (9 total bids) it was for a $250 Visa gift card.


A few months ago we told you about their Stand Up for Kids Charity Auction which included the opportunity to record a song with Switchfoot, here’s the video testimonial for that auction:
Bidfire donated $10,000 to StandUp for Kids:

Charity Auction Winner from BidFire on Vimeo.

PAW members have won & received items from BidFire. Discuss, play games for free bids and ask questions about BidFire in the BidFire sponsored forum section of our forum. Thanks BidFire!

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