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Entertainment Auction Association

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Today the Entertainment Auction Association announced that it is waiving initial dues for all new applications for membership.  The EAA membership will still be charged on a prorated basis based on recurring charges, for example based on the $43.90 charge that the organization incurs every month to maintain a mailbox.

“The EAA originally needed to collect dues as part of the application process to help offset its start-up costs, such as incorporation, a web site, and the need for professional services.  But, with that past us, we believe that now is an important time to expand the EAA’s membership, and so are waiving the application fee to better enable and encourage all organizations to join,” said current EAA board member, Brian Mitchell.

I recently joined the EAA as a board member. Any and all penny auction sites that are legit, agree to the mission of the EAA and are willing to subject themselves to a reputable 3rd party audit should apply to join the Entertainment Auction Association.

Membership Info:

“Before applying, all companies must represent, warrant, and agree:

  • Not to engage in any fraudulent or deceptive behavior
  • Website and marketing campaigns contain truthful advertising
  • Be subject to specific fines and penalties as set out in the association’s by-laws (including expulsion) if the company violates the Association’s Code of Conduct

Applicants must keep in mind that:

  • Membership is not automatic
  • All applications need to be approved by the Association’s board of directors
  • All members need to pass an independent audit establishing that they maintain effective controls to ensure that consumers are being fairly and honestly treated
  • All members are subject to random spot checks of auctions or bidders to ensure that their practices are at all times above board” The Entertainment Auction Association’s Auditing Process.

To learn more about the EAA visit http://EntertainmentAuctionAssociation.com. Discuss this and all penny auction startup & bidding questions in our penny auction forum.

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  • AllPenny October 2, 2011, 4:04 pm

    That’s pretty awesome! Hopefully a lot of sites sign up. I think an independent financial audit along with random spot tests is probably the most foolproof way to verify the legitimacy of a PA site.

    • Amanda Lee October 3, 2011, 1:06 pm

      Thanks APA 🙂 I think so too. Have a good one!


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