E-mail Address Leak Reveals Usernames

thief stole merchandise scamUpdate 2/7: PennyTarget has posted an explanation, they tell us that the two users with the @pennytarget emails were real, paying users.

Just in from our forum member Rexter65, has leaked e-mail addresses of their customers by failing to BCC when sending a newsletter, but that’s not all –  3 of the e-mail addresses in the leaked list are at


2 PAW members state that they believe they’ve bid against both Jansays and Notyours.

Enough IS enough!

PennyTarget’s e-mail was to inform members of the following,

“First off let me say that we are very sorry for being down this long. The good news though is we found out what the issue was with our server. We had a “Ghosting” effect from the multiple programs that we have tried. So our server has been re-provisioned (re-formatted) and our script is being reinstalled now. We will have the site up tomorrow and open back up Saturday.” penny auction

Join the penny auction forum, we’re a wonderful community of penny auction bidders who are sick and tired of being ripped off by dishonest penny auction site operators!

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