iTicketBid Still Owes Users Items, Lots of Items

pony expressAccording to recent forum posts, it’s been months now and penny auction site has yet to fulfil shipments of items to multiple consumers.

Take a look at some of the recent posts:

All of these items were won by one user:

05/10/11 Cyborg R.A.T. Gaming Mouse $10.57
05/08/11 $100 Marriott Gift Card $7.16
05/07/11 TomTom GPS $13.08
05/07/11 Home Gym $62.07
05/02/11 Black & Decker Leaf Blower $14.07
04/26/11 $50 Gift Card any one: Maggiono’s-Chili’s-On The Border-Macaroni Grill $4.03
04/21/11 Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera $8.00
04/20/11 Compact Portable Generator $12.10
04/20/11 50 Bonus Bids $2.08
04/19/11 Black & Decker Starter Set Power Screwdriver, Cut Saw, Flashlight $12.63


04/17/11 BeerTender $22.12
04/15/11 $100 Target Gift Card $8.15
04/14/11 Sony Digital Media Player $11.01
04/14/11 Smith Sunglasses – Pick the style $14.49
04/10/11 $100 Amazon Gift Card $6.16
04/10/11 Muvi Micro DV Camcorder $8.05
04/08/11 Beats By Dre Monster Tour Ear Bud Headphones $15.54
04/07/11 8gb IPOD NANO 6th Gen -Touch Screen $13.06
04/06/11 75 Bonus Bids $2.02
04/06/11 Samsung 20″ Monitor + 20 Bonus Bids


04/03/11 Sony Bloggie Touch $11.28
04/01/11 HD Playsport Video Camera $8.19
03/26/11 100 Bonus Bids $2.02
03/26/11 PSP 3000 $12.12
03/26/11 75 Bonus Bids $2.12
03/19/11 Archos 43 – 16GB Internet Tablet $10.45

Heres the list of items that they owed me. I tried to reach them since May and they just ignored me and never replied back. I hope i can get a charge back on the money that i spent on it.”

Another posted,

“This is everything I have won and I have not received. Nancy promised some items three weeks ago which have not arrived. I am not owed as much as others but I still want the items I won. I am not optimistic.

$25 Best Buy Card 3/21/2011… Jabra Headset + 10 Bids 3/31/2011 $25 Cheesecake + 5 bids 3/31/2011 $25 Nike GC + 10 Bids 4/13/2011 Muvi Micro DV 4/13/2011 FIFA11 PS3 4/20/2011 $25 REI +10 Bids 4/21/2011 $25 Chevron Card 4/28/2011 Altec Lansing Octiv 4/30/2011 $15 Wendys 5/19/2011 $25 Cheescake+ 5 Bids 5/20/2011 500GB Toshiba HD 5/20/2011”


And another,

“they are not sending out nothing as far as i see it they should be charged by what state there in for internet crime and just stealing everybody money so i think im going to see what i can do about this no emails no reply but they were happy to take 2800 bucks and not send out the wins”

Sound familiar?

“Me too! I get bogus shipping schedules and empty promises – but no products.”

And yet another,

“Tomorrow is three weeks since the last time they promised to be caught up in two weeks. Mind you, it’s not the first (maybe the 10oth) promise they’ve broken. And some people are still posting that they’ve received nothing.

Give me a credit card and a computer, and I guarantee I could fill all back orders in less than a day. If I had the funds to do so (which clearly they do not). But, hey, I’m guy the guy that’s been viewing this objectively. Seriously, the Pony Express doesn’t ship this slow.”

Some users are reporting receipt of items, but as you see above, there are many others that are still waiting.

“Got home from camping today and had a Head tennis racquet on the front porch from ITB.”

“This is a complete list of items I am owed:

03/16/11 Nextbook Next2 7″ Tablet
03/28/11 $100 Target Gift Card
03/29/11 PSP 3000

04/18/11 Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera
04/18/11 100 Bonus Bids
04/21/11 Beats By Dre Monster Tour Ear Bud Headphones

05/04/11 $100 Amazon Gift Card
05/04/11 100 Bonus Bids
05/09/11 Amazon Kindle w/ Wifi
05/10/11 LG Blu-Ray Player High Def
05/11/11 Head Tennis Racquet/4 Pack Penn Tennis Balls
05/15/11 $25 Home Depot Gift Card + 10 Bonus Bids
05/15/11 miniMove iPod Boombox
05/16/11 $25 Chevron/Texaco Gas Card
05/18/11 $25 REI Gift Card +10 Bonus Bids
05/19/11 $15 iTunes Gift Card
05/21/11 $25 PF CHANG’S Gift Card + 10 Bonus Bids
05/21/11 Dirt Devil
05/21/11 Sony Bloggie Touch

Either these things start getting shipped to me, or its chargeback time. This nonsense has gone on far too long. It doesn’t take that long to place a couple hundred orders on Amazon.”

Prospective & current penny auction operators, listen up. Don’t offer more items than you can ship out. Don’t have the money to sustain losses & a business plan? Don’t even think about running a penny auction and don’t use bots or shill bid. Still waiting for items from iTicketBid? Tell us about your experiences, click here.

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