Review Left by User Sharing IP with New Penny Auction

winnerspitstop penny auction2nd Update:

XxDirt_Bike_ChickxX e-mailed us:

Is there any way you can delete the post? wrote:>

What do you mean?>> XxDirt_Bike_ChickxX ( ) has reported this>> post:>>>>>>>>>>

This is part of this thread:>>>>>>>> This is the reason that the user gave:>> not a post from me…my account must be hacked>>>>>>>> This message has been sent to all moderators of this forum, or all>> administrators if there are no moderators.>>>> Please respond to this post as applicable.


WinnersPitStop, though when they sent their first e-mail reply back to me had the same IP as both of those forum posters, told me that they can be neighbors of one of their staff as she shares internet connection with 4 neighbors in her complex. is a new penny auction site.

Two new members recently posted to the Penny Auction Watch penny auction forum about the site, greenlord and XxDirt_Bike_ChickxX.

Here are the threads/posts that were started by both:

greenlord Smile Hello from WinnersPitStop

“We are new in town (US) and ready to meet everyone. Been in business for about two weeks and would love for you to come on buy”

greenlord WinnersPitStop Video Promotion is running a video promotion for 50 free bids each. They are also planning a video contest where 1st place will get 100 bids, 2nd place 50 bids and 3rd place 25 bids. All using YouTube and WinnersPitStop’s YouTube channel.

greenlord WinnersPitStop

New penny auction site, opened about two weeks ago. No bots, look and see the closed auctions. Everything going so cheap; $100 gas card for $1.44! A Kindle 3g just went tonight at 10:00pm for $0.06, six cents. Must be so new they do not have the crouds the others have., see you there.

Notice how greenlord refers to the site as them and then we?

Take a look at what XxDirt_Bike_ChickxX has to say about their experiences with the site. 

XxDirt_Bike_ChickxX Thumbs up Sweet site!

Hey rajkat arent you the owner of that one penny auction site???? [in reply to click here] Anyways winnerspitstop is sweet because you can get stuff cheap and its legit. All my friends and I have gotten our stuff within a week! At first i was worried that it was fake or my cards wouldnt work but when i went buy some new clothes from kohls on the gift card they worked! Im glad i can trust this site. Im only using this site to get stuff….and im doing all my christmas shopping on this site right now! Thumbs up on!

WinnersPitStop | winnerspitstop


It’s important to note that both forum posters share the very same IP address -(Internet connection). 

WinnersPitStop domain info:

Domains by Proxy, Inc.


Domain servers in listed order:

Just a general comment to anyone thinking of doing this, yet again, as it happens quite a bit:

Don’t abuse our forum with fake reviews about you and your friends’ experiences bidding on your own site to try and get bidders to your penny auction site, it’s a pathetic attempt at marketing.

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