Stamping, Jumping and Other Penny Auction Faux Pas

penny auctions confusing

Jumping, stamping aka tagging, throttling, imposters, powerbidding and respect have all come to be popular penny auction terminology.

New members come on the forum and say they don’t want to be seen as a jumper and they ask what they can do to earn “respect.” This is not how penny auctions were intended to be played and if all users adhered to these faux pas all penny auction sites would be out of business and bidders would have no chance of getting any deals.

Quite frankly we’re not even sure when these terms began or who initially coined them, but they’ve become quite popular and for all the wrong reasons.

Penny Auction Terms Defined:


Stamper, synonymous with tagging, v.: A bidder who thinks they can get any item they want as long as they’re the first bidder to express interest, sometimes hours other times days  in advance by placing a bid.

Penny auctions are extremely competitive, you can get lucky you might just get an item with one bid, that would make it worth it to place the first bid but just because you placed the first bid does not mean the item is yours.
Jumper, v: Any bidder who wasn’t lucky enough to be one of the first “stampers.” Jumpers are disdained by many and sometimes reap the wrath of the stamper or stamper’s buddies when payback time comes, aka “revenge.”
In penny auctions there’s only one winner, the last bid wins, so bid whenever you want and as often or as little as you want. You never know when someone’s computer will go out or when they will run out of bids, fall asleep or spill coffee on their keyboards. Penny auctions were intended to go on for hours, if not days.
Imposter, n.: Any bidder who takes another bidder’s username whether deliberately or unknowingly to “benefit from someone elses ‘reputation’.” If you do this be prepared to get cleaned out by user who thinks they own (TM) rights to the username or one of their buddies.
Penny auctions are a virtual environment, no one really knows who they are bidding against, male/female, old/young, rich/poor, just because you see a name, don’t assume that this name is the same bidder seen on another penny auction site.
Respect, v.: Respect, by some users, has been come to be known as a mode by which a user thinks they are entitled to win any item they “stamp” after they’ve spent a large sum of money and/or a large # of forum posts with the same username. I.e, “If you don’t bid against me, I won’t bid against you!”
Is this a good ol’ boys club? “If you don’t bid against me, I won’t bid against you.” This is NOT acceptable on PAW!
bid throttling
Throttling, v.: Consistent pressing of the bid button as soon as the throttler is outbid. A mode of intimidation so that the throttler can try to save money and win items for much less than retail. Fastest trigger finger – these users can easily blow 1,000 bids in 10 minutes on a $20 gift card.
This is not always wise because as you’re blowing hundreds-thousands of bids there are others waiting until 2 for you to run out of bids and win.
Powerbidder, n.: Any bidder who spends $5,000 on a $50 Wal-Mart gift card ok, [maybe – not exactly but you get the point] in an effort to win other items for less than retail.
Intimidation is NOT Acceptable!
We have been falsely accused of not enforcing the forum rules fairly, and will reiterate that these terms and mode of intimidation (i.e. respect/stamping) are not acceptable on our forum and warnings are sent and moderation is done when I become aware of these posts. Just because we are not able to see every post as soon as they are posted does not mean that we show favoritism and don’t care.
Collusive behavior, respect, stamping and throttling have all been known to shut down penny auction sites.
To learn more about penny auctions feel free to visit our Penny Auction Forum, membership is free! 🙂
Photo Credits:
Jumping CC  Some rights reserved by jamesjyu
Stomping CC Some rights reserved by Skley
PowerBidder CC Some rights reserved by edgaa

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