Don’t Be a Sniper!

sniper biddingEver wonder how a bidder is able to bid on multiple sites at the same time, or maybe you’re wondering how they’re able to bid manually on multiple sites at the same time?

Perhaps you’ve read about it in the terms of your favorite penny auction site, but didn’t know just exactly what third-party bid “sniping” software is: 

Many Penny Auction Bidders Could Be Putting Their Accounts in Jeopardy and They’re Making Penny Auction Bidding Unfair for you.

The bidders who are using bot software are cheating penny auction sites and they’re also cheating other bidders. Because bidders are using third-party bidding scripts, they may be making it very difficult for you to win anything.

We don’t really even want mention these scripts here, because some readers might try to use these programs. However, by not knowing this is out there it’s a real threat to bidders and sites alike.

But be warned: Many penny auction sites include language in their terms which, as they should, state that if they find a user to be using bidding sniper/robot software, they will suspend their accounts. So if you’re tempted, don’t try it.It was just a matter of time before this kind of thing came along and became as prevalent as it is now.

If any of you are already using this software, you really need to stop now. Especially if the site you’re using it on could ban your account.

Wondering how third-party bot software works, take a look:

“This is a demo video of Penny Auction Bot, the only penny auction sniper available on the internet. Penny Auction Bot currently supports 20 penny auction websites.”-Youtube

The video demo above shows the sites that Penny Auction Bot works on, was the site used in the demo. Other sites include  Beezid, BidRivals, BigDeal, DealDash, Fezaz, iTicketBid, Plundr, QuiBids, ShopBig, Skoreit and Wavee.

“Stop Wasting Time, Effort And Money Placing Losing Bids At Penny Auctions”

“Just Login, Set The Bidding Time And Maximum Bids, Sit Back And Wait For Your Winnings!”

“You’ll Be Winning Penny Auctions, Not Just One At A Time, But As Many As You Want – Simultaneously!”

Another problem that Penny Auction Bot and other similar sniping software programs pose, is what if we as bidders are mistaking the site for using in-house bidding bots and shills, when really the questionable bidder may be bidders that are using the sniping software?

“100% Automated Bidding – you simply choose a penny auction website, enter the auction URL, set the price range between which to bid, set the time for placing your bids and the maximum number of bids you are willing to place and Penny Auction Bot will do all the rest! Truly a “set in and forget it” bidding tool!

Works On Multiple Penny Auction Sites – I started out syncing Penny Auction Bot with only 3 of the most common penny auction websites I use. Currently, Penny Auction Bot is compatible with 20 of the most popular penny auction sites today and more will be added in the future.

Works Like A HumanPenny Auction Bot works just like a human being, and DOES NOT place all your bids together in competition with another onboard bidding assistant, thus saving you a lot of money in terms of bid credits.”

According to the Whois Record for the domain is hidden by WhoisGuard.


The IP address for is – A traceroute search shows a few of the other sites that are hosted on the same IP address, is one of them.

We reported on BidMuseum here when it opened in 2009.

Another popular bot software is


“It’s an automated penny auction bidder software: with it you don’t need to be sit in front of your computer to place your bids in the exact time you want! You can set up many triggers to play smarter and maximize your chances of winning! It is very easy to use and works with more than 70 penny auction websites!”

What do sites have to say about user bidding bots?

From QuiBids’ Terms & Conditions:

“QuiBids reserves the right to temporarily or permanently terminate Your account at QuiBids sole discretion if it determines or suspects You have violated these Terms & Conditions, any laws, or the rights of our other users or other third parties. Examples of unauthorized usage include, but are not limited to, the use of unauthorized third-party bidding or bid tracking software, the creation of multiple accounts by the same individual or other fraudulent account activity or behavior. You agree that if QuiBids, in good faith and in its sole discretion, determines that You have breached these Terms & Conditions, QuiBids may withhold, cancel, or otherwise retain any and all of Your pending deliveries and/or refunds for bids.”

From BigDeal’s Terms & Conditions:

Under “WHAT YOU MUST NOT DO: Use any third party bidding software or other “bot” to assist in bidding or harvesting site data; (m) Strategically cooperate with other users in an auction or collude to exchange information with other users.”

From Beezid’s Terms & Conditions:

“Disqualification. In the event of any abuse or unauthorized use of the user account, due to actions or omissions of the user, which is in breach of these Terms or to the detriment of Beezid™ or third parties, Beezid™ shall have the right at its sole discretion to temporarily or permanently disqualify the user, disable its account and, if appropriate, report the commission of a crime. Examples of such unauthorized usage include (but are not limited to) non-payment of bids, use of unauthorized third-party bidding software or the creation of multiple user accounts by the same individual or household. “

From SkoreIt’s Terms & Conditions:

Unless explicitly authorized by, no third party or custom software may be used to submit bids. Doing so will result in immediate disqualification from use of and the closure of your account.”

iTicketBid’s Terms & Conditions:

Examples of actions which would result in account termination include, but are not limited to, the use of bid tracking software, the use of a third party to assist in bidding, the attempt to create or the creation of multiple accounts by the same user or using the same credit card number, or if iTicketBid has any other reason to suspect fraudulent or abusive user behavior.” & aren’t  the only bidding bot software for bidders, there’s also BidProApp and a few others:




Some penny auction sites have been successful in blocking these third-party software programs, but just in case you’re a new or prospective site owner and find this to be a concern as it doesn’t exactly level the playing field, you may want to look into doing just that.

What do you think?

Discuss Third-Party Bidding Software in our pay per bid penny auction forum.


Photo Via: Truxs



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  • richard connelly June 11, 2011, 11:24 pm
    i won a black enamel mens ring worth up to $199 i wom it for 05 cents on the site it had a savings of 198.40 paid shipping of 5.00 two days later they VOID THE AUCTION this is bull people win and they void they cant lose 02 was pummelweed 03 was neverwalks 04 pummelweed 05 was whatsupmo thats me i bet they did not give the other two bidders thair bids back this seems to be coming common place on these small sits you win they void if you would like to see e mails they sent me i will send them to you thank you richard connelly

    • AuctionWatcher June 12, 2011, 9:23 am

      Hi Richard, Wow I am sorry to hear that… did they say it was due to 3rd party software?

  • DavidD. June 16, 2011, 6:37 pm

    Yes, this is very useful information. Also not only is it not fair it gives a bad name to the site. A lot of unknowing bidders think it is the site itself pulling a scam, and people have even reported it to the BBB. When the site is totally legit.

  • Delma Molina June 23, 2011, 2:24 pm

    I am sorry for your frustration with Quibids Richard, this looks like a major problem for many people. I personally wouldn’t use them after seeing all the complaints there are on the internet about this company. Just looking at how many complaints filed on alone about Quibids:

  • Mortician8018 June 16, 2013, 4:16 am

    Not that I agree with any of the penny auction practices but before you reference take a look at what the BBB has said about them. Also there are many complaints from other folks who have had the displeasure of dealing with them. The BBB has reported that their physical address is actually a virtual office, with no one from the company even available. Scambook has had some shady dealings, which have gone as far as what could be referred to as a legal for of extortion, ie drumming up dummy complaints and charging business $100 bucks just to remove the alleged comment. Happened to a print shop owner that I know. A “customer” filed a complaint about a problem with some business cards. No record of that customer or that sale of business cards as wells as no payment either. Scambook wanted to charge him $100 to have the complaint removed and wanted him to resolve the issue (refund the “customer” in and escrow style account). To add injury to insult, they wanted to charge a transaction fee above and beyond the $100 and the refund amount!

    No doubt this is the wrong soap box for all of this and no doubt I am sure there are issues out their with many of these penny sites, but on the otherside of the coin (no pun intended) even the supposed “good guys”, ie Scambook, have some shady dealings. It’s becoming, Everyone BEWARE, anymore!


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