TheSmartBid Hits One-Year Mark – Special Promos!

Happy Birthday!
Unique bid penny auction site turns one! To celebrate they’re running All Bids Back auctions this week, see the following from for more details:
“In order to celebrate our first birthday bash, we are bringing back our popular “ALL BIDS BACK” auctions this whole week – Win or get all your bids back for a select few auctions on summer’s hottest things to do including Royal Caribbean luxury cruise getaway, Disneyland resort package, Ticketmaster gift card and much more!

Here’s a quick rundown of how everything will work during our one year anniversary sale:

  1. All your bids will be returned if you don’t win in our All Bids Back auctions – they will be returned as free bids to your account as soon as the auctions close and you are free to use them in our regular auctions right away. They will be clearly shown at the top of the page with a birthday cake icon on top left corner.
  2. Only paid bids are eligible for bidding in our All Bids Back auctions. You will be clearly shown the break up between your free bids (bids collected through coupons, rewards and other promotions) and paid bids in “My Bids Breakdown” panel.
  3. These auctions will fall under win limit unlike the previous bids back special per our members’ requests to give everyone a chance to win.”

To learn more about TheSmartBid, read our recent guest blog by a SmartBid user for tips and advice for bidding and winning on this lowest unique bid auction site!

Have you bid on theSmartBid? Let us know about your experiences! Join our forum!

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