UPDATE: Site is Back Up – Penny Auction iTicketBid.com is Down Right Now

Update: 10:59 am CST – iTicketBid’s site is now back up.

Penny auction iTicketBid.com is down right now. The site has been down since a bidder reported the outage at least 2 hours ago. Their domain name is registered until 2020.

After waiting for months, some not even receiving responses from iTicketBid, penny auction bidders have questioned whether or not they’d even received their won items.

Not too long ago, Wavee.com, another Georgia based penny auction site, was shut down and heavily fined by the Georgia Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection. Not only were users said to also have been waiting months to receive any items from the penny auction, Wavee.com did not hold the state required auctioneer license.

Being that iTicketBid.com is a penny auction site also based in Georgia, we went to check the Georgia Secretary of State’s website to see if any of the known names we had for the operators of iTicketBid or if iTicketBid, LLC held an auctioneer license in the state of Georgia. We couldn’t find proof that they were licensed.

Oddly, or maybe it’s not so peculiar (we’ve seen this happen on other penny auctions many times), over the past few months we’ve heard of only a few bidders receiving their won items from iTicketBid, while others are still waiting.

According to a few Penny Auction Watch® members, a “cash out” settlement was offered to a select number of bidders, others wonder why this wasn’t offered to them.

Another seemingly weird thing about the iTicketBid situation: A few very brash and now banned Penny Auction Watch forum members, also iTicketBid bidders, offered to e-mail iTicketBid on behalf of other bidders who reported having a very difficult time hearing back from the penny auction.

It has also been reported to us that shipping notices were sent out when items had allegedly not really been shipped.

Then, there was even that time when someone over at iTicketBid must have thought it was funny to disclose my private information to a ridiculous third-party.

Was iTicketBid in over their head when they auctioned off such a high volume of penny auction items over a short period of time?

  Are you still waiting to receive items?

Join our forum to discuss iTicketBid and all other penny auctions.

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