’s Top A+ Pick: Foopile, But Who Owns ReviewaPenny?

We recently found the penny auction “review site” ReviewaPenny claims that their “Top Penny Auction Pick” is stating,

“These guys have been around for awhile and are reliable. They don’t have as many members as some of the other sites, so you can often catch a better deal. You can feel safe bidding here and they have has many great reviews in the past.”

They also list the following sites under other, and rate each accordingly: Swoopo A-, DealDash A-, SwipeAuctions B+, Beezid B+. was created: 05 Feb 2011 22:54:37.

Penny Auction Watch members have had successes on FooPile, but should be referring to as “they/these guys”  and giving them a gleaming A+ rating?

Take a look at the Whois registrant e-mail addresses for both and

Both share the same e-mail address foopile – at –

foopile whois


What do you think is going on here?

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  • lovemenot February 8, 2011, 12:32 am

    I dont know Amanda Whats going on here, are you fishing here or what? Who owns PAW? No one really knows that either.

    Not sure why you go after every little site that comes up as if its some conspiracy and then you hope its bad so you can get what ever satisfaction from it. Maybe this site is just copying PAW or wanting to make some income on the side, doesn’t mean something is wrong does it? Pointing out domains, alexa rankings etc doesn’t mean a whole lot. Sure it seems fishy but if we looked at your other sites that in the past have different names but you use this site as your main site only means that you are smart with SEO and building rankings and traffic. Does this mean we should all ask you whats going on here? My answer would be NO!

    Why dont you do stories on all the sites that advertise on this site, and write why you think consumers complain about penny auctions in general, including those that advertise on this site, and there advertising history, BBB complaints, online complaints. Is it because they lose, or because the site sucks, or what else it could be, Why do people chargeback, where is consumer responsibility, How many penny auction sites are there, etc etc.

    Would love your opinion on it all

    • Amanda February 8, 2011, 10:44 pm

      Love you too!

    • Amanda February 9, 2011, 12:31 am

      Uh the fact is FOOPILE owns the review site and the review site says FOOPILE is #1? There’s a BUNCH of sites that do this, the world is full of scam artists.

  • Nadine Zachary February 14, 2011, 3:03 am

    …and your point is??? IF foopile is putting out ReviewaPenny, I guess I’d say they are advertising, hardly a crime. Not the first to say they are the best. What could be worse than the fake news articles used by some of the larger well-known auctions? foopile used to be slow shipping, don’t know right now, I haven’t bid there recently. Besides that, I’d give them A+. I think they are one of the most honest sites, bids are very reasonable, the site is user friendly and I’ ve never seen or even heard of timer issues. I only have one questions, is SwipeAuctions kin to or part of Swipebids because it sure looks like it. If so, then the only crime I see hear is giving SwipeAuctions B+.


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