New Penny Auction with Gift Cards

pennywizardHave you bid on yet?

Las Vegas based Penny Wizard, LLC runs the new penny auction site that launched about a month ago and they told us that they have been working on their launch for over a year.

Their bids are a bit lower than most penny auction sites with bids starting at $0.50 and decreasing in price down to $0.43 with the more bids purchased. 

pennywizard-auctionsPennyWizard currently offers gift card auctions to popular retailers such as CVS, Starbucks, Target, Home Depot,Sephora ,, with plans to expand their penny auction offerings to include Apple products, the Kindle Fire, etc.

I recently spoke with’s manager Jaime: 

“What we will pride ourselves on is our customer service! We know that anytime you are the new kid on the block so there are going to be growing pains. However, if you see some of our reviews and speak to any of our members. I make sure to answer any and all our emails in a moments time, get back to people with the best answer I can because at the end of the day we need our members. 
We are working on ways to make the auctions themselves even more FUN! We know the savings are great but people want it to be FUN! So there will be some new things that we are working on doing.”
Have you bid on PennyWizard? If so please tell us about your experiences by leaving your review in the comments section or by posting in the free penny auction forum!

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  • BigHumpDaddy June 14, 2012, 10:30 pm

    Looks like folks are getting pretty good deals over there!! A few good battles from time to time, but it looks like folks are feeling out each other for the most part, then giving up easily.

    If you have bid there, how is the shipping? Is the CS up to par??



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