Penny Auction Ice Cold with Customers, Posts Fake Reviews and Threatens to Sue

image of a frozen lake cracked ice freezy bidsI just received an e-mail from someone claiming to be the owner of the penny auction site They e-mailed very upset about a forum thread that was started by a penny auction bidder who calls FreezyBids a scam because FreezyBids cancelled their $0.37 win on a new iPhone due to a user saying he lost Internet connection during the penny auction.

freezybids penny auction owner email screenshot photo

“Hi i am the owner at and i see that on the top of google when i search freezybids, i see: ISA SCAM DO NOT BID HERE Do you know how many customers i have lost.

Now people think i am a scam. FreezyBids is not a company for scamming people.

Please remove thoose posts about my company or i will sue you for $15,000.00 Your Choice! Thnak You. FreezyBids ——————————– Referring Page: IP Address: User Name: Nothing147 User ID: 10017 Email:


FreezyBids sent us this e-mail when he was logged into our forum as the user Nothing147. As you can see by the e-mail info, Nothing147’s e-mail address in our database and from the e-mail is

The support e-mail for, when the site was up, it appears to be down for maintenance at the moment is also

freezybids google email

It’s important to take a look at what Nothing147 has posted to our forum in defense of FreezyBids.

Take a look:

“Actually i disagree with you. I won An apple iphone 4 32gb. I DID receive it in the mail. FROM FreezyBids.
I really like the site because i win that iphone for only $2.69
I also won (2) $25 Paypal Gift Cards. They sent the money right to my paypal account.
I really like the site and i say that it is Legit.
FreezyBids does not even sign there name like that. There agents allways say there name then FreezyBids. Just Like This:

FreezyBids Support

Startover4 is lying to you all. I got my winnings in the mail as will continue to win more auctions.”

Forum members questioned Nothing147, he responded.

“I am certainly not a person from FreezyBids.
I really did get an iphone 4 32gb.
I can even show you a picture of my iphone that FreezyBids shipped out to me. is a scam DO NOT BID HERE-iphone-i-won-freezybids.jpg

And again, “I am not a worker from FreezyBids, for proof that they sent me an iphone here is the picture of the iphone 4 32gb. is a scam DO NOT BID HERE-iphone-i-won-freezybids.jpg

He even got irrate:

“for god sake i am not a fricken worker from FreezyBids. Shut up already. I like the site and Im going to bid on it. There is nothing wrong with that so shut up.”


You are really dumb if you think i work for freezybids, why would i want to work there?????
I like getting stuff, running a penny auction site is too much work!!!
Please dennisponchel, if i were you i would give FreezyBids another chance.
I got my winnings, im sure you will get your if you win something.

I Love FreezyBids.
Hey Chippy, why dont you give FreezyBids a try?
It is not a scam, i got my winnings!!!!
Im addicted to the site its like im in LAS VEGAS!!!

Please once again, trust me. I am not a worker for Freezybids”

“Im not fricken from FreezyBids so stop saying that i am.
God, if you want to talk to them i can fricken give you thier email, god your messed up!

Im just going to leave it as this, FreezyBids Is Not a scam.


The domain registrant information for shows a PO box which points to questionable reviews about other businesses using that address.

P.O. Box 821650
Vancouver, WA  98682

The domain was registered on Jun 29th, 11.

What do you think about FreezyBids?


Photo CC: wilhelmja

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  • Michel August 5, 2011, 5:58 am

    penny auction site is a timer countdown bidding system process. It is very important think of bid process how to fallow. Many site follow the bidding system and all site have different different rule follow. how to you use the penny site depend requirement.

  • ProtoProtoss August 22, 2011, 9:45 am

    All I know is that I have never seen a company state “the amount” that they were going to sue for if they actually had the means to do so. $15k is hardly worth the trouble… at least in my opinion.

  • luv19122 October 22, 2011, 11:27 am

    If I received an e-mail from any site written with such horrible grammar and punctuation I would RUN! This individual is truly the proprietor of a business? Really? You’re sure it’s not a tween posing as such?

    If someone is unable to communicate effectively, I wouldn’t trust this individual to run a business, and would certainly never get involved in any financial transaction with them!


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